Post-Prison, Piper Chapman is not the person she used to be. Which, really, just goes without saying. Her parents don't help. Well, they help financially. Otherwise, they just complain about her and relay the messages later.

Piper is less certain about what she should do with herself now that she's out of prison than she was actually in prison. This surprises her.

It's boring and lonely and she can't believe it, but she sometimes misses those women who once filled her days with so much chatter. She can't tell if she's missing anything by being out or if she really did miss more by being inside. It's a conundrum. Inside or out. Which is which?

She chooses solitude for the first year. Solitude is safe and predictable and won't get her into any trouble.

Things change on a quiet Friday night as she's working on a business plan.

She mows through a pot of green tea, a packet of saltines, and she types her name and address a few times over, choosing different fonts and sizes and borders for the document.

Even though it's the night before some big weekend, she only wants the comforting confines of her small apartment. Nothing more. The outside world feels big and overwhelming, with a storm coming and a still eager crowds jostling for attention. Her phone rings and she taps the green button without looking at the caller ID.

It's a woman crying. And not just any woman. She gasps,

"Alex? Is that you?"


When Piper met Alex she knew she wanted her for her own. The flirting and teasing, calling her Laura Ingalls Wilder, like a kid pulling her ponytail in class, it was all too cute, but Piper knew she'd have to make some kind of move to keep the dark haired woman's attention. She knew that if she just ordered a drink and waited, she'd lure that fireball of charisma and quirky beauty in. She ordered a margarita and smirked into it, feeling that rush of pursuing while being pursued.

They made their way back to Alex's place that night, after only a couple of drinks and a whole lot of banter.

Piper was smitten. Right from the start. And it wasn't about wealth, this fascination with Alex's world. Her loft was filled with treasures, keepsakes from the places she'd travelled to. Piper wanted to know more. She wanted to know the mysteries behind the objects of Alex's choosing. Her taste in furniture. The way she wore her hair. God, how many women had she been with? Probably tonnes. For some reason that turned Piper on as much as it sparked a jealous streak she had never really been able to control when she really, really liked someone.


It's pretty late by the time Piper gets her hair and makeup and clothing just right and actually makes her way outside. Alex is already sitting in the diner, looking lost in a sea of strange new/old sounds and sights. It's just sort of drizzling outside and Piper's hair and clothes are damp. When she sits down, Alex slides her glasses up, looking as terrified of this wide open world as she did stuck inside a dryer. Piper takes her hand and laces their fingers together. She can't help but remember the first time they touched and how it felt to have Alex's hands all over.


That first night together, over a decade ago, completely changed Piper's world. She didn't think sex could do that. Making out on the couch and the way Alex's words snaked around her, like incense, like waves, was incredible enough. Her body was played like an instrument until she needed more and more. Alex gave and gave, making her cum again and again. Her lips were soft and full and her hands were warm and so, so good.

Orgasm number one was slow and melodic, right there on the couch.

Orgasm number two was a frantic staccato, drummed on the tip of her clit while she bit her hand to keep from screaming.

Orgasm number three was long and drawn out, in bed finally, with that tall, lean body to hold onto and those lips pressed eagerly to her own.

Orgasm number four was a furious legato, riding Alex's fingers frantically, bed squeaking in time.

Orgasm number five was deep and hot and made way for the one that came next, the one that surprised them both, the one that sent Piper wailing and squirting up and down Alex's thigh and arm. Orgasm number seven was in the shower, against Alex's mouth, more external than the first ones, and no less mind blowing.

When she tried to touch Alex in the same incredible way, she got promises of "Later," and, "Let's make this about you for tonite," but she was having none of that shit. "Now, as in now, as in please let me be inside of you, please let me taste you…" were the words she whispered in Alex's ear.

They made their way back to bed, where Piper used her leg to press down on Alex's, to pin her on her back while she explored her body. The first slick complicated feel of Alex's pussy worried Piper just a little. Would she know how to find all of the little bits and sensitive places she had going on, or would another woman's body be radically different? She touched tentatively and concentrated on Alex's mouth. Then Piper licked and kissed Alex's breasts, which…

…were just fucking awesome. And the sounds that that kissing evoked. Beautiful.

Then she decided to use her mouth lower and that was when she figured out a whole lot of good and important things in life.

Things like: Alex's smell made her own cunt throb. And when Piper flattered her tongue and then sucked her clit and then licked all around all wet and messily, Alex stretched her legs out, pressed her ass down into the bed, and came like a rocket.


The skies clear briefly around 2am. They go back to Piper's after it becomes apparent that neither woman can keep her eyes open long enough to talk for much longer. The lights in the diner are bright but Piper can still feel herself fading. As they're walking, Alex draws attention. Even in her baggy jeans and loose black t-shirt, people want her. Piper laughs at the sharp jolt of jealousy that hits her. God. She was never this murderous toward people who pursued Larry.

When they reach her front steps, Piper says, totally casually, without blinking, "So this is me. Do you want to come in to sleep? Just to sleep. It's your first night. I don't want you to feel alone."

Ok, so maybe it isn't a great idea. Not entirely. But Alex just nods, takes off her glasses, and wipes her eyes. She waits until they're inside to completely fall apart.


Piper woke Alex up with oral sex on that first morning they spent together. It started slow and tentatively, until Alex muttered her encouragement and cupped the back of Piper's head lightly.

Later, they kissed goodbye at the front door, neither wanting to be the first to ask if they'd see each other again. Alex laughed in her face and said,

"Your lips taste like pussy, you should really shower!" and then kissed her anyway, again and again, stalling their inevitable parting. They kept giggling over silly things and Alex kissed her neck in this way that just made Piper want to start again and again.


They wake up the next day still clothed from the night before. Alex is burrowed into Piper's chest, her arms firmly around her. Her voice is muffled but Piper hears her clearly say, "I really, really like your boobs. They're really nice."

"I'm not your wife yet, you don't have to tell me that all the time." She'd spent part of the night lacing her fingers through Alex's hair and starts in on the same activity now. It might be compulsive, this need to groom and comfort, or maybe it's primordial.

"Yet." Alex guffaws. "You said yet." She sighs and rolls away, looking out the window. A spider has begun a kind of horizontal web. Behind her, Piper wraps an arm around her waist and looks as well. "I don't know what I'm supposed to do now." Alex mutters. "I wish I had a calling. Like that spider."

"You could weave webs all day and eat bugs. It would take up a lot of your time," Piper says agreeably.

"Yeah." Alex chuckles and it's lovely to hear. "I should go, Pipes." Her eyes are calmer than they were the night previous, so Piper nods.

"Call me when you're ready." Piper decides. "I'm ok with…with whatever you're ready for." Her business plan waits for her. And saltines. And an empty bed. She'll return to normalcy and they'll both be ok. Her apartment suddenly seems tiny. A run will have to be squeezed in later, shitty air quality warnings be damned.

It's when they're at the door, hugging goodbye, that Piper realizes how perfectly symmetrical their relationship is. She is completely overcome with a wave of déjà vu. So much time has passed since that first morning together, and yet no time has passed at all. It's Alex walking away from her now. An older and defeated version of the woman Piper had first fallen in love with.

Piper wonders about the next chapter in their story. She would pay a small fortune to know now what she'll eventually learn in good time.