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Tohru was lying on her belly on a bright pink beach towel. She was wearing a baby blue halter neck bikini. She had a pair of aviator sunglasses perched on her head. Her head rested on her arms that were crossed and her eyes were closed. She could feel Kyo rubbing sunscreen into her back. Her life was bliss.

"Now what are you thinking Mrs Sohma?" Kyo whispered into Tohru's ear as he gently moved his hands to her shoulders.

"Mmm….just reminiscing about Machi and Yuki." Tohru murmured sleepily. She was enjoying Kyo's hands far too much and was almost falling asleep. Kyo chuckled as he remembered as well those couple of months.


"It'll be okay. Just breathe." Tohru said trying to be as calm as she could. She held Machi's, well technically Machi was crushing her hand.

"IT FREAKIN HURTS! WHERE IS THAT BASTARD ANYWAY?! I'M GOING TO KILL HIM" Yelled Machi who was lying on the white hospital bed. He other hand was on her swollen belly.

Machi and Tohru were grocery shopping when Machi's water broke and she could feel contractions. Tohru immediately called Kyo and Yuki. Luckily Kyo was already on his way to meet them at the shops while Yuki on the other hand had his phone on silent because he was at work so he had no idea what was going on.

Just then, Hatori, Shigure and Akito walked into the hospital room. Machi had a private room thanks to Hatori knowing people in the hospital and the Sohma family being quite wealthy.

"We still can't get a hold of Yuki but Haru is driving to his work as we speak." Informed Akito. She walked to the bed and sat at Machi's feet.

"The midwife said that you're not quite ready yet. You need to dilate a couple more centimetres so Yuki will still be here on time." Hatori spoke in a very doctor-like manner.


"Now Machi, I think you may be hurting Tohru with that grip of yours." Shigure commented walking towards Machi which became a very bad idea on his part. Machi quickly let go of Tohru and grabbed Shigure's hand instead. Tohru was relieved she could still feel her hand but felt bad for Shigure.

"AHHHH! LET GO! LET GO!" cried Shigure. Akito smirked. Machi glared at Shigure. If looks could kill, Akito would have been a widow. Kyo walked in with a plastic bag full of drinks. He had gone to get drinks for everyone. It was his excuse to get away from the screaming Machi. He passed a can to everyone except for Machi then lead Tohru out of the room so she could recover from her crushed hand.

"You okay?" Kyo asked quietly as he gently took Tohru's hand and kissed it. Tohru squinted slightly at the pain.

"I'm okay. I just hope Yuki gets here soon." Replied Tohru softly before taking a sip of her drink.

A blue and white blur came running towards them. Behind the blur was Haru and Rin walking calmly as if they hadn't a care in the world. The blur came to a halt as it reached Kyo and Tohru outside Machi's room.

"Is she okay? Is the baby okay? Has she started pushing? Why didn't you call me earlier? Where's Hatori?" Yuki panicked. He spoke so fast that no one could understand him.

"Calm down." Kyo replied as he place his hand on Yuki's shoulder.

" I can't calm down stupid cat. Should I go in? What do I do? What do I say? I can't think." Again Yuki panicked and not a word was understood. Kyo rolled his eyes and hit the back of Yuki's head. To everyone's surprise, Yuki fell to the floor unconscious.

"I didn't even hit him that hard!" Kyo exclaimed trying to justify himself as Haru looked at Yuki then Kyo. Kyo sighed then lifted Yuki and slung him over his shoulder. He then went into Machi's room.

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?" Cried Machi looking at Yuki who was still unconscious then looked at Kyo. Akito was also curious and raised her eyebrow at Kyo. Kyo carefully placed Yuki on the sofa that was in the room by the door.

"You don't want to know." Kyo simply replied as Tohru, Haru and Rin walked in with the midwife.

"There's an awful lot of people in here. I think everyone but the husband should leave to give this mother a breather." The midwife commented looking at everyone in the room.

"But he's not even conscious." Tohru pointed out

"That's okay. I'll wake him up." Smirked Shigure who still had his drink. Luckily he had only wanted water. He towered over Yuki and began pouring his drink over his head.

"AHHH!" Yuki cried as he jumped to his feet. He quickly assessed the room and saw Shigure laughing with the empty can in his hand. His face became stern and gave a quick effortless kick to Shigure's side.

"Okay okay…We're leaving now…" whimpered Shigure walking out of the room following Akito and everyone else.

A couple of hours later, everyone was in the room again cooing over the baby girl Yuki held in his arms. Machi had fallen asleep from exhaustion. The baby girl had Machi's eyes and Yuki's hair. She looked so peaceful wrapped up in a white blanket in Yuki's arms. Yuki was still amazed at how he and Machi could create such a beautiful girl.

