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A year had gone by and Kyo was practicing his dojo outside in cool mountain air whilst Tohru swept the porch of their home only a few metres away. Kyo had been right. The dojo was quite far from everyone. Tohru still kept in touch with everyone though. She would send letters every week, one to Hana, one Uo and one to Momiji who would update on all the Sohma's whereabouts and mishaps.

Tohru placed the broom down and walked over to the letters that sat on a wooden table outside. She had collected the mail but had not opened them yet. As she flicked through them, she noticed an envelope that was embossed in gold. The envelope looked quite expensive. The return address looked familiar and a smile crept on Tohru's face. She quickly opened it to find an invitation. The invitation was white and matched the envelope with its gold. The invitation was for Yuki and Machi's wedding, set one month from now.

Tohru glanced at Kyo and waved to get his attention. Kyo froze in his current stance as he noticed Tohru from the corner of his eye. He relaxed his position and walked over to her. Tohru passed the invitation to Kyo. After Kyo looked and read the invitation, he looked at Tohru. Tohru stared at him with puppy dog eyes with a pleading look. Kyo rolled his eyes. "Fine. We'll leave this weekend."

Tohru's face lit up. "Arigatou!" She cried and gave Kyo a kiss on the cheek before heading inside the house. 'She knows I can never say no to her when she looks at me like that.' Kyo thought to himself as he followed Tohru inside.

1 week later…

"TOHRU!" Momiji yelled as he bolted towards the brunette standing at the front of the Sohma gate. Tohru smiled and gave Momiji a hug. "I'm so jealous, Kyo gets to have you all to himself for a whole year." Momiji pouted. Tohru giggled and looked towards Kyo who was getting their suitcases out of the taxi.

"You've grown so much. I have missed you." Tohru said as she turned her head to look at Momiji again. Momiji had grown. He was taller now and his voice had slightly deepened. He was also wearing black slacks and dark blue long-sleeved shirt. Momiji had definitely changed in terms of looks but in personality however, he was still the loving fun Momiji that Tohru had come to known.

"Tohru, Hatori said he'll take you to Shigure's old house for you and Kyo to stay in while you're here. Kyo can put the suitcases in his car while I take you to see everyone inside." Momiji, smiling, grabbed Tohru's hand as he led her inside the Sohma estate.

"WHY DID YOU MAKE US COME HERE THEN?! WHY COULDN'T WE JUST GO TO THE HOUSE AND EVERYONE ELSE MEET US THERE! DO YOU KNOW HOW HEAVY THESE SUITCASES ARE!" Kyo yelled but only a stray white cat that rubbed itself against Kyo heard. He sighed and started to move the suitcases towards the black SUV parked inside the estate.

"TOHRU! Do my eyes deceive me? My beautiful flower has returned, but alas where is Kyo? Did you get bored with him and left him?" Only one person that voice could belong to. Shigure stood in his normal kimono with a cheeky smile. He stood at the entrance of his house he shared with Akito.

"Hello Shigure." Tohru replied as she gave him a hug. A year and a half ago, hugging would never happen with her and the Sohma boys but now she could hug them as much as she wanted.

"You know the wedding isn't until a couple more weeks. But I'm glad you're here. We didn't get to spend time together to get to know each other." Her voice was so feminine. Maybe it was because she was treated like a girl now, but looking at her now, a stranger would never think that Akito grew up as a boy. Her hair was past her shoulders and pulled back slightly by a pink flower. The kimono she wore was so beautiful in pink and white. She stood there with a smile next to Shigure.

"Yuki and Machi are out shopping at the moment but they really wanted to see you. I'll let them know you arrived are at the old house when they come back. I'm sure you want to get yourself cleaned up and unpacked before seeing any more people. Hatori and Shigure will escort you and Kyo." Said Akito.

"Thank you Akito." Tohru replied then quickly gave her a hug. Akito was a bit startled at this and looked at Shigure whilst Tohru had her arms around her. Shigure chuckled and gave Akito a warm smile.

The house hadn't changed. Everyone had moved but the house still stood looking the same as ever. " We tidied it up for you, took all the weeds and stuff. We thought you and Tohru would prefer staying here then at a hotel or at the Sohma's main house." Shigure said as he opened the door to his old home. "Also, you might want to prepare yourself, Tohru's friends know she's back and I think are planning to come visit tonight. Momiji has been telling everyone. I think he plans to bring everyone tonight as well."

Kyo sighed. He was already tired from travelling, he didn't really want to see anyone but he knew that Tohru would and that was enough for him. He looked towards Tohru who was still at the car talking to Hatori. She was so beautiful just standing there smiling. He could never figure out why she loved him so much but that didn't bother him. All he cared was that she was with him.

AN: So there's my first chapter. Please let me know what you think. The story will get a lot better. I have ideas of where to take this. This story will be rated M for stuff later.