Switched Situations

Author Note: I always wanted to do a story when Sasuke and Hinata switched bodies. It's been done but not by me… anyway tell me how I do!



Chapter 1 - Learn Your Role

Tsunade tapped her oak desk waiting on the three ANBU to walk in. This should be a fairly easy for an ANBU group. Her amber eyes reread over the scroll again. She reached down to pull out her sake bottle when the door opened. The young ex-heiress walked in holding her raven mask loosely in her gloved hands. "Lady Tsunade," She bowed respectfully before taking a seat in one of the two unoccupied worn out leather seats.

She nodded. "Where is your captain, Hinata?"

She refrained from rolling her eyes. "I do not know."

A twitched smirked found its way to the blonde's lips. "And Naruto, where is he?"

Hinata gave a faint shrug. "Seems like I am the only one on tim-" The door opened at same time a cloud of smoke filled the room. The blond man panted wearing his fox mask on the top of his head. The raven haired man leaned against the wall. His mask hung on his belt loop. She sighed. "Everyone is present."

Tsunade frowned. "Why is it that Hinata is the only one on time?"

The blond laughed. "Funny story actually," Naruto started. "Me and Sasuke were in this s-"

"It's not important." Sasuke frowned. "We are here now."

She shrugged. "Anyway, this is a fairly easy task. You find the man," She held up three different pictures of the same man. "You kill him. He is an S-ranked ninja; we don't know all of his jutsu so be careful." They gave curt nods. "He was last seen on the outskirts of The Land of Tea."

She leaned forward giving Hinata the scroll to read. "Do we bring anything back?"

"No," She rubbed her temples. "He has been murdering people in the most…" She paused trying to choose her words. "He takes two souls and switch them," She smirked. "Then make the opposing people kill themselves."

Naruto scratched his head. "So it would be like switching bodies with Sasuke and I would be forced to kill him while he is in my body."

She nodded. "Maybe like a twisted suicide."

Sasuke nodded. "How does he do it?"

Her eyes locked in with his onyx eyes. "That we do not know… you can't afford to fight him. Just kill him and return."

Hinata stood giving the scroll to her captain. He took it put it in his side pocket. Hinata nodded. "When do we leave?"

"Tomorrow, you are dismissed."

They nodded before walking out. Naruto sighed. "Ah, Hinata… I'm sorry!" He grinned.

She rolled her eyes. "Don't apologize."

Sasuke stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Are you that sensitive, Hyuuga?"

She hissed walking ahead of them. Never again will she decided to hang out with them when it didn't involve a mission. She was trying to build a bond between her and the team since they were already buddies. More like blood brothers. They said they had a great place in mind and it really was the bonding experience and she was all for it. Really, she wasn't going to let some hot-shot Uchiha or her ex-crush punk her out.

So she went along with them. They even went as far as blindfolding her… she didn't even use her Byakugan. She was trying to build the same bond that she had so nicely made with Kiba and Shino back in their chunnin days. Suddenly loud music filled her senses and giggles were all around her. They placed her in a chair and took the blindfold off.

They brought her to a strip joint.

Her captain and teammate had so promptly tricked her. She stormed out only to find a messenger hawk waiting on her to come out. She read the note and left. They would send out sooner or later.

Secretly, she wasn't worried about her and Naruto bond because it was stronger than she probably wanted. It was Sasuke, her captain that she wanted to get to know better. As the lieutenant, she had to know what he would do in battle and all that. He was so closed off it was annoying.

"It was such a funny idea at the time!" Naruto laughed patting her head. It wasn't funny. It was childish. She paused making Naruto bump into her back. "Hey," He mumbled.

She pivoted on her foot to look at him. He stood about four inches above her. "I will see you both," Her lilac eyes darted to Sasuke for a moment. "In the morning. You should get some rest." She grumbled walking before disappearing.

Naruto pouted. "I don't think that was such a good idea."

Sasuke shrugged. "She shouldn't so blindly trust people." He glanced over at the blond. "Meet at the gates at 7, be on time."

Naruto wanted to tell him that she should trust her team but Sasuke would rather stick to his twisted logic. He nodded before leaving for home.



Hinata pulled at her strings before tucking them neatly behind her head. Her Raven mask's slits were slightly curved if only to give off a feminine look. She saw Naruto walk up with a huge grin on his face. She pulled her midnight hair in a ponytail. Truth be told, she didn't get much sleep and when she finally did it was time to go.

She still managed to be late.

Yet, when she got here nobody was here.

