Chapter One

4:30 AM

Ryo: Good morning everybody!

Starfire: (snores loudly)

Beast Boy: Ohh... tofu... I love you...

Ryo: Ahem. Guys.

Raven: (mumbles a spell in her sleep, causing Robin to float up to the ceiling)

Ryo: (takes out violin and plays the Imperial March from Star Wars) Wake up, wake up~!

Beast Boy: No... not the meat... get that away...

Ryo: Um. Are you alive? (pokes Cyborg)

Cyborg: (snorts)

Ryo: (takes out a bullhorn and places it next to Robin's ear) IS THAT SLADE PLAYING WITH YOUR UTILITY BELT?

Robin: Gah! (somersaults off his pillow and lands on Beast Boy)

Beast Boy: Mmrh?! (flails around and hits Starfire)

Starfire: My torkus! (shoots a stream of starbolts in Cyborg's direction)

Cyborg: OH! IT BURNS! IT BUUURRRNNNSSS! (falls off his charger table onto Raven)

Raven: I hate you all.

Ryo: I see you are all up and ready for Titans' War?

Starfire: Please, what is this 'war of Titans' that you are speaking of?

Ryo: I will explain everything... after breakfast. Meet me in the common room at... (checks her watch) 7:00!

Beast Boy: (groans) 7:00... AM?

Raven: What do you think, genius?

Beast Boy: (mumbles some incomprehensible words and falls forward into his bed)

Chapter Two

7:00 AM

Ryo: (enters) Glad you all could make it.

Starfire: I am as well!... Although it was very delicious that all of the doors were locked and bolted.

Robin: I think you mean 'suspicious', Star.

Ryo: ^_^

Robin: So what's this Titans' War all about?

Ryo: Titans' War is a series of contests based on players' strengths and weaknesses. There will be eleven rounds. The winner of each round will win a prize!

Beast Boy: What, that's it? I was expecting a little more-

Ryo: I'm not finished. Prizes' value increase after each round. But if you consume/use your prize, it will not be counted in the final census! So whoever has the highest amount of prizes at the end of the game will win the grand prize!

Beast Boy: (whispers to Raven) What'd she say? All I heard was 'grand prize'.

Raven: (sighs) The prizes get better after each round, but if you use your prize, it won't be counted at the end of the game. The Titan with the most prizes at the end wins the 'grand prize'.

Ryo: Correct, Raven. Five points!

Robin: Points?

Ryo: You can earn points by answering questions correctly. For every 25 points you earn, you will have the chance to participate in a special challenge. If you can complete it, you will receive a free prize.

Robin: Cool!