The drive home was awkward.

Haruka hid his face in his jacket sleeve; hoping none of the others would pay him much attention. Nagisa bounced around and pestered Rei from the seat behind him. Makoto tried to drive and adjust their music player simultaneously. And Rei was slapping Nagisa's hand every five seconds.

Okay, maybe it wasn't so awkward.

But Haruka felt like all three of them could just tell what had happened in the kitchen earlier and he was still red faced; trying to not walk like he had a slight erection (thinking about the events weren't exactly harmless after all).

"Hey Haru-chan!" Nagisa cheered, leaning over to drape himself across his black haired friend. Haruka flinched; trying to discretely hide his lap. "Where did you go during the party?"

"Pool." Haruka retorted simply. "They said we were free to use it."

Nagisa made a face like he should have known better. "Well you should have invited us! We could have kicked their butts again!"

"Maybe not a smart idea since we were in their house..." Makoto noted with a grin.

"AW." Nagisa sat back into his seat and pouted with a huff resembling a five year old. "I guess so."

"Makoto." Haruka interrupted, leaning forward to put one hand on the back of his friend's seat. "I need to go home. I have some stuff to do..."

Makoto looked at him curiously but didn't say anything else, and just nodded as he swiftly adjusted lanes for their new destination. It didn't take long to get where they had been headed; Makoto knew the way by heart from any direction, and since it was late he didn't pay too much mind to speed limits. A bad example for Nagisa, really. Kid already drove like a psycho.

Outside Haruka's house, Makoto walked him to the door casually. The black haired swimmer cleared his throat as they stopped at the entry way and he slipped off his shoes as nonchalantly as he could manage, even as his heart was pulsing with nervousness.

"Want me to stay and help for a bit?" Makoto asked. Leave it to him to make just a drop off complicated.

"I'm fine." Haruka muttered. Makoto smiled and nodded briefly before backing out of the house.

The smaller boy sighed and waited until he heard the car disappear, and the music faded out in the distance to put his shoes back on. He left the house once more-very surprised to find it was lightly raining-just enough to be annoying. He resisted from making a face, breaking into a light run to reach the stairs nearby. They looked slippery from the top, so he slowed, and then hopped down them as quickly as he could. His face was burning still from the blush he had withheld the whole way home, his body aching with the fire to feel Rin again. To touch him, and...

His pulse momentarily fluttered when he realized what exactly has been implied. What Rin was suggesting would happen.

Somehow, it didn't disgust him as much as it probably should have.

He hadn't noticed how fast he was walking until he glanced up and spotted a very familiar landscape that made his stomach turn violently.

Reaching for the doorbell he saw how much he was shaking; slapping himself mentally at how stupid he was being. There was no reason to be nervous! No reason to be afraid-

The moment the door opened all his thoughts flew out the window. Rin's hand pulled him in faster than he thought humanly possible and suddenly they were on the wall just inside with their lips and bodies pressed together. Haruka stared wide eyed at his red haired counterpart, bewildered and astonished at such a move.

"Ri-" his voice was cut off as his lips were bit and his hips were taken hold of roughly. He gasped when they made contact and he could feel Rin's body-or more precisely, feel his enjoyment of Haruka's. The taller swimmer's hipbones were sharp and defined and made a point of grinding against the other boy's stomach.


The name was whispered in such a hushed tone Haruka wasn't sure he heard it. But his body responded and he laid his head back willingly as Rin began to devour the skin present.

It was clear now the shark-toothed teenager had hardly any patience left. He gripped Haruka by the elbows, but didn't release his teasing on his neck as they moved up the stairs to his bedroom. Haruka stumbled a few times but merely laughed and helped him on carefully.

Haruka opened his eyes just long enough to infer the general appearance of his friend-rival's room before his back was on a mattress and Rin was pressing down onto him slowly. Their bodies melded together, with ease and a preciseness that sent Haruka's gut into a spiral. Hands wormed under his shirt and began to play with his skin by dragging nails down his sides, and with Rin's teeth also marking his collarbone he shuddered and gasped loudly. The redhead growled possessively and made short work of both their shirts, moving to undo Haruka's pants just as he had moments before at the party. His fingers were barely touching Haruka's half-ready cock, when he heard it.

"Rin? You here?"

Rin froze too, pressing a hand to Haruka's chest to keep him from bolting upright. His eyes darted toward his left; as if that would help him see the door over his shoulder, and aside from their restrained breathing the house was now silent. Haruka's heart was pounding now with added anxiousness. What would Kou do if she did see them?

He tried not to think about it.

Footsteps came up the stairs and finally a knock was on the door. Rin cleared his throat. "What is it?"

"I'm heading to bed." Kou answered sleepily. "I wanted to wait until you were here in case you needed a ride back."

"Okay." Rin grunted. His eyes were blazing with annoyance and impatience.

Haruka waited until the footsteps had retreated and her door shut before relaxing. Rin turned back to him with a sudden smirk that made him tense again.

"Guess we'll have to be quiet." Rin whispered suggestively against his partner's lips. He let out a breath onto Haruka's ear, causing the shorter boy to give a soft, airy moan. "Would you like to choose how so?"

Haruka narrowed his eyes carefully as Rin perched atop him. That smirk.. That same damn smirk he found so attractive..


