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Rick was crouched down by the fire picking at the embers, it had been a long time since any of them had the chance to listen to real music. Even if they were old records that weren't his favorites, he was just glad he could give his family this little bit of normalicy. Glenn and Maggie were the first to start dancing, Hershel was lovingly swinging to the music with Judith. Kiry had even made Merle promise to dance with her later. Rick couldn't keep his eyes from drifting over the fire towards Michone.

"Hell of a party, I'd forgotten how much I liked music." Rick said handing Michone a glass, she took it eagerly drinking the strong alcohol quickly.

"I forgot how much I liked to drink." She joked, he laughed handing her the bottle, he hadn't had a drink since the CDC, he figured he could let lose a bit. He swallowed the last of his drink taking a deep breath.

"Come dance with me?" He asked setting his cup down and holding his hand out to her. If it hadn't been getting dark he might have noticed the blush creep across her cheeks. She set the bottle and her glass on the pick nick table next to Ricks and took his hand.

"Why not." She mumbled letting him pull her towards where Maggie and Glenn were dancing. He pulled her in close and she wrapped her arms around his neck like she was back in high school, since that was the last time she had danced. He leaned down letting his cheek brush against her hair while they swayed. She rested her head on his shoulder enjoying the closeness. It was easier this way without being able to see if everyone was watching. She let everything roll off her and just relaxed into him with a sweet smile, and a little smile.
Beth smiled seeing Rick wrap his arms around Michone pressing close against her. They were a cute couple, she hopped Rick would be happy again. He'd been through so much.

"You're holy Joe seems pretty cuddlesome, nice to see an ol dear like her get a slice a cheer." Liam said from her left, she looked over at him with a brilliant smile. "They deserve each other, they both work so hard and lost so much." Beth told him, he nodded watching them with her for a moment. She was about to suggest they make the hotdogs when he turned holding his hand out to her with a genuine smile.

"Dance with me Doll?" He asked she blushed biting her bottom lip and looking over his shoulder at her daddy. She shook her head deciding to be brave.

"Sure, I love dancing." She told him taking his hand, he smirked twirling her around and dipping her to his left, she squeaked before breaking out into a fit of laughter. Liam put her back on her feet dancing slowly while he heald her close.

"You're pretty good at this." Beth giggled, his cocky smile grew and he twirled her again.

"I've got many talents doll, you should see my pasty arse tango." He joked completely destroying her composer, she knew people were staring, but she just couldn't stop laughing. He was so much fun, and it had been a long time since she'd have fun.
"Look at her, how long has it been since we've seen her happy like that?" Maggie whispered from her spot pressed close to Glenn.

"I've never seen her that happy." Glen told her taking a queue from Liam, since he seemed to be doing so well, and dipping Maggie so he could steal a kiss. She laughed leaning against him contentedly.

"Hey you two, enjoying the party?" Carol asked as she aproached them, Glen blushed taking a small step back from Maggie.

"Ya, it's nice to celebrate something. You?" Glenn answered looking between Carol, and Daryl who were holding hands and looking oddly excited.

"Best night of my life, we just wanted to ask you two something." Carol informed them looking down at the small ink ring on her left hand.

"Sure anything." Maggie said with a smile, she didn't know what was going on, but she was glad they looked so happy. They were such a perfect couple.

"Um, Daryl proposed and..." Carol started, but before she could finish Maggie gasped pulling Carol into a hug.

"Oh my God, I'm so happy for you!" Maggie said quietly, Glenn nodded to Daryl holding his hand out to the newly engaged man.

"Congrats." He said simply, Daryl shook his hand returning his nod, he knew he already looked like an idiot grinning like a fool.

"We just wanted to know if it was okay to tell everyone, I mean this was supposed to be your guyses party." Carol finished when she escaped the hug.

"Of coarse, we got married way back at the prison, we never cared about having a party. Not that I'm saying we don't appreciate it, but the more good news the better." Maggie told them, since Glenn didn't seem to care, he'd just looked at her.

"Thanks you two." Carol was practically glowing she was so happy.

"So is he getting you a ring?" Glenn asked, he knew theirs were nothing fancy, but it was nice to have a real thing to symbolize how much he loved her.

"That's the best part. I've always wanted a tattoo, so we're gonna have Merle tattoo our rings on." Carol explained excitedly holding her left hand up.

"Can't lose the damn thing that way." Daryl added pulling her closer before she vibrated out of her skin. He'd never seen her so excited.

"I like it, has Merle ever done tattoos?" Maggie asked, Carol waited for Daryl to answer.

"Ya, I think he did the one on my back it's a bit hazy, but I've seen his work, he's good. Come on darlin' let's go tell 'Phia." Daryl said hoping to escape so he could steal a kiss, he still got a bit uncomfortable with it. Carol couldn't stop smiling especially when he kissed her. They found Sophia laying at the edge of the light, Carol had waited to point her out until Carl went to get them marshmallows.

"Hey girl, got somethin to tell ya." Daryl called out, he'd seen her over there with Carl before Carol had, but he let slide though since he was too happy to threaten the boy properly.

