Not the owner of Grey's, I just like to play with the characters.

Denny had seen a glimpse of her just a short time before, walking through the halls in a rush. He had no idea who she was or if he'd get the chance to see her again, but for some reason he really wanted to. He kept an eye out, feeling his heart speed up just a small bit at every lock of blonde hair to pass him by.

But then she entered the room. Her along with a group of others.

Denny couldn't help the smile that started curving on his lips. Or stop the flirtatious words that soon followed when she was asked to speak about him.

It did its job though, making her smile, even blush a little. Bonus points in amusing that Doctor Bailey, even though she did her best to hide it and scold him, telling him to let the poor blonde girl do her job.

So he sat back, let her do her job.

And as she did, he'd never been more thankful for his failing heart, or more upset by it.

Thankful for it brought him here today, which sounded crazy. But more upset today for his impossible organ too, for another insane reason, almost all in the same. This one girl, this young woman.

He could only hope his charm would win her over.