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Chapter 15

A Cold Morning

The dawning orange light of the large star that sat way out over the edge of the now calmed sea of tranquil blue, just to shy away into the light blue sky as the day proceeded. A damp smell of sand and grass managed to crawl its way into the tower; which then proceeded to follow the corridors to the dark heavy door of Ravens room, the smell then crept into her delicate nose making it twitch slightly. Her dark violet eyes started to slide open, revealing the slightly misty gaze of sleep which hanged over them. She slowly sat up as she sniffed gently, the air tingled her nose like a soft feather. Her nose twitched again, her slightly keener senses picked up the extra introduction of the damp smell in the air. The tower never smelt like this. Ever. As she rose to sit up in her bed, she felt her blankets brush against her skin as they tumbled away from her. And as they fell exposing her skin to the air, she felt the cooled air dance against her skin like a ballet dancer in an opera; a shiver of ice burned down her spine as she pulled the blankets further off her body. Suddenly she was pulling herself to her feet, her toes wriggling between her carpet as the soft fabric teased her nerve endings. Her light footsteps were elegant and made her look like she was gliding across the floor. As she shifted towards her door, she stretched out one of her piete pale arm and gripped a cloak that was on a coat stand by her door. Throwing the soft velvet cloak over her slender shoulders she felt a breeze take the long swaying cloak around her slender figure. Stepping out into the corridor the entire tower smelled of that same damp smell and the fresh air was bristling down the corridor as a gentle breeze. Her misty eyes shivered as they returned from their sleepy state, they could see the corridor clearer as a large metallic man came to her side.

"You felt the cold too?" He asked as she saw his human parts were wrapped up in warm cloth.

"Yeah and it smells so damp." She shivered, her voice trembled from the cold.

"I checked the scanners and someone or something opened all the common room windows." Cyborg pointed to a small command panel on his arm; it showed what he had just said. "They've been open since about three." He continued as the two continued to walk to the common room, they were slightly creeping now as they knew anything could be in their home. He silenced his tongue as the two stood on the other side of the door, the sudden clank of the sonic cannon was the only thing that dared to pierce the silence. Both of them placed their bodies against either side of the door, braced for a swat style bust in. Frozen sweat dropped off their foreheads as they heard a small taping sound originating from inside the room; the taps were syncopated and fell out of speed every now and again, before, speeding up again. The taps would slowly get softer and stronger with each gust of wind as though the wind commanded the taps. The two breathed in deep as Cyborg clicked the automatic door slider. The door slid open with a fast jolt, causing a small scraping sound to rush through the air like Usain Bolt in the Olympics as a powerful gust of collected wind by the air rolled through into the corridor taking the two titans by surprise. They felt their bones slowly begin to freeze like icicles as the air seeped into each pore in their skin and tucked itself into all the corners of the tower. As the two spun round from their cover to peer into the room their eyes fixated on two very different points. Cyborg instantly fixated on the green boy sat in the middle of the room tapping away at the computer, while Raven noticed what he was typing making sure to remember as much as possible. The screen suddenly went black snapping Raven onto the green boy, he slowly turned to face the two. A weak grin licked his lips as he made his way to his feet, his body shook gently as he balanced himself against the breeze as small clicks of his bones bounced about the room. He wasn't wearing much either; his tattered trousers which looked more like shorts now was all he wore. His pale green fingers freely roamed the air, his bare upper body showed no scars but bruises proceeded to show their formalities and his toes wiggled like worms as the wind blew against them. He made his may to the two titans, his smile still across his lips as he passed them before disappearing down the corridor, not a single word had exited his mouth as he passed them, letting the doors slid closed behind him. "What just happened?" Cyborg asked a sort of puzzled expression stretching across his lips as he tried to comprehend what had just happened.

"I don't even know." She replied as she tried to comprehend what had just happened. Cyborg sighed as he went to start closing the windows.

"That was a waste of time." Beast Boy mumbled to himself as he stepped down the corridor, his nose slightly twitching in aggravation. He had been trying to pick up on the scent of Omega but since he had no powers his keen sense of smell was not with him. He had ended up just hoping that the wind would blow something to him that could help him find the villain. As he stepped into his room, he collapsed towards his bed, landing on it with a loud comfortable moan. His entire weight rested solely on the bed and he felt relaxation pouring over his weak body as the sensations took over him. He rolled over so he faced his ceiling, his mind suddenly plundering over what he had been researching. It dug away at him as he remembered what he was looking at, who he was looking at and why he was looking at him. He felt the sharp shiver of the harsh reality coming to terms with him. He was completely and utterly fucked.