"Hinata-chan why are you here so early?" He started to put on his mask. Naruto didn't care about confidentially of the masks. She turned towards him and tilted her head. He managed to understand. "Sasuke-teme said to be here at seven."

Naruto almost stepped back feeling Hinata's chakra flare. She pulled her mask to the side. "Since when do we ever meet up at seven?"

He scratched his face. "I… I was just following orders."

Her eye twitched as the Uchiha walked causally to the gates. "Captain, why wasn't I informed of the time schedule?"

He smirked. "You check with me regarding the times," He stopped in front of her. "Learn your role, Hyuuga." He looked at his watch. "If you're on time then you're late, if you're early then you're on time."

"But th-"

"Learn your role." He turned to Naruto. "Are you ready?" He asked flatly as he tightened his mask. Naruto gave an awkward nod. "Alright, it's takes about five days to get to The Land of Tea. We won't rest for three days. I assume that everyone is rested."

Hinata bit on her tongue. She knew this game. The only reason why she was put on this squad is because Ino got pregnant and moved to the interrogation squad. Tsunade said she would switch her to Naruto's group. Had she known about this asshole Captain she would have stayed on her tracking squad with Kiba.

Sasuke was trying to break her.

He knew she was so close to being promoted to Captain on her last squad and right before it could happen she was switched to lieutenant. She looked towards gates, touching her ANBU tattoo saying a small prayer.

"Alright, let's go."



"Raven, take the back." Sasuke commanded. She hated taking the back and he knew it. He stayed in the middle and Naruto was in the front. "Fox, to my left." She narrowed her eyes.

Why is he changing formation?

She inwardly sighed. "Captain," She muttered. He kept going. "I feel an unusual amount of chakra moving towards up. Meeting will occur in less than three minutes."

"Why wasn't I informed ahead of time?" He bit out.

She frowned. "He just appeared. Two minutes until intersecting."

"Things don't just appear!" He growled as they stopped in a clearing.

"I didn't see him before. Thirty seconds."

He pulled out his katana. "Best Byakugan user, my ass."

Naruto touched her shoulder as if to calm her down. She got into stance. "Twenty-one seconds, captain."

"Remember what Tsunade said. Kill do not be killed, got it Hyuuga."

"Ten seconds." She gritted her teeth.

Naruto sighed. He almost felt sorry for Hinata. She didn't deserve being in this douchebag's squad. He pulled out a kunai and made three clones.

"Eight," She pointed east. "…Fifteen?"

"Why is the time skipping?"

"He isn't constant!" She turned west. "He is falling back! Meeting delayed by two minutes."

Sasuke made hand signs and destroyed the forest with a fire ball. The man jumped into the air and landed in front of them. He was barely Hinata's height. His hair was long and white but his face seemed very young. His eyes sparkled.

Hinata grimed at his sewn together lips. "Konoha ANBU?" He spoke yet his lips didn't move. "I haven't killed one of you before." He bowed. "Thank you for this." He ran blindly at them.

Naruto charged but he jumped over him. "I don't like fighting." The crazed man snickered. Sasuke charged at him. He whipped quickly around the Uchiha. "I told you I don't like fighting." He looked over at Hinata. "Aren't you going to try to fight me too?"

She stood there still. She watched his charka system. It was travelling to the tips of his fingers. She saw him infuse his chakra underground. "Get off the ground!" She yelled jumping into the tree.

He grinned. "You can see my chakra huh?"

She didn't respond. Sasuke was travelling underground. He was going to fuck up the whole plan. Naruto was making his Rasengan. She frowned. This is what he wanted! "What do you want?" She asked quietly.

He grinned. "I just want to have fun." She saw Sasuke grab his leg and Naruto ran out. She sighed. Great, now they were going to die. He looked down. "Oh dear," His chakra gripped Sasuke's hand and pulled him out the ground.

"Sasuke move!" Naruto yelled.

"I can't!"

Hinata watched the man infuse his own chakra with Sasuke's. Naruto slowed down. Hinata jumped from the tree and was instantly stuck. She growled feeling his cold chakra disturbed her own. She glanced at Naruto. "Kill him!" She would have to give her life it's that the case.

He didn't want to fight them because of the odd number. Now that he was immobilized. Naruto started running again. "Not so fast!" He yelled pulling his arms. Sasuke and Hinata gave a blood churning scream. "After they kill each oth-" Naruto smashed his Rasengan into the man's chest.

He watched his hand go right through the man's thin body. He fell to the floor in a pool of blood. He grinned. "I did it guys!" He turned seeing Hinata staring at Sasuke. Sasuke was glaring at Hinata. "Guys?" They ran straight for each other. Naruto panicked. "Shit!"

