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The large screen before his eyes burst into life sending the bright vibrant colours of the video game into his eyes. The green boys eyes had slowly started to change shape to match the screens as he had been playing so long.

"Yo BB I think it's time you put down the controller." The deep voice behind him called, as he felt the cold metallic hand touch his shoulder.

"No way Cyborg." He chuckled as his eyes never left the screen, he was glued to that screen. He felt the sigh behind him, the cold air rushed down his neck and he slightly twitched. "Final boss and..." The screen went black. Beast Boy went blank. It was gone. His game. His progress. His world. He twitched violently as he leapt from his seat to the screen in a comedic fashion.

"It's for your own good BB." Cyborg said as he pressed buttons on his remote control arm device for the tower. "You need to do something other then vegetate in front of that screen." Cyborg looked at his distort friend, gently weeping over the loss of his addictive games.

"But." He tried to interject his comment but it was quickly over ruled by Cyborg.

"No buts dude." He was acting like a father figure to the naive green teenager. "Read a book or do something productive." His attempts of inspiration fell on deaf ears, Beast Boy was already trying to switch the screen back on. Grabbing him by his collar he marched him towards the table before dumping him on one of the seats like a piece of meat to be served. "Raven do you have a book that might entertain him?" Cyborg projected his question to one of the corners of the room, where sat the hooded girl her face deeply buried in a large book.

"I don't have anything for babies." She answered sarcastically sniping the comment at Beast Boy to engage his anger. "Why not ask Star or Robin." Just as she finished speaking the two sliding doors behind them, slide smoothly open to reveal a well dressed teenaged boy in smart tuxedo and a elegantly dressed teenage girl with a long flowing dress with unearthly flower in her hair.

"Ohh you two look fancy." Cyborg answered examining the two of them. "Off somewhere fancy?"

"Boyfriend Robin is taking me to the fancy restaurant." Starfire giggled gently with a gentle twirl of her dress, letting its beauty captivate the room.

"Yeah, so we need you three to hold down the fort tonight." Robin said authoritatively. "I really don't want to be disturbed tonight." He lovingly starred at Starfire with a tinge of pink on his cheeks and his puppy loving eyes.

"Yes sir." Beast Boy pretended to salute in a military fashion, surprisingly managing to get the entire salute correct. Robin only graced this joking salute with a small smirked smile and a half hearted salute back. Since Starfire and Robin had started dating after Tokyo, Robin had started to relax slightly. The obsessive leader had become more like a normal teenage boy and everyone had noticed it.

"We'll be back late so don't wait up." Robin said with a tiny smile, and with that he took his girlfriends hand in his and walked her out of the tower.

"Guess its us three then?" Beast Boy said hopefully, but he already knew what was about to come.

"Yeah err sorry BB I'm going to have to bail. I said I would go help Titans East with some of there computers tonight." Cyborg nervously answered, itching the back of his head like a nervous man child. The goofy sort of grin that had entered Cyborgs lips instantly made Beast boy aware of who he was thinking of.

"You mean you want to go see Bumblebee." Beast Boy mumbled under his breath, as he huffed and folded his arms in an agitated manor. Cyborg had been carrying a flame for Bumblebee since they first met, but he would never fully admit it. But since the brotherhood of evil and then since he had started disappearing over to Titans East to help out on random jobs, but everyone knew why. It was also sort of sad that he wouldn't just ask her out on a date as he didn't realise she liked him back.

"Come on BB, don't be mad you Raven can have a nice evening together." He said, a tinge of joking crossed his voice as he backed out of the tower making sure Raven didn't attack him for his comment. As the door slid shut leaving the remaining two titans in the room.

"Let me guess you're going now?" Beast Boy sighed over his shoulder already knowing the next answer was to be yes.

"Yeah, I'm going out to see Greg." She answered closing her book letting it slam slightly.

"Again but Greg's a jerk, even you've said so." Beast Boy complained, he had only met this Greg boy once on accident. Greg was a typical goth teenager, with black spikes for hair, piercing all over his ears and face and wore the tightest jeans possible. He would shout at Raven and make fun of her, even though he was meant to be her boyfriend and it sickened Beast Boy. Beast Boy hated Greg. He would imagine daily him humiliating Greg in the most embarrassing ways, just so Raven wouldn't be with him. He knew he was to blame for pushing her to meet new people and socialise, but, he never wanted this.

"Well you all told me to try and do normal things." She protested. "He's the only person who would love me though." With that she floated out the room, leaving Beast Boy alone. Beast boy would never admit it and no one really expected that he had a small crush on Raven. Ok it wasn't just a small crush, it was a huge crush. He was head over heels for her, but he was to coy to admit it. He waltzed over to the main screen as though he was dancing with another, he turned the screen on to the towers cameras and watched the black beauty float out of the main towers entrance into the darkening sky. After he was sure she had floated away and everyone else was gone he let out a loud screech of frustration.

"Why can't I just tell her?" He yelled at himself as though another of him stood in front of him. He held back a small wet diamond falling from his eye as he clicked a button in the centre of the table turning the screen and table into a crime monitoring computer. The screen showed a map of the city and other details on major crime locations which Beast Boy never fully understood. He touched some keys on the table which had turned into a keyboard type thing.

"All alerts directed to communicator two." The electronic voice said in its cold unemotional voice. Beast Boy had figured out how to route the alerts on the first night he was left on his own. He started to remember how he had actually learnt to work the titans computer system so well. About a month ago he was left whilst the four over titans had gone off to do similar things as they were doing tonight. He had got bored so he started messing with the controls which lead to some disastrous results but he had learnt some helpful controls from the night. He quickly went back to the real world and clicked another couple of keys before clearing his throat to speak.

"Computer bring up medical science for beginners." He said, the embarrassment still would show on his face like a marker pen. He knew no one was around to see it but he was still embarrassed. He knew little to nothing about any subject but all this alone time he had gotten over the past couple of weeks made him want to improve himself. Also the fact that if he improved himself Raven might respect him more was an added bonus. He slumped back into his seat as the computer began to speak in its metallic voice, the information was so simplified even he would understand it. He listened carefully, his brain slowly turning the words into facts that he could use. After an hour the audio book finished, leaving Beast Boy more knowledgeable. Looking to the clock it read eight o'clock, this made Beast Boy frown greatly. It would be another hour and a half till Raven got back, two hours till Cyborg got back and only God knew when the other two would be back. But before he could let his sorrows engulf him, his communicator peeped loudly and the entire tower turned bright red.

"Prisoner escape." The computer announced. "Escapee Michael Highshore." Beast Boys face turned into horror as the name rang the bells in his memories. Michael Highshore aka The Brute was part of a underground terrorist group know as The Omega Clan. Along with his brother, only known to the titans as his alias The Sniper, they made up The Omega Clans enforcers and the five titans together had only just managed to capture The Brute.

"Oh shit." Beast Boy gulped, he reached to call the others when a mental hand stopped him.

"Don't ruin their evenings." His mind spoke to him like another person. He looked at his communicator once more, before closing his eyes and sticking the communicator in his pocket. With this he transformed his body into a hawk and flew into the darkened sky.

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