Rin laughed under his breath and stood off the bed with one foot. He reached over, under the mattress, and felt around for a moment before returning with a rather long strip of black cloth. Haruka raised an eyebrow.

"Why do you have that on hand?" Part of his voice was a bit michevious, and the other plainly curious, but nevertheless he couldn't hide the small percent of jealous slime over it.

"It wasn't originally for this." Rin snorted. "It just happens to be the only thing I can use for this." His hands make short work of gagging the black haired boy under him and then leaning back on his haunches to admire his work. "You know..." He murmured. One of his fingers went back to stroke the original target, and Haruka moaned, muffled. "You look good like this."

Haruka shifted to show he was tired of wasting time, but Rin apparently wasn't. He began to slowly tease Haruka's cock and carefully removed it from the clothing covering it, to start stroking it rather roughly. Haruka jerked and gasped as he fought to keep himself silent even though he knew the gag would do most of that.

Rin removed his hand without warning and suddenly that same hand was rubbing around Haruka's otherside; circling his entrance lazily while the owner of that hand leaned on his opposite elbow and stared at Haruka. The smaller boy battled between showing his pleasure or not, wondering if his blush was growing or if he was just hot; and trying not to shove his body toward the touch. Rin stopped and kissed his cheek lightly; teasingly.

"What's that face for?" He cooed. Haruka hadn't noticed he was glaring until then, but he relaxed the face now. "It isn't my fault you're showing such eagerness."

Haruka wanted to ask how, exactly, but decided it would be a waste of time given he was gagged. Rin moved on from the subject and instead his focus turned back to the hand at Haruka's entrance. His fingers were probing him rather harshly, but still the black haired boy couldn't get his body to hold steady instead of responding so whorishly to the attention. Rin chuckled low in his throat and took one of Haruka's nipples into his teeth to tug on, his digits finally pressing past the initial opening and into the tight confines of his body.

"Ah-!" Haruka gave a weak moan that made his knees quake around Rin's hips; and the redhead scoffed as if he was teasing the boy under him.

"You're so easy." He whispered. Haruka's eyebrows furrowed at the comment. The context he couldn't quite understand-though no doubt it was some kind of sex referal-and he cringed at the phrase itself. Rin continued to finger him for only a few more thrusts before they were removed and suddenly something else was touching Haruka. Half of him assumed it was Rin's own cock, given how warm it felt, and the other half hoped it wasn't.

"I'm going in." Rin gasped. Haruka gave a weak nod.


"Ah!" Unprepared, the initial thrust made Haruka's back arch off the bed and his mouth gape open. It wasn't anything like he had expected. Wasn't sex supossed to be amazing? All he felt right now was discomfort...

Rin moaned quietly and grinned down at Haruka predatorily. He started a steady pace of in and out of Haruka beneath him; and the black haired boy turned away to avoid having to see it.

He gasped painfully, clenching his hands around the sheets at his side like that would help, but it didn't and he only continued making sounds that he couldn't distinguish between good and bad. Rin maybe couldn't either, because he scowled and started moving his hips more gently.

"Ri...n," Haruka groaned, opening his eyes slowly to meet the red ones he knew were watching him.

Rin leaned down and nibbled his earlobe. "Yes?" His body didn't stop and his voice was so breathless Haruka almost forgot why he called his name.

"Feels weird..." He muttered around the gag. Rin gave a harder thrust and he winced, biting his lip.

"It'll be better. Ready?"

Haruka gave a helpless nod. Rin shoved himself in the rest of the way and drew himself up to his full kneeling height before he started a faster, rougher pace than previously. Haruka choked out a moan and arched up, moving to meet the pushes eagerly. Well now he was seeing the pleasure.

Maybe because of all the foreplay, or because he hasn't done this before, but Haruka felt himself growing tense in his stomach and his legs started to shudder as he fought to contain it. Rin was making sounds of contentment; animal like noises that made the smaller boy writhe.

"Haruka-" the redhead gasped. "Inside?"

The shorter swimmer swallowed down a mewling sound, feeling his eyes roll back as a new sensation washed over him. God- Rin was hitting the perfect place-

Their bodies both grew taunt, Rin stretching back to allow himself to shoot deep inside of his rival. Haruka came at the same time with a loud moan that would have been easily heard had he not been gagged.

They remained that way for only an instant before Rin collapsed on top of Haruka; supporting himself on one elbow and playing with the black sweat and rain drenched hair. "Haruka..." He panted. Their breaths mixed heavily between them, as the cloth was finally removed from Haruka's mouth.

Haruka moaned lazily when Rin slid out and fell beside him on the bed with one arm drapped across his stomach. Neither of them spoke; as if that would ruin whatever had just happened and they would return to cold and cruel apathy. Haruka's chest ached at the thought.

Rin kissed his temple and drew his tongue up his ear. Haruka looked at him curiously. "Will you stay?" Rin asked softly.


The word made them realize this had actually happened, for no reason that they could tell. And yet the lingering comfort between them spoke volumes and each knew in his gut his reason for agreeing to this.

"Rain is cold." Rin responded; his voice harsh once again. And Haruka felt stupid for thinking this was love.

He turned away instead of answering. Rin smirked almost sadly.


I know it was super rushed but it is like two weeks late so ahhhhhh xL