Hinata hit Sasuke in the chest, listening to bones crack under her hand. Sasuke punched her in the stomach causing blood to drop out of her mouth. Naruto bit his lip. It was like they were zombies. He sighed. "I got it!" He went behind Hinata and knocked her in the back of the head.

Sasuke glared at Naruto. Naruto ran behind him and quickly hit him in the back of the head. They both were just lying there. Naruto crossed his arms. "Now I'm in charge!" He snickered.

He realized everyone was knocked out. "Let's get you two home!" He got two clones.




Naruto, Tsunade and Sakura sat in the room with twin beds. "They should be waking up anything soon." Sakura sighed. "Unless, Naruto killed them."

The blond pouted. "It was this or they were going to kill themselves."

Tsunade crossed her arms. "I wouldn't expect them to be caught so easily."

Naruto sighed. "Sasuke was giving Hinata a hard time. She did say get off the ground." He shrugged. "He doesn't take orders from anyone of lower ranking." He closed his eyes. "The asshole."

"I heard that dobe." They looked at the bed as Hinata pushed herself up. "And you're right, I won't take orders from a pathetic Hyuuga brat."

They all looked at each other. "Hinata, are you okay?"

She frowned. "Wha…" She looked down at her hands. "What the fuck happened to me?" She looked up and touched her throat. "What the hell?"

Sakura stood. "Hinata," She walked over to the girl. "Are you-"

She snatched away. "I don't know what happened but I am Sasuke. Don't touch me."

Naruto snapped his hands. "So if they don't kill each other they will be stuck in the other person's body! That makes sense!"

Hinata clenched her fist and looked over at Sasuke. "Why am I not in my body?"

Tsunade frowned. "It appears that you have switched bodies…"

She rubbed her head. "That pain that I felt before the dobe knocked me out… was me switching bodies with her?"

The Hokage nodded. "Appears so…"

"This is bullshit," She crossed her arms. "Wake her ass up!"

"I don't want to force her up," She frowned. "We don't know the con-" Hinata stood up walking to the other side of the room.

"Hinata, wake up!" She grabbed Sasuke's face.

"Hina- Sasuke stop that!" Naruto yelled.

Sasuke groaned before opening his eyes. He looked into lilac eyes. "Am I de-" He touched his throat.

"You're in my body." Hinata growled.

Sasuke sat up looking at his hands. "No, No, No…" He touched his mouth. "Oh, Kami…" She looked at Tsunade. "What happened?"

"Seems like you two have switched bodies."

Sasuke nodded. "But why?" She covered her mouth. "I sound so SASUKE!" He wiped his face.

Naruto snickered. "Pretty cool seeing Sasuke crying." Hinata glared at him.

Sasuke touched his face. "How do we switch back?"

"I don't really know." She muttered. "I will be quick about it. Be lucky you didn't kill each other."

Hinata scoffed. "We should have, this is fucking horrible."

Sasuke frowned. "Don't make my body say such filth!"

She smirked. "What are you going to do? Hit me? Yourself?"

Sasuke stood up slowly adjusting to his new height. He stood in front of Hinata with a weak frown before raising his fist and punching Hinata in the breast. The girl winced. "I've been getting hurt in that body for years."

Hinata growled. "Didn't know you were such a masochist?"

Sasuke huffed. "You don't know a thing about me, Uchiha." Sasuke turned only to be punched in the face. "This is your face!"

She shrugged. "Not my pain though."

Sasuke's chest heaved. "Please, I want my body back…" He bit his lip looking at the fifth. "I can't stand the man let alone be him."

Hinata frowned. "How do you expect me to live in such a weak host."

"I am not weak! Had you just listened to me on the-"

Hinata raised a hand. "Do not yell at me. Learn your role, Hyuuga. Though I am in your body you still can't not speak to me in any fashion."

Sasuke smiled. "That's almost threating in my body. No wonder I can't get anything done."


"SHUT UP!" Tsunade yelled. They looked at her. "With this switch, we need to start running test now, so stop your fighting and relax until we can fix this."

"Yes." They replied.

Naruto and Sakura were baffled. Hinata was Sasuke and Sasuke was Hinata. Hinata was the dominant one and now Sasuke wasn't the Alpha. Sakura walked up to Sasuke. "Should I call you Hinata or Sasuke?"

Sasuke blinked. "Hinata, what else? I refuse to answer to that name."

Tsunade shook her head. "For the sake of the sanity of our village nobody is to know, besides the rookie nine and your family is allowed to know about this."

