I decided to try something new for my I guess you can say genre is stories. Sure, there will be drama and romance, but I'm kind of going for more humour and friendship and it will not be focused ALL on Bade/Beck/Jade. Read in the description for the future pairings. This story is also AU.

I Do Not Own Victorious

They were probably four when the four girls first met. It was in Miss. Kyle's classroom the first day of Junior Kindergarten. Caterina Valentine (otherwise known as Cat) was the first to arrive on the bright and sunny day. Her mother had dropped her off, before rushing off to go to her brother's appointment that was starting shortly.

Cat immediately caught sight of the dolls near the corner of the room. She rushed over to them and picked a Barbie with a fish tail and a red hair. Cat squealed when she realized who the Barbie was. "Ariel!" she shrieked as she looked at the doll from her favourite movie 'The Little Mermaid'. She started dancing the doll around and making her swim.

Tori Oliver was the next to arrive. She spotted Cat and walked over shyly. "Hello." She said shyly. "Can I play with you?" Cat smiled at the girl. She nodded excitedly, before picking up another near doll with blonde hair and a pink outfit. "Okay! Here! You can be her!" Tori accepted the doll from Cat and smiled gratefully. "I'm Caterina! But everybody calls me Cat!"

Tori sat down beside Cat and smiled. "Nice to meet you, Cat! I'm Tori!" She introduced herself. The two girls began to play together as they soon heard footsteps and looked up to see Trina Vega her hands on her hips. She sat herself down. "I'm playing with you." She said to them then she smiled. The other two girls just shrugged and handed her a doll with brown hair. "You can be her." Tori offered.

Trina shook her head before taking the doll Tori had and switching it for the one Tori had given her. "I will be this dolly. You be that one. Oh and I'm Trina." She pointed to the doll Tori now had in possession. Tori just went along with it, not bothering to make any corrections. The three girls played peacefully until they saw a angry little girl stomp up to them. The angry little girl was known as Jade West.

"Hi!" Cat smiled at the angry girl. "Want to play dolls with us?" Jade looked from Cat to Tori to Trina. Then she looked at the dolls and shook her head. "No, dolls are stupid." The three girls gasped and Trina pointed a finger at Jade.

"You said a bad word!" Trina shouted. Jade simply rolled her eyes. "Stupid isn't a bad word."

Cat shut her eyes tightly and put her hands to her ears. "Stop it!" she pleaded. Jade sighed. "Okay, but let's play something else. Let's make arts and crafts!" Jade suggested. The three looked at each other before getting excited and dropping the dolls to the floor and jumping up. The four girls ran over to the arts and crafts table. "Hey, what's your name?" Tori asked Jade, who had failed to mention her name.

"Jade." She said simply as they sat down in their seats. Jade's eyes made contact with the kids scissors and her hand reached out to grab it. After it being in her grip, she started viciously snipping away at the paper. Cat did something different and grabbed a pink piece of construction paper and a red crayon before starting to draw hearts all over the paper. Trina grabbed a piece of paper and started scribbling all over it with different kinds of crayons. Finally, Tori decided to make a picture of her and her mother. When the four finished, they all compared pictures.

"I like mine the best." Jade smiled proudly at the piece of paper that had been damaged by various cuts all over the page. Trina shook her head, shoving her piece of paper in Jade's face. "Mine is. Mine belongs in those art thing-ys that mommy and daddies go to."

Cat disagreed and shoved her paper in Trina's face. "Look at mine! Mine has pretty hearts around it." She smiled. Tori sighed and put her piece of paper down. She shook her head. "They are all good!" Tori said. The other three girls sighed. "I have an idea!" Tori said. She grabbed another piece of paper and grabbed a green crayon. She divided it into four sections. She thought about putting their names down, but she only knew how to write her and Cat's name, since Cat was like the animal.

"What are your last names?" Tori asked them.

"Valentine. Like Valentine's day!" Cat giggled.

"Mine starts with a V, too!" Trina grinned at Cat. "It's Vega."

"Mine's West." Jade told Tori. Tori nodded. She sounded out the letters before labelling the four sections. The first section was labelled 'T.O' for Tori Oliver. The one beside it was labelled 'J.W' for Jade West. The one under it was labelled 'C.V' for Cat Valentine. Then finally the last one was labelled 'T.V' for Trina Vega.

Tori put the paper in the middle of the four of them. She pointed to her section. "We all draw in our spots. Look, I put the first letters of my first and last name, because that's my spot." She pointed to Jade's section beside it. "That is Jade's spot." Then she pointed to Cat's section. "That is Cat's spot." Then she pointed to Trina's section. "And that is Trina's spot."

