Grey's Anatomy does not belong to me. Sadly.

Denny had a heavy heart as he looked back into the hospital. He hadn't gotten the heart transplant. But not only that, there was that Doctor Stevens. His time with her had been cut short as well with the fall out from the other heart and that bothered him more than one might expect.

He looked back through the glass windows and doors, getting a last look and smile out of her before that Alex guy began chatting her up.

Denny shook his head, laughing at the jealous bubble that struck him once more. It was crazy. He was flirty but he never thought in a million years he'd actually have a chance with that beautiful doctor, but that didn't mean he didn't wish for it.

In time, almost as much as he wished for a healthy new heart.

That Karev guy seemed like a douche to him, but then again that could just be the green-eyed monster flaring up. He thought Izzie deserved better though. And if he had the chance, Denny knew he'd be more than happy to be just that.

He hoped he'd have time. Even if just to pass the time with a happy thought in his heart and mind.

And who knew. Maybe if something came up, good or bad, maybe he'd see her again soon.

That was always another thing to plan for. To look forward to.