Hinata frowned. "What? I have things I must do!"

"Then do them." She bit out. "It sounds so wrong yelling at Hinata…" She rubbed her head. "I suggest that you two keep a low profile. No missions until further notice that is an order."

Sasuke held his head. "This is so crazy…" He bit back a sob.

"Don't you dare cry in my body." Hinata snarled. "Hyuuga, I sa-"

"I heard you!" Sasuke snapped. "I just want to go home." He paused. "Where do I go? I can't go to his house."

"I don't want you in my house."

Naruto rubbed his neck. "I think it's better that way though…"

Hinata rolled her eyes. "Don't you know shit."

"Stop that!" Sasuke hissed. "I do not curse so freely. Respect my body and I will respect yours."

Hinata stuffed her hands in her pocket. "There you go trying to order me around. Learn your role." She sighed. "Give me your keys."

Sasuke watched him. "They are in my left pocket."

"Aa, mine is my back pocket. Do not under any circumstances go through my things. I will know if you do and-"

"And what? You don't know how to fight in my body." Sasuke grabbed the set of keys. "I do not want to go through your things, believe me." He walked out. Hinata shrugged walked behind him.

Tsunade sighed. "Naruto you go with Sasuke and Sakura you go with Hinata."

"Okay, so are you talking about Hinata in Sasuke's body or Sasuke in Hinata's body?"

The older woman smacked her head. Sakura smiled. "It is a good question…"

She looked up. "I am sure they have no idea where the other person's house is. Sakura you go with Hinata's body and Naruto you go with Sasuke's body. They are too stubborn to ask for help."

They nodded before running after them.




Sasuke walked down the dark road with his keys in his hands. Why me? Of all people to switch bodies with why did it have to be him! I already hate looking at him and now I am forced to. I would rather switch with Naruto.

Great, I don't even know where to go! This is so annoying! Why did his house have to be so far away? Wait, does he even live in a house? Kami, I'm lost.

"Hinata! Hinata!" Sasuke turned to see Naruto running up to him. "Oh… I should call you Sasuke, huh?"

"No, please… I'm Hinata."

He groaned. "You're making Sasuke sounds sweet."

She smiled. "You won't hear this often," He looked around. "Where does Sasuke live?"

"On the other side of town. I think you guys are actually neighbors."

He gasped. "We're neighbors and he doesn't think to tell me about mission meetings!" He covered his face. "Sasuke is such a jerk!"

Naruto chuckled. "This is so cool and weird."

He looked over. "Naruto… I am a guy. This is so wrong…" He covered his mouth. "What if I have to pee? I don't know how to pee!" He blushed.

Naruto rubbed his neck. "It's simple, you know?"

"No, I don't know. I have no idea!"

The blond laughed. "So you hold your…." He trailed off. Sasuke blinked at him. "Hinata…."

Sasuke bit his lip. "Hold my what?" His eyes widen. "Naruto, I can't do this."

"I mean unless you just choose not to pee and trust me that hurts a lot." He sighed and patted Sasuke's shoulder. "That's the least of your worries."

He nodded. "You're right."



"Sasuke-kun!" She turned to see Sakura. "Sasuke, are you okay?"

"Peachy." She muttered. "This is her apartment right?"

"Oh, yeah it is."

She nodded and opened the door. "This is bullshit."

Sakura stared at the petite Hyuuga roam around the apartment. She shook her head. This was Sasuke! He was just in her body. "Sasuke, are you going to be okay?"

"Mm." She looked up. "You may go now. I would like to sleep."

She nodded. "But Sasuke, the female body is different and yo-"

Hinata raised her hand. "I do not want to touch her body, Sakura. How dare you think so lowly of me?"

She nodded. "Alright… if you need anything, I mean Hinata is across the street at your apartment."

She turned. "We are neighbors?"

"Yeah," She smirked. "You didn't know."

"This is why I asked." She sighed. "You may leave now, this body is exhausted."

She nodded closing the door.

Hinata looked around. At least she is organized. She walked into her room. I take that shit back. Why are there so many clothes on the floor!? She only wears this damn outfit. Women are so complicated. Why is she so tired?

She groaned and picked a long shirt. "I suppose this is good enough." She sniffed herself. "I need a shower…" She walked in the shower. "She better be taking care of my body." She turned away from the mirror careful not to look down.

There was no way Sasuke was going to be labeled a pervert. He turned on the water and stepped in. "Why are there so many scents?" She picked up one. "There is nothing lavender scented…"

Her eye twitched. "She always reeks of lavender yet doesn't have anything…" She sighed and started washing her new body being careful not to touch anything. "Why are her breast so big!?" She groaned.