Tori explained it carefully to them again, so it would be perfect and they wouldn't mess up. After explaining it, she drew something, then passed it to Jade, who after passed it to Cat, who then passed it to Trina when she was finished. When they were all finished, Tori held it up so everyone could see. "They all looked at it proudly.

For Tori's section, she drew a picture of her house. For Jade's section, she continued to snip away with scissors. Cat's section showed her 'best drawn' red velvet cupcakes. Finally, Trina's section had still remained with scribbles. "This is really, really good!" Tori smiled. Then she bit her lip, thinking it needed one last thing.

She grabbed an orange crayon and wrote BFF in the middle of the section divider. "What does BFF mean?" Cat asked curiously. "It means 'Best Friends Forever'." Tori explained. She set the paper down and held out her pinky. "Want to make a Pinky Promise?" Tori asked them.

Jade shook her head. "No, that is stupid." She stated. Then bit her lip when she asked, "What's a pinky promise?" Tori giggled. "When you join pinky fingers and make a promise that you always have to do! Forever!"

The girls considered it for a moment, before shrugging and nodded. They all joined pinkies the best way they could. "When I say three, we all say BFF's forever!" Tori explained to them, their pinkies still joined. The girls nodded along. "One! Two! Three!"

"Best friend's forever!"

The girls remained close for a number of years. They did everything together. They did everything from sleepovers, to shopping to getting their nails done (after pleading for Jade to come). They were all inseparable. Until middle school, in the sixth grade, the girls started drifting away from each other. Trina went into the mean popular girl crowd, Tori went into the nicer popular girl crowd, Cat went with the more bubbly and exciting people and Jade preferred to be by herself or sometimes with Andre helping him with his music he liked to write.

Then in eighth grade, they got in a small fight that ended their friendship. "Want to come over for a sleepover at my house tonight?" Cat had gathered them all together at lunch. "We could bake red velvet cupcakes!"

"Why don't you ask your overly energetic friends?" Jade said sarcastically, her arms crossed over her chest. She guided to Olivia and Lily Coles, now close friends of Cat, who were busy giggling two tables away from them.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Cat said defensively, her eyes pricking with tears. Tori sighed, glaring at Jade for upsetting Cat. She turned back to Cat and placed a hand on her shoulder. "She was just wondering why you didn't ask them. Anyways, sorry, I'm kind of busy tonight, Cat. Maybe Jade and Trina can join you." She looked hopefully at Trina and Jade.

Jade shrugged. "Sorry, not sorry. I'm helping Andre out." Cat looked hopefully at Trina, who didn't seem to care as she inspected her painted nails. Trina glanced up for a moment before going back to her nails. "Yeah, I can't. Sarah and I are going to get our hair done." Sarah Tanner was one of the meaner girls and Trina's new best friend.

Tori looked regretfully at Cat. "Well, maybe another day, Cat." She said to her. They were all about to walk away, when something just snapped in Cat.

"We aren't best friends anymore!" She blurted out. The three girls turned to her, shocked that she would actually be one to realize that. Cat regretted what she said, but knew she had to continue. "I want to be. But we don't talk anymore. When was the last time we had an actual sleepover? With no one having to go home early and us having an actual good time? I think it was fifth grade. I want things to be the way they were before."

Jade, Trina and Tori looked at each other. Neither of them dared to speak for a moment, scared to break poor little Cat's heart and tell her the cold-heart truth. Finally, after a long moment of silence Jade spoke. "You're right. We aren't best friends anymore. Let alone friends. We're just growing up. We're all different people and have different interests. It's better if we just don't talk anymore, so none of us get more hurt, okay?" Jade looked at her former friends. Cat looked upset, Trina acted like she didn't care and Tori sucked in a breath. Jade nodded her head towards them before walking away.

None of them spoke to each other after that day.

First day of senior year, Tori Oliver was happy to wake up. It was her senior year and as the most popular (and nicest) girl in school, she was bound to get homecoming queen, when the homecoming dance came of course. She practically jumped out of bed and got dressed, did her hair and make-up and made her way downstairs. There sat her twin brother, Beck Oliver, eating a bowl of cereal. They didn't look much alike, but they were twins. He swallowed his cereal before smiling at her. "Happy senior year," he announced.

Tori laughed a little as she poured herself some cereal. "Happy senior year," she repeated to him. "Are mom and dad already at work?" she asked him. Beck went over to put his bowl in the sink. "Yeah, they are."

