First Seduction

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Warning: Contains Incest! Ye be warned!

The air was stifling. It had been a long, busy day and now the forge felt like an oven. Even the cool evening breeze and setting sun did not help. Thorin Oakenshield sighed heavily as he began to put away his tools. All he wanted was to go home and relax with his pipe and a cold mug of ale. He was splashing cool water on his face from the wash basin when the bell that hung above the door chimed.

"I'm closing up, you'll have to come back tomorrow," he said gruffly, not bothering to turn around.

"It's only me, uncle," a familiar voice said softly. Thorin smiled as he turned around.

"Kili lad, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be home by now?"

"My lessons ran late. Mister Balin lost track of time."

Thorin chuckled as he dried his face, "Balin is known to do that, more often than not, I'm afraid. I'm just about to leave, we'll walk home together. You can tell me what you learned." He turned and removed his heavy leather apron, tossing it over his work bench. When he turned back, Kili had crossed the room and was standing very close to him. His cheeks were pink and he seemed very nervous. "Kili, are you alright?"

Without warning, the boy leaned forward and kissed his uncle on the lips. Shocked, Thorin did not react and stood motionless. The kiss was clumsy and Kili seemed unsure what to do. He pulled away and looked at Thorin with wide, almost frightened eyes.

"Kili, what are you doing?" Thorin managed to rasp. He felt his heart begin to race and a burning in his loins. Over the years, as his nephew had grown from a child into a tall handsome stripling, Thorin's feelings had changed for the boy. He often thought of Kili's lean frame, his long dark hair, so much like his own. Occasionally he would dream of his nephew, writhing beneath him in passion, or looking up at Thorin as he took his cock into his mouth. Thorin would wake up painfully hard. He didn't understand why he had the feelings and swore to himself that he would never act on them. But now…

The dark haired prince stared at him for a moment, biting his lower lip, before he found his voice. "I-I want you." His voice rose slightly at the last word, making it sound almost like a question. When Thorin said nothing Kili continued, voice quivering, barely above a whisper. "I want to be with you, uncle, in…that way." He cast his eyes to the side as he finished, the blush rising to his cheeks anew.

Thorin couldn't believe what he was hearing. Kili was hardly more than a boy, surely he didn't mean this. And even if he did, how could Thorin take advantage of such innocence to slake his own lustful desires?

As Thorin wrestled with himself, Kili brought his hand up to the older dwarf's chest. He traced the neckline of Thorin's tunic and looked up at him through long dark lashes. His first attempt at seduction, Thorin thought as nimble fingers weaved through his chest hair, and it is working.

"Do you know what you're asking, lad? Do you know what this means?" His breath was coming in short, shaky rasps. Kili stilled his hand and raised his chin.

"Yes," he answered quickly, then glancing down admitted "no, not exactly. I know I want to be with you, I want to be yours. You're all I think about, all I want. Please, uncle." The boy stepped closer and tilted his head expectantly. His lips were slightly pouty, begging to be kissed.

Thorin remained unmoving until the youngling breathed "please" again, this time against his lips. He lost all composure and wrapping a thick arm around his nephew's waist, pulled the boy flush against his chest. He crushed his lips to Kili's, pushing his tongue inside the warm, inviting mouth. Tangling his free hand in the dark silken tresses, he pulled Kili even closer, nearly lifting the boy's frame off the ground. Thorin's head was a swirling chaos of jumbled thoughts and emotions. Part of him said that he should stop while another part dared him to try. And at the same time he felt both depraved and that he'd never been more right about anything in his life.

Before he realized what he was doing, Thorin was slowly walking them to the room in the back of the forge. It was small and mostly used for storage. He quickly stripped off both their tunics after closing the door. There was a pile of furs and leather on the floor and he pulled Kili down onto his lap on top of them. It is hardly an appropriate place to ravish such a beauty as this, Thorin thought. Kili should be taken on a plush bed of pure white silk, but this would have to suffice for the time being.

Kili straddled his lap and wrapped his arms around Thorin's shoulders. His dark eyes glittered and the king could feel the excitement radiating off his young body. Thorin kissed his way down the boy's neck to his collarbone, nipping at the sensitive skin along the way. He couldn't resist biting Kili hard on the shoulder, marking his young lover. The pained cry from Kili's lips was delicious, and Thorin felt very lecherous for thinking so. He sucked an earlobe into his mouth and was rewarded when the prince ground his hips against Thorin's.

He brought his hands to Kili's breeches and began unlacing them as Kili traced the muscles of Thorin's back. Once the breeches were loosened, Thorin slid his hands inside, cupping the muscular swells of the younger dwarf's backside. He pulled them apart slightly and slipped one hand into the crevice, tracing the small ring of muscle with a fingertip. Kili whimpered and bucked his hips against Thorin's. His uncle kissed him deeply again and wrapping his arms around the boy's back, flipped them quickly so that Kili was lying under him on the furs. The dark haired prince looked both shocked and impressed by the quick movement and tried to wrap his legs around Thorin's waist.

The older dwarf pulled away and sat up on his knees. Kili gazed at him in confusion until Thorin began removing his boots. When Kili's boots were off, next came his breeches. Thorin inched them down slowly, but he could not say if he was teasing the boy or himself. He took a moment to stare at Kili, now totally bared before him. His skin was supple and flawless, and like his face, was almost devoid of hair. His muscles weren't thick and bulky like Thorin's or his brother's, but lean and sinewy, most likely due to his age. His arousal lay hard against his abdomen, leaking clear fluid from the head. He stared back at his uncle without shame but with a look of need in his obsidian eyes. Thorin picked up one of Kili's feet and placed a small kiss in the soft spot below his ankle. He slowly slid his hand up the calf to the knee, trailing soft kisses behind. Kili's breath hitched as his uncle kissed further up his leg to his hip.