"Hey Dad, Mamma, what's up?" Sophia asked, obviously nervous that she was in trouble for being over there haning out with Carl.

"Me and Daryl are engaged." Carol told her holding her breath and preying Sophia would be happy for them, she knew Daryl was already like a father to her, but Sophia hadn't had a good history with her actual father, and getting married might remind her of that.

"That's great, do I get to help you pick out a dress or anything, 'cause I think you guys should have a real wedding, since we're safe here and all?" Sophia asked hopping off the ground so she could hug them both. Carol let out a sigh that turned to a giggle.

"We haven't really decided yet, but when we do we'll let ya know. You can help with everything if you want." Carol told her practically lifting Sophia off the ground.

"Thank's mamma." Sophia beamed when she escaped Carol's grasp. Daryl pulled her back into his side and Sophia rolled her eyes.

"Go dance you two love birds, some of want to eat, and not yack, I mean come on I'm your daughter, I don't wanna see that." Sophia told them they both laughed and Carol pulled Daryl out towards the dancing couples. Carl came back holding a lopsided marshmallow that was golden on one side and a little crispy on the other.

"Sorry if it's cold, I didn't know if I should come back while your Dad was over here. What was that all about anyways?" Carl asked flopping down next to her and pulling the outer most layer off his marshmallow.

"Apparently Mom and Dad are getting married." Sophia told him stealing the last of his marshmallow. Carl laid back putting his arms behind his head.

"That's cool, are they doing a real wedding like before all this, or is it gonna be like Glenn, and Maggie's?" Carl asked, Sophia laid back on his shoulder with a shrug.

"They don't know yet." Sophia told him, they laid there for a while just listening to the music until Sophia actually recognized one of the songs.

"Hey Grimmes we should dance." Sophia said looking over at him with a coy smile. "Sure, just away from your dad." Carl told her, she laughed shaking her head and getting to her feet.

"Duh, I don't need him shooting my boyfriend." She told him, he couldn't help but smile at her choice of words. He got up grabbing her hand and spinning her around like he used to do with his mom when he was little, since that was about all the dancing experience he had. They swayed awkwardly at the edge of the light, every now and then one of them would look around to make sure no one was watching and steal a kiss.
Rick caught them, but he kept quiet, he was happy for his boy, and just happy in general. He and Michone had fallen into a comfortable silence while they danced to song after song. By the time it started getting late everyone was getting a little tipsy except Kiry. Michone had watch after Merle, so she pulled away reluctantly. The dancing and the drinking had her feeling brave.

"I should go take watch." She whispered, her voice refused to speak normally for fear of breaking whatever spell had him looking at her that way.

"I could come with if you wanted." He told her, he'd been thinking about doubling up on watch anyways, it was kind of dull out here.

"No, you should stay and enjoy the party, it was your idea after all." Michone told him, he was about to insist it was no party without her, but before he could she leaned up on her toes and gave him a chaste peck on the lips.

"I won't be long." She said hurrying off, he was left too stunned to even move. Had she meant to kiss him on the lips, it had almost seemed like a kiss meant for his cheek. He was sure he was beat red and grinning like a fool, but now he didn't know what to do the next time that he saw her. Should he kiss her?

Michone's heart was racing, and he face was flushed. She couldn't believe she had just kissed him. She must be a glutton for punishment, since she knew he was still too raw from Lori's death. She was already kicking herself for making such a huge mistake by the time she got to the wall. It was going to be a long watch.

"About damn time." Merle grumbled hopping off the wall as soon as he saw her. He missed Kiry and he didn't even care that it made him a huge pussy. Michone just nodded climbing onto the wall, what was her problem? Merle shrugged leaving her be, he had better things to do than stick his noes in her business. He hurried towards the fire his eyes landing on Kiry who was just pulling out of a hug with Carol. Guess they were telling folks, he slunk up behind her with his only pointer finger over his lips to keep Carol and his brother from breaking his cover.

"Merle Dixon, you know you've never been able to sneak up on me." Kiry said without so much as turning to look at him, it didn't stop him though. She was right he'd never been able to sneak up on either of them. He wrapped his arms around her waist lifting her off the ground, making her squeal and slap his hand.

"Just cause I ain't sneaky don't mean I can't startle ya." He whispered letter back down to the ground. She turned around slapping his chest despite her huge smile. He snagged her hands to stop her assault.

"How ya doin sugar?" He asked, hoping to change the subject so he wouldn't get hit again.

"I was good until you hefted me like a sack of potatoes, you know I'm growing a person right, I don't think you should be tossing me around." Kiry grumbled, he offered her a wicked grin. "It shows, you're alredy swellin up." He joked and her mouth fell open in disbelief.

"You know, I'm happy for you two, but you'll have to find some one else to do the rings, because I'm gonna kill him!" Kiry growled punching him in the chest. He dodged her second blow egging her on with his cock expression. She ran after him and soon she was laughing from her position on his shoulders hanging like dead weight from his neck while Merle struggled.

"Gonna kill me woman." He coughed out as he struggled to hold her arms off his neck. She kneed his ass jostling her weight and dropping him to one knee.