Tori poured in the milk afterwards before sitting down at the table. "So, Mr. Ladies Man," Tori smirked at her brother. "Do you already have a wish list of girls you would like to ask to homecoming?" Beck laughed as she began to eat her cereal. Beck was definitely in luck with the ladies. Beck had no trouble finding dates when he wanted one. He never had a serious relationship before, though, probably because he figured girls only really cared about his looks.

"We didn't even start senior year yet and you're already thinking about homecoming?" Beck raised an eyebrow. Tori shrugged, "Got to prepare to be queen, right? That's especially if I want to beat Trina."

Trina and Tori were now rivals. Tori was the nice popular girl, Trina was the mean popular girl. Everyone didn't like Trina, yet she always one homecoming queen. Tori was determined to beat her this year. "You'll get her this year." Beck reassured her. Tori sighed. She sure hoped so.

Once at school, Tori was greeted by her two best friends, Erica Huston and Ally Monarch. "Hey, hey Tor!" Erica and Ally said in unison. Tori greeted them with a warm smile. "Hey girls," she greeted them. Beck trailed in behind Tori, the girls instantly smiling flirtatiously at him. "Hii Beck!" they attempted to say flirtatiously. Beck smiled politely as they batted their eyelashes.

Beck went in front of them and passed Trina and Sarah who were glaring at Tori and her friends. "They are such amateurs!" Trina crossed her arms over her chest. Sarah smiled at Beck as he passed, making Trina smack her arm to get her to focus. "Sarah!"

Sarah shook her head. "Sorry!" She apologized. Then she glared at Tori and her friends. "Yeah, they are such amateurs. They don't deserve to even be half as popular as us." Trina looked at her in agreement. "Darn right she doesn't. Come on, Sarah. Let's get to class." She marched off and Sarah followed her.

Jade watched Trina pass her and Andre in disgust. She thought Trina and her attitude was revolting and she hated when Andre brought up the fact that they used to be friends, along with Tori Oliver and Cat Valentine. Jade leaned against the locker next to Andre as he shut his locker. "So, Senior Snow White-" Andre was interrupted by Jade glaring at him. "Don't call me that." She snapped. Andre just chuckled.

"So, Jade, what's your first class?" he asked her. Jade shrugged her backpack off her shoulder and took out her schedule. She scanned the piece of paper. Before she could answer Andre, his newest friend, Beck popped up beside him. Jade scowled as they stood beside each other. Andre and Beck's parents were super close and went on a trip to Cuba in the summer for three weeks. Andre and Beck became best buds and Andre and Tori even were friends now.

"Hey man," Beck greeted Andre. Andre greeted him with a head nod, before Beck noticed Jade. "Jade? Jade West?" Beck smiled at her. Jade pursed her lips and crossed her arms over her chest. The last time she remembered talking to him was at a sleepover at Tori's house in the fifth grade. She didn't want to associate with any of the Oliver's after they all had stopped being friends. "I haven't talked to you since, what, fifth grade?"

Jade rolled her eyes and ignored Beck as she turned to Andre to answer his previous question. "Anyways, my first class in Drama." Jade said. Andre frowned a little. "Ah, that sucks. I have drama after lunch, right now I have Math." Andre told her. Jade sighed, "Whatever, I can just-"

"Wait, you take drama? That's my first class, too. With Mr. Sikowitz, right?" Beck asked her. Jade was irritated by him just talking to her. What time has Jade ever allowed him to talk to her? Jade glared at him. "I'll see you later, Andre." She said, while still glaring at Beck. After a moment of more glaring, Jade moved past back and walked away.

Beck looked confused. "Did I do something?" he asked Andre. Andre sighed, grabbing him by the shoulder and leading him away. "It's sort of a long story."

Meanwhile, Cat stood at her locker, trying to get her combination to work. She pulled many times, but nothing seemed to work. "Urg! Stupid combination!" Cat struggled to open her locker. She then caught her 'bad word' and gasped, letting go of her dial. "No! I'm sorry Mr. Locker Combination. I didn't mean to say that."

She heard a fake chuckle behind her and turned around. There stood Robbie Shapiro, school nerd, with his puppet by his side. "The combination doesn't have feelings, fool!" The puppet laughed. Cat looked at the puppet offensively. "Robbie! Tell your puppet to stop being mean to me!" she ordered. Robbie looked at his puppet.

