Tristan's thick Skull!

Tristan's/Honda's P.O.V (call him what you will)

There was this one time when I was trying to blow up a basketball with my own mouth. Joey kicked the ball square into my face trying to make my head pump up like a Christmas Day float, but I was already having a dickens of a time trying to get air into that little hole, so not much came out then.

But it's not like that kick in the face helped my head much, seeing as how my ears had already popped and my head was swirling, seeing stars, and the veins in my head had all popped. My forehead was purple like a Smurf in space.

I'm not sure if I was in my right mind then, but my heart was all pumping and my body felt totally pins-and-needles in that way that it feels like lightning is running through your limbs, you know?

Like when you're a kid and you sit on your arms until you can pretend that you're the Emperor in Jedi?

Right, so I thought that I had suddenly inherited mastery over electricity, and I decided to prove it by running headlong into a TV on the basement shelf where we were blowing up that ball. I thought maybe the TV would allow me in because I felt all Poltergeist-like, but I guess it just wasn't plugged in or something, because it just stopped me cold and knocked me out with a concussion.

Actually, I'm not sure when the concussion came, because after I hit the cement floor those shelves broke (because of the impact and all), and all that junk like TVs and camp stoves and paint cans came raining down on me. And boy, I tell you, any one of those alone can leave a welt, but together they can nearly kill a man! Sure did hurt, I tell you.

Yet another one of those little no-no's I'm never going to do again!

Author's note: oh lord, yah, thanks there Ken for stupidity and me kicking the ball. O.o no we were not in our right mind that day. okay peeps, pick your next victim!

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