"Just admit that you love me and that I'm not fat and I'll let go." She informed him, he growled dropping his head to the ground and swinging her off his back. She yelped struggling to escape, he pinned her down by her waist catching her hands to his chest with his bum arm and leaning down until his lips were only mere inches from hers.

"I've always loved ya and ya ain't never gonna be fat, but ya are as stubborn as a mule." He told her, she laughed stealing a kiss.

"Well that ain't never gonna change." She said honestly, he chuckled letting his head rest against hers with a stupid smile stuck on his lips.

"Don't I know it." He whispered kissing her neck slowly down to her collar.

"Mm, you promised to dance with me big man." She told him, he slumped down with a sigh. "Damn! I was hoppin I could distract ya, ya know I ain't no good at that shit." Merle grumbled against her soft skin, Kiry wiggled out from under him. "I remember." She teased pulling him reluctantly to his feet and over to dance. He wrapped his arms around her letting her lead while she remembered the last time she'd danced with him.

Kiry stood awkwardly on her poarch in an aweful silky blue dress, for once she was glad her mother was passed out. She just wished her mom owned something less slutty, this had been the only dress to come close to a prom dress, and it still had no back and only went down to the top of her knees because she was shorter then her mother was by a couple of inches. Merle pulled up on his beat up motorcycle in clean blue jeans and a button down black shirt and matching tie. The outfit was obviously stolen, but he looked damn good in it. She just wished he'd stop staring.

"Damn sugar, you look fuckin sexy, if I'd known you'd dress like that I'd a taken ya to every dance." He groaned his gaze raking over her curvs hungrily. She blushed so had she was sure even her knes were red.

"You look pretty good yourself." Kiry managed trying to compose herself. He sprung off his bike crossing the yard in four long strides. He wrapped one arm around her waist leaning down and kissing her. He'd only done it a few other times and this time he flicked his tongue out deepening it with his need. She could feel him through his jeans and his fingers dipped below the thin fabric just above her ass. She pulled away nervously.

"We should go, or we'll miss the dance." Kiry breathed, her voice betraying her lust even at her low volume.

"Ain't gonna bother me none, could take ya back to my place instead." Merle leered, she blushed deeper swatting his chest.

"Merle Dixon, I'm hardly legal now get your hot ass on that bike so we can go dance." He laughed stealing another kiss before heading for his bike.

"Always liked breakin laws." He joked as she wrapped her arms around his waist. As soon as they got to the school gym she had snagged his hand.

"Let's dance." She'd said happily, he'd frozen looking at all the kids swaying in time, he'd never danced before, and he knew he'd fuck it up.

"Don't want a eat somethin first?" He asked, but she shook her head tugging him out onto the floor. He swallowed hard, but let her lead him. She wrapped herself around him, and that was nice, but then they started to move and he'd have sworn his feet had a mind of their own, because every other step he managed to crush her toes in her little heels.

"Damn Merle if ya didn't wanna dance ya could a said no call to be mean." Kiry said about half way through the song, he growled lifting her off the ground and setting her on his toes so he wouldn't hurt her.

"Ain't no good at this shit." He snarled, but kept dancing since that's why she'd brought him. It had been a good night. Merle's boot came down on her foot and she couldn't help but laugh. He just lifted her onto his feet dropping his head into the crook of her neck and shaking his head.

"Ain't never gonna get this." Merle grumbled, Kiry just smiled, she loved him so much.

Weeks went by uneventfully while Merle and Daryl searched for a tattoo gun. Everyone worked on the fields and the Dixon's now accompanied by one member of the group or another hunted. Kiry was just starting to show, and Merle got more proud and more terrified every day. Kiry on the other hand was just more irritated. She didn't like being sick and getting fatter.

Beth and Liam seemed close, but out of everyone Britta was having the hardest time. She kicked the tire again cursing the stupid car to oblivion, since she'd left she'd blown a tire run out of gas twice and now the transmission was shot. She stuck her head into the car packing up her things quickly.

"You look like you could use some help." A voice called out behind her just as she zipped up her bag. She whipped around pointing her gun at the somewhat dirty man in a sharp vest with an eye patch.

"Who the fuck are you?" She snarled, he held his hands up a charming smile in place.

"You can call me Phillip, I don't wanna hurt ya, you just looked like you could use some help. If I'm wrong I'll turn around and leave ya be right now, just say." He told her, she eyed him over suspiciously and lowered her gun a little bit.

"I ain't no fuckin charity case, I got what I need." She told him shifting away from him. He dropped his hand with a little shrug.

"I didn't think you were, I just thought you might want a meal or some help getting a new car, it's not safe out here alone. We can't do much, but we try to help if we can. Maybe you could help us if you don't need help." Phillip continued, Britta still wasn't sure she could trust this guy, but he was right. "Maybe I could use a new car, but what the fuck could I do for you?" She asked, he sighed running his hand through his hair.

"I lost my baby girl, this group took her, there leader, Rick, he'd lost his own girl to the biters. I think he lost his mind, his woman put my eye out and they stole my Penny. I was just hopin you'd seen 'em." Phillip told her, she gaped not sure what to believe, had those people really stolen this guys kid, they didn't seem the type.