"He isn't a puppet! But, Rex that's it! I'm not taking you to lunch today!" Robbie told him. "Sure you will." Rex said. Robbie took Rex off of his hand and stuffed him in his backpack. He looked to Cat apologetically. He and Cat became friends in freshman year, along with Olivia and Lily. Robbie had complimented Cat on her newly dyed red hair and then tutored her in her Spanish classes, where they had become friends.

"Sorry about Rex, Cat." He apologized. Cat frowned. "It's alright, Robbie. Can you help me open my locker, please?" she asked him. Robbie nodded and took a hold of the dial. "What's the combination?" he asked her.

"Five-three-eight," Cat told him. Robbie turned the dial then waited for a couple seconds before swiftly opening the locker. "They don't open right away." Robbie shrugged. "Like I told you ever single year."

Cat giggled as she put in some books she didn't need. "Oh, yeah, I forget over summer break." She admitted. "Thank you Robbie."

"No problem." He smiled at her. She got the books she needed, before closing her locker and turning back to Robbie. Robbie scratched the back of his neck nervously. "Hey, Cat, so, I've been meaning to ask you-" Robbie was interrupted by Olivia and Lily bouncing up.

"Hi Cat!" They said in unison. They didn't notice Robbie beside Cat as she grinned at them and gave them both a hug. "Hi Olivia! Hi Lily! How was New York?"

Olivia and Lily were both originally from New York and went there every summer to see family. "It was really fun!" Olivia gushed. They went on about who they saw and the Broadway shows they went to as Robbie sighed and slipped away, leaving them to chat about the twin's trip. He took Rex out of his backpack and placed him back on his hand.

"You got rejected foolio!" Rex laughed. Robbie frowned as he walked to his locker. "She didn't reject me. I didn't ask her out because we were interrupted."

Rex made a muffled noise. Robbie made a pout and opened up his locker. He was about to put Rex in when Rex stopped him. "No! Don't put me in the locker!" he pleaded. Robbie rolled his eyes and put Rex in the locker anyways. He grabbed the books he needed and closed his locker. Tori passed him and sighed. "Don't talk to puppets, Robbie. It isn't healthy." She said as she walked by.

She turned the corner and saw Andre waiting for her outside the Mr. Wheeler's classroom. She smiled at him and walked up. "Hey, babe," he leaned in to kiss her. She stopped him with her hand and looked around. "Andre, someone could see us." She warned him. Andre sighed.

The two had been secretly dating since the end of their trip to Cuba. Tori wanted to keep it a secret because she was popular at school, therefore could only date popular guys. Sure she was the nice popular girl, but doesn't mean she could date lower social guys. Since Andre was best friends with Jade, he was considered an outcast, even if he hung out with Beck. Andre agreed, only because Jade would probably kill him if she found out that he was dating another one of her arch enemies. She was already on edge about them being friends. "Sorry, Tor, let's just get inside the classroom, okay?" Andre asked. Tori hesitated. Andre frowned, "Oh yeah. I'll go inside in a couple minutes. Ladies first." He gave her a cheeky smile. She returned the smile and walked inside the classroom.

Trina caught her gaze from the back of the classroom. Trina glared at her and Tori returned the glare. She sat at the front of the classroom (as the A student often did) and looked back to glare one final glare at her before turning to the chalkboard. The bell rang and Andre walked in the classroom on cue. He sat near the middle of the classroom as Tori tried not to catch his gaze.


Lunch rolled around and the cliques began to reform from last year and years before. As for Cat and her two friends, they didn't have a particular clique. They didn't care about being popular and popular students didn't seem to care much about them. They usually sat with Robbie or the new kids. Today, they went over to sit beside Robbie. Robbie sat with Rex and Sinjin. "Hi, Robbie and Rex, how was your first day so far?" Lily asked. Sinjin looked sort of hurt. To spare feelings, Cat jumped in. "You, too, Sinjin! How was your first day?"

Sinjin perked up. Before Robbie could talk, he went in to explain. "I only got thrown in the garbage can twice! I can say it's been a pretty good day so far." The girls nodded slowly before looking at Robbie to explain.

"It's been okay," Robbie shrugged. He then met eyes with Cat. "Oh, so, Cat. I was wondering if you would like-" Once again he was interrupted. This time he was interrupted by the famous Trina Vega. She stood on top of the main popular girls table and placed her hands on her hips. "Attention, everyone!" she clapped her hands together. "I have exciting news!"

The students looked at Trina intently. It was true, whenever Trina had exciting news, she did. "In celebration of senior year, I am throwing a party! All are invited except for..." Trina stepped down from the table. She walked over to Robbie's table. "You five..." Rex cleared his throat. Trina rolled her eyes. "Six." Then she walked over to Jade's table. She sat with Andre and rolled her eyes as Trina approached. "You two..." Then she walked over to Tori's table and smirked. "And Tori, you're not invited."

