How high's the water, Gramps?

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Bakura's Mom's POV
I don't think it would be unreasonable to say that my son is strong willed. After all, that's just a polite way of saying stubborn as a mule. Even his ability to guard his options as though he'd been given his supreme knowledge by a divine being speaking to him from a flaming shrub, I don't think he could come close to the test of wills my friend's grandson, Yugi, attempted a while ago.

Had he been successful, it would have been a really neat trick. No one had tried it since Canute, England's Danish King, failed nearly a thousand years ago.
He tried to turn back the tide.
It didn't work.
Mr. Moto and I have often commiserated over the trial and tribulations of being parents of teenagers. More often than not, he's the one listening to me express amazement at the creative stubbornness shown by my son. On this one occasion, it was my turn to be the listener.

Like me, Mr Moto has recently gone through the stresses of having a teenager learn to drive. He's been there before, so he knew what to expect. During the time when my son, Bakura, was getting his license, Mr Moto often smiled knowingly when I described the terrors I was experiencing. Still, I don't think anything could have prepared him for the events that unfolded with his grandson behind the wheel.

Mr. Moto owns, well okay, to use the accurate tense, he a nearly new four wheel drive sport utility truck. Everyone knows four wheel drive can take you anywhere, any time and make you completely impervious to the hazards that might befall someone in a lesser vehicle.

Neither rain, nor mud, nor sleet, nor snow can disturb a boy in a four-by-four. Apparently Mr Moto's grandson was convinced of that fact when he decided to take a drive along the beach.

There wasn't rain. There wasn't mud. There wasn't sleet. There wasn't snow. There was, however, soft, wet beach sand in an area below the high-water line. Amazingly. soft, wet beach sand can indeed stop a four-by-four in its track. In fact, it's quite possible for one to get nicely stuck.

And that's exactly what happened to Mr. Moto's grandson.
The ocean has this habit every twelve hours or so. It's called high tide. the tide was out when the boy went for his drive. It was out when he got stuck. It was out when they finally managed to get the truck towed from it's spot on the beach. Unfortunately, between the time from when the truck got stuck and the tow truck pulled it free, high tide came, washed over the vehicle, and receded again.

When Mr Moto arrived on the scene, the damage had been done. The Pacific Ocean had risen. All he could see was the roof and a bit of the windshield. The rest of his nearly new four wheel drive sport utility truck was impersonating a waterlogged submarine.

To his credit, Yugi had had the good sense to call a tow truck. unfortunately there was a locked gate between the road and the beach. These events occurred on Good Friday. There was no one available to unlock the gate until it was to late. Mr Moto never explained how Yugi managed to avoid the problem of the locked gate in getting to the beach in the first place, but I guess, being a teenager, he knew more than the tow truck driver.

It's totaled, Mr Moto said with a note of parental resignation in his voice. The salt water got into everything.

Like King Canute before him, all Yugi could do was watch the tide ignore his will and make a run to the high-water line. Legend tells that old Canute was trying to demonstrate that even a king couldn't stop the rising tide, but I'm sure, deep down, he was pretty ticked off at the disobedient sea. Still, whatever the king thought, I'm certain it couldn't compare with the emotions Yugi felt as the tide slowly slipped over the hood of his grandfather's nearly new four wheel drive sport utility truck.

I'd be willing to bet that the whole story of King Canute has been altered over the passage of time. Maybe he was a teenager when he tried to command the tide to stay out. Perhaps he had gotten his father's nearly new four wheel wagon stuck in the soft, wet beach sand. I wonder if he got grounded for life, too.

It kinda puts leaving the gas tank on empty', into perspective doesn't it?
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