Thorin rose and settled himself between Kili's legs. Supporting himself on his elbows, he leaned forward and brought his face close to his nephew's. "Are you sure this is what you want, lad? There'll be no turning back." He breathed the words against Kili's lips as he began unlacing his own breeches.

"I'm sure, uncle," Kili replied with resolve in his voice. "Please, take me, make me yours."

Thorin laid two fingers against Kili's lips. "Suck," he commanded, "get them good and wet." The younger dwarf pulled the fingers into his mouth and sucked them seductively, swirling his tongue between them and gently scraping the digits with his teeth.

Thorin's cock began to ache at the sight and feel of his fingers inside that beautiful mouth. He pulled them away and quickly claimed Kili's mouth with his own, kissing him deeply. Bringing his saliva slicked fingers down to the tight little hole, Thorin traced the entrance before nudging one inside. Kili sighed softly against Thorin's lips. After a couple thrusts, he added a second finger and the small whimper that escaped the younger dwarf's lips was intoxicating. Kili was tighter than anyone he'd felt before and Thorin knew that it would take more than saliva to make this possible.

He pulled his lips away from his nephew but kept his fingers in place as he gazed hurriedly around the darkening room. Surely there had to be something that would make a suitable lubricant. His eyes finally fell on a small pink tin filled with a sweet smelling balm. He had purchased it from a travelling peddler last month and had intended to give it to Dis on her birthday. It would have to work.

Stretching up, Thorin reached the tin and brought it down. He removed his fingers from Kili, who hissed in discomfort. When he opened the small container and the scent rose up to his nose, Thorin was struck with the strange irony of the situation: He was using the gift he'd gotten for his sister to fuck his sister-son. For a moment Thorin thought about stopping, but then Kili reached out and ran his fingers through Thorin's thick chest hair, and the older dwarf quickly forgot his previous thought.

He coated his fingers in the thick balm and prepared Kili again. Then he slathered a liberal amount onto his own aching cock. "Pull your knees up, lad," Thorin whispered as he took his throbbing arousal in his hand and positioned it at the young dwarf's entrance. Kili obeyed, resting his thighs on his stomach and staring at Thorin in anticipation. His young face looked both aroused and nervous.

Thorin pushed in slowly, carefully observing his nephew's reaction. Kili's brow was furrowed and he was biting his lower lip but he made no noise. Thorin couldn't help but feel pride in the boy's stoic determination, for Thorin Oakenshield was not lacking in girth or length. Once he was fully sheathed inside the blindingly tight heat, he stayed still for a moment to allow Kili time to adjust to the intrusion. When he felt the muscles begin to relax around his cock, he withdrew and pushed in again, Kili winced and gasped softly.

"Tell me it's too much, tell me to stop," Thorin rasped as he stilled his hips. Both dwarves knew from the darkness in his voice that it was meant as a dare more than anything else.

"Please don't stop, uncle," Kili whispered back and Thorin knew in that moment that he couldn't even if he had wanted to.

He moved his hips forward and once fully seated inside again, Thorin leaned forward and kissed the boy's lips. "Mahal, Kili, I've wanted this for so long," he growled against the dark prince's mouth. He began a slow and steady rhythm, feeling the sweet virgin hole open up more for him with each thrust.

Thorin picked up his pace when Kili began to pant and undulate beneath him. The young dwarf let go of his thighs and wrapped his arms around the king's neck. He began to buck his hips in time with Thorin's thrusts; it was nearly the older dwarf's undoing. Thorin could feel the searing heat of his approaching orgasm and snapped his hips to hit Kili in the spot the boy didn't yet know existed. The dark prince keened beautifully as Thorin touched that little spot over and over, tangling his fingers in his long raven hair. Thorin grasped Kili's weeping member and stroked it swiftly.

It only took a few strokes before the young dwarf climaxed with a sharp cry, throwing his head back and arching his body against Thorin's. After a couple more deep thrusts the king followed, moaning gutturally into the darkness. He stayed inside the tight heat, savoring the last waves of his orgasm until his member began to soften.

Pulling out gently, he rolled to the side so as not to crush Kili beneath him. He picked up a piece of cloth from the pile they laid on and wiped the seed from the boy's belly. Thorin kissed his forehead and cheek softly; he tasted faintly of sweat and something that could only be described as Kili.

"Did I hurt you, lad?" He whispered as he stroked the long column of Kili's neck, noting the place where he'd bit the boy already starting to darken into a bruise.

"No, uncle," Kili leaned up to kiss Thorin, this time with more confidence and skill. Again, Thorin felt a swell of pride for his nephew. Oh course the lad learns quickly, he's an Heir of Durin, he thought smugly.

"Come, let's get you home before your brother organizes a search party," Thorin winced at his own words as he helped Kili to stand and find his discarded clothing. This will take some getting used to.

The two walked home in companionable silence, fingers entwined. Just before they reached the house, Thorin pulled the dark prince close and kissed him deeply. He wanted to say something, how much Kili meant to him, how he would always be there for the boy, how he wanted to throw him down and take him again. But no words would come. Kili stared at him for a moment as if reading his uncle's thoughts. He smiled in a way that said he understood what Thorin couldn't say.

Reaching up, the boy tugged one of Thorin's braids a little harder than his uncle expected. He turned and walked into the house, tossing a glance and wink over his shoulder at the older dwarf seductively. Thorin watched as he disappeared into their home and for a moment couldn't move. The world had changed tonight; it would never be the same again. And from that moment Thorin Oakenshield couldn't remember how life had been tolerable before this night.

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