"You know.. Makoto used to say you were a shark. But you're really just an angry dog."

Rin raised one eyebrow but his smirk didn't falter. "Are you saying I could hurt you?"

"No. I'm saying you're about as threatening as a chihuahua."

The lack of care in Haruka's voice made Rin even angrier and he clenches the fist laid on the counter he is leaning on. Haruka's eyes twitch toward it and the sudden twirl in his iris tells Rin he wants to say "told you". The redhead growled, then took a step forward so he was closer to the silent swimmer. "Why don't you think I'm threatening?"

It was apparent Haruka was having trouble not smirking at the desperation in Rin's voice. He so dearly wanted to be the strongest and fastest and hearing the boy he wanted to beat more than anything say he didn't think anything of his strength was entertaining to watch.

"Because you aren't." Haruka answered simply. He stood off the stool he had been seated on and left his drink on the counter. "Like I said before. You're just an angry dog."

Rin narrowed his eyes dangerously. Outside the small kitchen, the sounds of the other people were becoming overwhelming even as most of them were beginning to leave for the night. Haruka glanced back at him and tipped his head as if to say "well?" And Rin scoffed with a shake of his own. "People get scared when they see my name adjacent to theirs on the racing board. I can make any of them shake just by looking at them!" He rushed at Haruka and pulled him forward by the front of his shirt until they were nose to nose. "But you-Why aren't you afraid?"

His voice rang but luckily it was loud in every other room of the house. Haruka blinked and downcast his eyes without saying anything. The taller boy shoved him with a jerking motion and pushed his back against the door of the pantry.

"Answer me!" He demanded shortly. "Why don't you care?"

"Are you sure you're still talking about swimming?"

Rin was stunned for a moment. It was long enough for Haruka to get out of the grip and move toward the door. "Rin, I don't see any reason to fear racing you, nor do I fear you in the pool or out. You really couldn't hurt someone. Also I don't care for my time, if that's what you want to know. It doesn't matter to me if we race and I lose." His eyebrows furrowed slightly and his set stare spoke of a challenge. "I go with it...because-"

The thud that rang through the house just then sounded akin to a hammer being thrown at a wall. Rin stepped over Haruka and glared down at him as he lay on the ground now; eyes noticeably wider than they were before. "How about now?" Rin growled with a point of his chin toward the position they were in. "You think I couldn't have done that?"

"I'm not hurt." Haruka pointedly replied.

The tall boy clenched both his hands and shifted weight to jab his left foot into Haruka's side sharply. A slight wince appeared on his face but he didn't make any sound. Rin was growing frustrated and it showed terribly. With the next ram of his foot he rolled Haruka to his stomach and then bent down to pull him up by the back of his collared shirt and used the momentum to throw him back against the counter opposite where they had been drinking just minutes before. "Do you think I'm not threatening now? I just hurt you at least three times." He hissed between his teeth. His voice was low and deadly but not scary, although Haruka decided not to say that.

"..." Haruka met his old friend's eyes and watched him carefully. "You...have only hurt me once."

Rin's eyes sparked with interest. "When was that?" The curiosity was lathered over the question and thinly concealed.

"When you left."

"...For Australia?"

Haruka nodded curtly. The look that replaced the surprise on Rin's face was a mix of things Haruka couldn't decipher, although by the way Rin had looked away from him he assumed some of them were conflicting with each other.


Haruka awkwardly blinked and his eyes darted from Rin to the pictures on the wall behind him. "Who's house is this?"

Rin raised an eyebrow as he slowly crossed his arms. "I dunno. Someone from my team."

Haruka remembers now why he was here and sighs briefly. Hopefully Makoto, Rei and Nagisa weren't causing too much trouble. Rin leaned forward slightly like he was trying to remind Haruka he was there and cleared his throat. "Why did it hurt you when I left?" His voice was considerably softer and Haruka glanced at him quickly just to make sure he wasn't making that heartbroken face again like after the shopping incident.

"...Why do you want to know?"

Rin rolled his eyes. "Can't I just be curious?"

Haruka shrugged. "Well, a... Member of our team was leaving. Sure I'd be upset. We were friends back then."

Now Rin looked really surprised. If the lighting hadn't been so red and black (Samezuka colors... Figures.) he might have sworn that Rin was blushing, but it was impossible to tell currently.

He took a deep breath and shut his eyes, looking like he was about to dive; and then spoke again.

"Get on the counter."

Haruka blinked. "What?"

"You heard me."

The black haired swimmer opened his mouth to talk again but was interrupted by a sharp glare from the other boy with him. Carefully, he reached back and lifted himself up so he was sitting on the edge of the counter. Rin approached him slowly and contemplatively eyed his body. Haruka shifted under the gaze, still confused about what was going on, but figured Rin would explain. He usually did.

When Rin finally reached him, he put his hands on Haruka's knees and stared up at him (now a few inches taller). He looked like he wanted to say something but he didn't, and Haruka had no idea what to say, so it stayed quiet for just a bit longer save for just outside the kitchen where both their teams and some other stragglers were partying still after the tournament.

