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Sweet Home, Hillwood


Dreaming of Mistakes we Made

She was running as fast as she could, gigging uncontrollably as she trailed behind the boy who held her hand, as if clinging to it for dear life.  It was what she had dreamed of for so long… she couldn't help but feel giddy at a time like this.  The cool evening air kissed her face as she ran against the wind, wherever he was leading her.  Eventually they came to a stop where she paused only briefly to catch her breath.  She threw off her shoes, feeling the smooth white sand beneath her feet.  He had taken her all the way to the only lake in the city with actual sand.  God only knew how far they had run from the bus stop that had taken them to this part of town.

"Well?" He asked.

"It's beautiful!" She replied, her blond hair whipping in the wind.

"I knew you'd like it." He said, taking her hand.

"Why'd you do this for me?" She asked as he led her closer to where the small waves lapped against the shore.  There was a rock that stood much like a pilling that they managed to climb onto so the water crashed beneath them.

"Simple reason." He said.

"Why's that?" She asked.

"I love you." He replied.

She smiled, that giddy grin she had worn the whole way here.  "I love you too."

He leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips.  This had not been their first and most certainly not their last. "Promise me something." He said.


"Promise me that when we grow up, we'll get married." He said seriously.

She smiled again. "I promise."

He took her hand and together they watched the stars as the water lapped quietly beneath them.

Slowly, she woke from the dream- well, flashback with a sigh.  That was one promise she knew now that she should have broken, but that part of her life was over and thanks be to God for that.  Mistakes were to be learned from and never repeated.  The clock on her nightstand read 5:30am.  She slowly threw off the cotton sheets and lush down comforter as she stepped out of bed.  Technically she had a half hour of sleep left before she needed to get ready, but all traces of sleep were gone from her body.  Her satin pink pajamas clung to her slender figure as she stood, the crinkle of static electricity sounding as she pulled them from her skin, again fitting loosely.  She stepped into her matching slippers and entered her black and white marble bathroom where she ran the shower and attempted to clear her mind of any memory from the dream.

"Look around, Helga." She told herself.  She saw a marble bathroom, complete with exquisite fixtures, a lush white bedroom, small but perfect kitchen and a luxurious living room complete with black leather couches and an expensive entertainment center.  All of this inside her custom penthouse suite.  "This is what you want."

This confirmed, she stripped and stepped into the shower, confident in her lifestyle.  Who wouldn't be if you were the top fashion designer in the city?  A smile crossed her lips as she thought back to the days of PS118.  "Let's talk fashion now Miss Rhonda Wellington Lloyd."

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