Tohru smiled as she watched Yuki give his daughter to Akito to hold. Akito was terrified. She didn't know how to act gentle to a baby. Shigure chuckled as he encouraged her. Rin thought that this would be the perfect time to take a photo of everyone.

"So what will you and Machi name her?" asked Rin as she took a few shots of the baby girl in Akito's arms.

"Minako." whispered Machi. She had woken up and slowly sat up. "Because she is Yuki's daughter. She is our beautiful girl."


"Yeah, that day was so hectic." Commented Kyo who was finishing of his massage.

"Mmm...then a week later Uo had her baby, Katsuya. That day was fun. It seems though that the Sohma fathers have a tendency to faint." Tohru giggled remembering how Kureno was also unconscious after seeing Uo in the bed. She also remembered how Uo named her son after her father. Tohru felt so honored that Uo named him that. Tohru noticed Kyo had stopped touching her and immediately missed his touch. She turned herself around so she could lay her back and saw Kyo eating a rice ball from the packed lunch they had brought with them to the beach.

Kyo looked down to see Tohru watching him. "You want one?" He asked pointing to his rice ball.

"No. I'm not that hungry." Replied Tohru as she sat up. She smiled when she watched Kyo take another bite. She could see the gold band around Kyo's finger as he lifted his hand to his mouth.

"What are you thinking now?" asked Kyo noticing how deep in thought Tohru was.

"Just our wedding day." Replied Tohru dreamily as she lifted her hand to touch Kyo's wedding band.

************************************************** ************************************************** *************FLASHBACK

"I don't know if I can do this! What if I trip? What if I mess my vowels! What if he changes his mind?" Panicked Tohru. She couldn't really wave her arms around because Uo was holding her down in her seat while Kagura did the finishing touches to her hair.

"I'll bash him and you can marry him while he's unconscious if you are really worried he'll change his mind." commented Kagura smiling as she sprayed some glitter hairspray into one of her curls. Uo smiled imaging Kyo laying there unconscious at the alter.

"You won't mess up. You'll be fine. Just be yourself." Hana said softly as she gently placed her hand over Tohru's. She was sitting next to Tohru. Kagura had finished adjusting Hana's hair. They were in a large hotel suite and the girls were in the bathroom. The bathroom was quite big and could easily fit the seven girls who were in the bridal party.

"Thank you Hana." Replied Tohru remembering her mom. There was a photo of her mom sitting on the bathroom vanity and Tohru just stared at it.

Meanwhile in another hotel suite...

"I don't know if I could do this! What if mess up my vowels? What if I choke? What if she changes her mind?!" Panicked Kyo trying not to think about the last 'what if' question. He was pacing around the large room as he adjusted his tie.

"Stupid cat. Stop being stupid and calm down." said Yuki as he watched Kyo from the corner of his eye. He too was adjusting his tie but in front of the mirror.

"Do you want me to hit him?" Smirked Haru who was leaning against the wall watching.

"We don't want him to be unconscious. Although, maybe Tohru might prefer him that way." Shigure teased. He was sitting on a chair reading. He had already finished getting ready and was just waiting for the others. Yuki rolled his eyes.

"You'll be fine. Just be yourself." Kazumi replied placing his hand on Kyo's shoulder. Kyo stopped pacing abruptly. He knew that saying. Tohru had told him, that Kyoko would say that to her often. He even remembered that Kyoko had once said it to him at one point when he was younger. He smiled at the thought of Kyoko.

At the alter...

Music started playing. It was the song, 'At the Beginning' by Richard Marx and Donna Lewis (AN:Awesome song. I had that song playing after they announced, husband and wife at my wedding.) The ceremony was held in another estate owned by the Sohma family. It had large crystal clear lake. The ceremony was held so you could see the lake in the background as the couples said 'I do'.

As the song started, Kisa walked down the aisle. She was too old to be a flower girl but Tohru wanted her in the wedding party so she became a junior bridesmaid. She was beautiful. Her hair had grown since meeting Tohru so her hair was down past her shoulders. It was half up in a bun and the rest of hair flowed down. She wore a cotton candy pink dress that came just above her knees. The dress came over one shoulder. It hugged her waist then flowed down. Her shoes were silver and had small kitty heels. Kisa walked down the aisle with Megumi who was wearing a black suit with a black tie. Hiro was in pews trying to hold his temper and not get jealous as Megumi smiled looking down at Kisa warmly.

Kyo and Kazumi were at the alter waiting. Kazumi looked calm but Kyo was nervous. Yuki stood there next to them remembering how nervous he was at his wedding. He chuckled and realised he must have been a nervous wreck like Kyo. Kazumi was wearing a traditional Japanese wedding robe. It was black and grey. Kyo on the other hand was wearing a suit. He had a black jacket and black dress pants. His vest was ivory and matched his ivory tie. Yuki stood there wearing a suit as well. He wore a black suit with a black tie, similar to Megumi's suit.