"Haruka I kept swimming so I could come back here."

"For the Olympics." Haruka filled in. "I know."

Rin scoffed again and pulled Haruka down by his hair; surprising the black haired boy. "No. For you."

The next moments were blurred as Haruka found their lips meeting off and on in a rough and heated kiss that barely hid the passion Rin was concealing beneath his ruby coloured eyes. Both the tanned boy's hands tangled in the short black hair of the seated one and forced him to stay in their lip lock. Haruka sucked a harsh breath between bites without pulling away-almost literally taking Rin's air by the close proximity. It would have been a lie to say Rin was anything but an amazing kisser would have an understatement; for he was far better than that even. Of course, Haruka had nothing else to base it off of but if the spinning in his gut was anything to go by, he had no doubts about the skill of his companion.

"Rin.." Haruka gasped when the redhead finally pulled back. Their eyes met and he tried not to blush at how earnest Rin looked; how eager his hands seemed to be as they worked slowly to unbutton his shirt and toss it aside. How they caressed his sides and one made a tease of playing with his nipple. The smaller male gasped again and screwed his eyes shut with a slight toss of his head to the side. Oh. That wasn't how he had expected that to feel.

Rin's lower hand returned to his knee, then slid up his thigh to his crotch to palm his slowly growing erection. Haruka swallowed unsteadily, shakily; nervous. He didn't dare open his eyes for fear of caving in to that sweet look of endearment and desire Rin was no doubt wearing. So they remained shut even when his pants were unbuttoned and ungracefully pulled down to his knees. Rin was tall enough that Haruka knew what he was up to, but that did nothing to calm the fire that seemed to have ignited within his veins. The fire to consume Rin-

And be consumed.

The sounds of the party drowned out the sounds of their kisses and laps at each other's lips like dogs starving for water. Rin was aggressive and dominating and made sure Haruka knew who was in charge-not that the black haired boy was arguing. He was quite enjoying the feel of Rin's hands running down his back and his fingers probing at his entrance hungrily as the muscles sucked them tightly. His teeth caught Haruka's lips several times and by the time they pulled apart again his lips were beginning to be stained bright red. The redheaded boy straightened his posture and managed to compose himself-for the sight was a welcome and appealing one he had to admit, but that didn't mean he had an interest in harming Haruka on purpose.

Haruka was panting and flushed and looked so vulnerable Rin forced himself to look away. "Haruka..." He gasped, mostly to himself. His tone was slightly scolding as he pushed the swimmer's thighs apart and pressed between them with a rotation of his hips that sent vibrations through his cock. Haruka moaned at the contact and weakly fell back against the wall; arching his spine. Their hips moved in circles together, sometimes harder and others faster. But each one made Rin feel like he was about over the edge, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

His hand grasped the band of Haruka's underwear and pulled them down swiftly to free his lower body and allow the ruby eyes to take in the sight before him. He smirked and shattered any doubt Haruka had had.

"Haruka," he whispered. "You look like you're in pain..." His thumb stroked the swollen tip of Haruka's erection and he watched the pleasure react on his partner's face. "Does this hurt?" His hand squeezed harder around the appendage. "You want to release, right?" Now he leaned down to kiss his neck and mark his chest several times. "You're throbbing and I can tell you're near the end..."

Haruka bit his lip carefully and finally opened his eyes to look at Rin. The taller boy was still grinning and still had a hand wrapped around the base of his cock; making him desperate for relief with how close he was. "Rin.." He moaned softly. That got the shark's attention. "Rin, I'm..." His voice broke with embarrassment. He had no idea how to say this. Rin leaned forward and gently teased his tip some more, before biting his neck affectionately.

"I know." He murmured seductively. "I know.. You don't have to hold it in..."

Haruka trembled and quietly moaned, tucking his head in against his chest. His companion continued to stroke him tightly; until just moments later when he felt Haruka's cum slicking his hand's movements and he finally stopped to watch Haruka's reaction as he too noticed his orgasm had come, and was panting hard.


Rin moved to kiss him again, only to be interrupted by loud thudding footsteps coming down the hall.

"Haru-chan!" An over excited voice squealed. The redhead jumped back and nervously headed to the doorway; where he met Nagisa and ensued a brief attempt on the blonde's part for conversation. Haruka recognized that Rin was covering for him while he got dressed. He did so as discretely as possible, then emerged like he had come in from the door leading to the back porch. Rin looked at him with his usual glare (although he appeared notably more aroused) and Haruka pushed by him to usher Nagisa, Rei and Makoto out of the house; trying to figure out what had happened in the kitchen.

A shoulder shoved into him as the other three were nearing the exit, and Rin glared down at him for just a second. His lips opened but Haruka only just caught what was said before the tall swimmer's hand threw him from the house by the collar of his shirt. Haruka stumbled to regain his footing and turned to watch Rin as he flipped up his hood and headed off in the opposite direction. Haruka took his leave, and joined his friends at Makoto's car nearby- but his head was echoing the promise Rin had made.

"Later. We'll finish."