"This is bullshit."



Sasuke sat on the couch. Naruto came out of the backroom. "Hinata, you can sleep in his bed."

"Not even in his body." He grumbled. "Naruto, this body stinks…"

"Take a shower."

He blushed. "I can't do that!"

He sighed. "Hinata, you can't sit around in Sasuke-stink. Just... just avoid the scarier parts."


Naruto put up his hands. "Blushing is one thing but the stuttering is a little too weird."

He held his face. "This is stupid!"

Naruto snapped his hand. "I got it! Just transform into your body!"

Sasuke nodded trying it. There was a cloud of smoke. He opened his eyes. "I'm still Sasuke…"

Naruto grumbled. "That didn't work… look, if you really wanna stick it to Sasuke you have to master being him. Nothing pisses him off than losing!" He smiled. "I would like think being a girl is way harder."

He nodded. "It really is…"

Naruto nodded. "And being a dude is simple shit! All you have to do is keep yourself clean, and eat and you'll be fine!"

He nodded. "I'll go take a… shower."

He smiled. "Great, I'll see you tomorrow," He walked to the door. "Sasuke is across the street if there are anyway problems."

Sasuke nodded. "Thank you Naruto-kun."

"Dude…I mean Hinata, that's just weird." He closed the door. Sasuke bit his lip walking into the bathroom. He pulled off the armor and playing with the hem of his turtle neck.

"This is so weird." He mumbled pulling up the shirt revealing lean, slightly tanned muscles. He blushed and turned away. "I can't do this!" He slid on the floor. "No, I have to!" He stood back up refusing to look in the bathroom.

He pushed down his pants. He covered his face and got in the shower. "I can feel it!" He squeaked pressing his forehead to the wall. He sighed as warm water poured over his body. He had to admit not having breast felt different and not as tiring on his back. He grabbed some soap. Sasuke has sensitive skin? He giggled.

After finishing he wrapped a towel around his body. He almost screamed seeing Hinata sitting on the bed with a long shirt and sweatshirt. "You almost gave me a heart attack!" Sasuke held his chest.

"Stop being so girly."

He frowned. "Sorry…" Like that was easy thing NOT to do.

She shrugged. "I only came to check on the status of my body." She sighed. "Why do you have the towel like that?"

He looked down at the towel at wrapped securely around his body. "This is how I wear my towel."

"You are in my body, we don't have breast," She stood. "Put it around your waist like a man."

He shook his head. "It's weird." She stared at him calmly. He frowned. "I don't like your body…"

She smirked. "Did that sound like a question?"

He blinked. "No."

"Do it before I do it for you."

Sasuke crossed his arms. "I haven't did anything to your body so just go away."

"This is my home."

He smiled. "I am in your body, Sasuke…" He gripped his towel. "Technically this is my home."

Hinata raised an eyebrow. "First of all, don't make my body smile."

"It hurts to anyway…" He mumbled.

Hinata rolled her eyes before grabbed the blue towel from the man. "This wasn't up for discussion." She rewrapped it around his waist. He, out of habit, covered his chest. "Stop that and put on clothes."

"I am!" He yelled. "Did you… take a shower?"

She nodded. "I didn't look at your body, if that's what you're thinking." She watched the man sigh lightly. "I don't like your body."

Sasuke eyes snapped to her then back at the pajama pants. "Could you just go now…" He mumbled pulling them up over the towel.

Hinata chuckled. "Did I hurt your insecure heart?"

Sasuke pulled a shirt over his head. "Sasuke, could you not?"

"Your body doesn't like being cold, it's annoying." Hinata pulled up her sweatshirt enough to expose her stomach. "Would you call this baby fat?"

Sasuke frowned. "Stop it."

She shrugged. "I'll just have to work out in this body. No wonder you're so tired all the time."

Sasuke frowned. "Sasuke, stop it!"

"Oh I hurt you?"

Sasuke clenched his fist. "You are so heartless, I hate you." He turned. "I can't wait to be back in my body so I can change squads." He walked towards the bathroom. "I rather die than being a part of anything with you." He walked into the bathroom closing the door.

Hinata smirked before sitting on the bed. "You make things to easy, Hyuuga." She muttered to herself.




Author Note: I think that is pretty different… I hope so! I also hope that I didn't confuse you so much. Just remember they are switched. I know I shouldn't be starting a new story until I finish the other ones but I couldn't resist. I always wanted to do this. So please, tell me how I did! Review!