The next to walk down the aisle was Akito and Hatori. Akito looked beautiful as well. Her hair was up in a bun held with black chopsticks. Her dress was similar to Kisa except it was black and instead of going over her shoulder, the dress was boob-tube style. She wore the same kitty heels as Kisa. Hatori, who walked next to her, was wearing a black suit, but instead of the black tie, he had a pink tie and a pink handkerchief in his pocket.

After Akito, was Kagura and Ritzu. Kagura was in a pink version of Akito's dress and Ritzu was in the black version of Shigure's suit. After Kagura and Ritzu was Rin and Haru. Rin was in the same dress as Akito and Haru was in the same suit as Shigure.

Then came Uo. Uo was in a pink dress. Her dress was slightly longer than the other girls. Her hair was up but had two strands on either side of her face. She looked amazing considering she only had a baby about a month and a half ago. Unlike the other girls as well, she wore high killer glitter stilettos. Normally because of her height, she would never wear such high shoes but it was a good thing Kureno was tall too. She walked down on her own. She gave Kazumi a quick hug and smiled. She then looked at Kyo and smirked as she gave him a playful punch.

"Now if either of you hurt my girls, I will know, and I will hunt you both down." Uo whispered so only Kazumi, Kyo and Yuki could hear. Yuki smiled. Kyo gulped nervously knowing that Uo would easily do that joking aside. She then gave Kyo a quick kiss on the cheek then took her place.

The room hushed as the moment came for the two brides to walk in. The first bride was Hana. She walked down with her father. (AN:Now I know what your thinking, she's going to be wearing a black wedding dress...Nope. She's wearing ivory) She had thought about wearing a black dress but the more she thought about it, the more she didn't want to wear black. She had started wearing black as a symbol of loneliness and hatred. She had worn black to ward off people especially from the incident in her school years. But she no longer thought that, she was happy. She wasn't lonely or hated so she wore ivory.

Her dress was gorgeous. It was sleek and hugged her curves. It didn't have much of a train but Hana wasn't really interested in having a train. It was long sleeved but the sleeves were made of see through embroidery. The dress had a v neckline but wasn't too deep. Hana wore her hair down in curls and didn't wear a veil. She wore simple pearl earrings and a white gold choker with one large pearl hanging off it.

She smiled as she walked towards her husband to be. Kazumi, took Hana's hand and held it tight then gave a polite nod to Hana's father. Her father then sat down in the front pew as they waited for Tohru to come down the aisle.

Tohru nervously walked in, her arm was looped around Shigure's. Tohru had asked Shigure to give her away because she looked to Shigure like a father. Shigure was honored.

Kyo couldn't stop looking at his bride. 'Nobody could match her.' he thought to himself. "How am I this lucky?" He asked to himself.

"Who knows. But she's always been the number one fan of the Year of the Cat fan club." whispered Yuki who had heard him.

Tohru's dress was a princess dress. It was sleeveless and curved over her breasts. It was tight around her waist but then it flowed out. She had a train that was longer than Princess Mary's. Tohru's hair was up in billion curls that was held with her tiara that also held her veil. She wore diamond heart earrings and a small white gold heart shaped locket around her neck. Kyo had given her the locket to wear at the wedding because inside the locket was a picture of her mother on one side and a picture of her father on the other. It was his way of having Kyoko and Katsuya at the wedding.

At the reception...

"I have an announcement to make." Kazumi said standing up as he clinked his fork to his glass to get everyone's attention. Everyone quietened down and turned to look at the grooms and brides who were at the wedding party table. Kazumi turned to look at Kyo and Tohru. Hana smiled as she knew what was about to come.

"I would like to let everyone know that we are grateful and thankful for everyone being here. I would like to also announce that Hana and I will be doing a bit of travelling and therefore we have decided that Kyo is more than ready. My wedding gift to you Kyo and Tohru, is my dojo." Kyo's eyes widened. He knew that one day he would inherit the dojo but he didn't think it would be this soon. Kazumi chuckled at seeing Kyo's face.

"Don't look so surprised Kyo." Hana whispered.

The night was long and everyone enjoyed the free alcohol and food thanks to Akito's many riches. Kyo watched Tohru who was dancing with her grandfather. Kazumi was playing with Minako and Katsuya, and Yuki was dancing with Machi. Everything was perfect.


"That was a great day." Kyo whispered. They were now back from the beach and were in the hotel suite they had for their honey moon. Kyo had carried Tohru into he bedroom and gently place her on the bed.

"I love you Kyo." Tohru said softly as she pulled Kyo towards her. Kyo hovered over her. His hands holding his weight on the bed on either side of Tohru's head.

"I love you too." Kyo replied before lowering his head and placing his lips over hers.

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