"I'm off to meditate." Raven said in a monotone voice as Cyborg finished off a large plate of meat. All she got was a response in between each meat filled chew and spatter of the chewed animals. She just shrugged her shoulders and left the room, instantly heading for her own. She wanted to check on Beast Boy, she desperately wanted to be the one their for him, yet, what she had seen on the screen was dragging her away from being there. As she entered her room, her hands instantly stretched for her mirror. Grasping it tightly like it could save her life she jumped into her mind. As she leapt through the barrier between reality and nevermore; she pondered if Knowledge would be able to help her. However as soon as she arrived she was met by an interesting conundrum. Why was Rage and Knowledge sitting down together drinking tea and playing chess.

"Why can't my castle go diagonally?" She heard Rage ask in frustration as she tried to move the rook in a diagonal line.

"It's called a rook and the rules tell you rooks can only move in straight lines." Knowledge replied, a hint of annoyance lacing her voice as she tried to teach the dark crimson demon how to play.

"But a diagonal line is straight." She fumed in response.

"No it's not, its diagonal." She replied as she evaded Rages attempt to find a loop hole in the rule.

"This games stupid." She huffed as she moved the rook forward three squares before sitting back in her chair; huffing and crossing her arms moodily. A small sly smile crept across the yellow clad emotions face as she noticed the perfect opportunity.

"Checkmate." She smiled cockily as she moved her queen so that it was protected by her bishop but when paired with one of her rooks formed an undeniable checkmate. Her cocky smile didn't last long as Rage picked the board up, spun it round sending the pieces flying like missiles before slamming the board through the table breaking it and also spilling the tea.

"I hate chess." She growled in a demonic filled voice, all four of her dead red eyes glowed in frustrated anger.

"Now, now. Calm down Rage, we have a visitor." Knowledge then signalled with one of her hands to Raven who was standing there slightly gob smacked that her dark side had played chess.

"Oh erm hi." Rage slightly blushed and calmed herself down to greet Raven, she showed a sign of fear when she talked to Raven.

"Err hi." Raven said puzzled as she turned to Knowledge in confusion.

"I'm trying to teach Rage how to be more civilised so she can hang around with the rest of us. You do make me keep all the emotions in check." She mused as she pushed the dark black spectacles that sat on the tip of her nose back up in line with her eyes. "But that's not why you're here is it?" Knowledge asked turning her full attention from her musing state to a much more serious state.

"No it's what I saw." Raven replied, she now ignored Rages presence.

"He was researching a man called Oliver Andrews." Knowledge said simply, but, she slightly shivered in uncomfortable fear as she spoke the name as though it was cursed.

"What does that name mean?" Raven asked curiously. "I recognise it but I don't know where from."

"Oliver Michaels Edwards Gary Andrews otherwise known as Omega was a spa worker turned evil genius." Knowledge started. "He was unlucky enough to be working on the day a group of military officials, who were carrying project 800, came into the spa he worked in. The place was attacked by terrorists. In the battle Oliver was shot twice through the eyes by a small calibre revolver. He luckily survived when the military injected with project 800."

"One second, isn't the Omega symbols numerical value 800?" Rage asked something suddenly clicking in her slow mind.

"Yes it is." Knowledge sighed at the interruption. "May I continue my story now?" When a small nod came from the red clad emotion, Knowledge gently cleared her throat and continued. "However project 800 drove Oliver insane but restored his youth to him whilst also enhancing his strength, speed and intellect to unmatched levels. He was however believed killed in two thousand, when he was shot by the now head of military, John Wayne. The reason you recognised the name is because he's supposedly the leader of the Omega clan and in nineteen ninety nine tried to harness the power of Trigon."

"Oh so he's a big deal?" Raven slightly mused as Knowledge just nodded.

"Indeed." The yellow emotion replied smiling weakly. "If Beast Boy is mixed up with him." She then shuddered and without saying anything fear had been nailed into Raven as she decided to exit her mind leaving her two emotions. Maybe she would see how Beast Boy was doing.

Well there you go. Less of a cliff hanher ending but this was really for the villain to get known a bit better. I hope you enjoyed I'll try and be quicker with updates but till next time stay safe. - Ty