This is what Trina did. Had parties and didn't invite her past three best friends, Andre or the nerdy kids. She walked back up on the table. "The party is today at seven!" the cafeteria cheered. The lunch lady tried to quiet them down. Tori frowned as she looked to her friends and brother who sat at their table.

"It's alright, Tori." Beck reassured her. He gave her a small smile. "None of us go to Trina's lame parties anyways." He looked around at the table. "Right, guys?" The entire table avoided eye contact. Tori sighed and took a bite of her salad. "It's fine." She managed a smile. Erica rubbed her shoulder. "Sorry, we just go to...find out the gossip and make sure positives things are said about you!" Erica told her. Tori just nodded her head. She knew she was lying they went because Trina threw amazing parties.

Tori saw Beck glance at Andre and Jade's table. "I'm going to go sit with Andre. See how his day was." Beck said. Their friends didn't know why Beck hung out with them, but didn't question it. Beck got up and went over to Andre and Jade's table. Tori wished she could go and sit with them, too.

Jade glared as Beck sat down beside Andre. He offered her a smile, but she just looked at Andre. "Why is he sitting here?" Jade snarled. Beck just chuckled. "He has a name." Beck said. "It's Beck, if you didn't remember."

"How could I forget?" Jade said sarcastically. She literally heard his name every second of the day from his 'fan club' which was every girl in the school. Andre looked to Beck. "So, what brings you to the table?" Andre pats his back. As Andre and Beck engage in a conversation Jade stands up with her tray. Andre takes notice and looks up to her.

"Where are you going?" Andre asked her. Jade grips her tray tighter. "If I wanted to be ignored, I would've sat with Mr. Big Shot's sister." She refers to Beck who puts his hand up in mock defence. He looks at her with a cheeky smile. "Come on, we sat so close to each other in drama class! Remember it was me on one side of the room and you on the other." Beck jokes. Jade is clearly not impressed and rolls her eyes as she turns around to start leaving and go to a different, empty table when her tray smacks into someone's designer shirt. She hears a shriek and Jade's sky blue eyes dart up to meet Trina Vega's brown ones.

It seems as if the entire cafeteria looks to Jade and Trina. Trina's fists clench and she starts yelling at Jade at the top of her lungs. "You gank!" she shouted. "You destroyed my designer top!" Jade rolls her eyes, as if she's being over dramatic. She takes a napkin and hands it to Trina. "Whatever. Wipe it off."

The entire cafeteria gasps. "Wipe it off? Wipe it off?" Trina's screaming is like nails on a chalkboard. "It's lasagne! Lasagne!" Trina scans the cafeteria before looking at the table across from Andre and Beck's. She grabs a fistful of a boy's spaghetti and throws it as Jade. Jade gasps and clenches her fists, about to lunge at Trina. "NO!"

The little redhead rushes up to Jade and holds her by the waist. She tries to push her away. "Let go!" Already angry enough, once Jade pushes off Cat she grabs a girl's saucy pizza and throws it at Cat. Cat yelps as it hits her chest and soon Tori came up. "Guys stop it!" she says as she gets in the middle of Jade and Cat. Trina attempts to throw someone's soup at Jade, but Jade sees her and dunks. As she dunks the soup flies over her and it hits Tori. Tori gasps and turns angrily at Trina. "You're going to pay!"

Soon it turns out to be a full on food fight between the four girls. The cafeteria watches as if it's a wrestling match and soon Principal Helen bursts in the scene after being brought in by the lunch lady. "You four!" Helen points at all four of them. They all freeze in their positions. Tori is on Jade's back and has a fistful of her hair, Jade is in mid action about to throw a hamburger at Trina, Trina has her hand tightly gripped on Tori's wrist and Cat is holding onto Trina's leg. Each of them is covered head to toe in everything from pasta to different types of meat.

"Come with me." Helen inches her finger forward. The girls all let go of each other and slowly follow Helen to the principal's office. Helen orders them to wait outside and the girls sit in the waiting room, split away from each other.

"This is all, your fault," Trina speaks up. She is glaring at Jade and Jade looks up to glare back. She crossed her arms over her chest. "You need to get over the fact that it was an accident." Jade shoots back. "Don't you have like a million more designer shirts just in your locker?"

"What, are you stalking me, Jade?" Trina shoots at her. Jade looks at her confusedly, as if that was supposed to be a good comeback. Cat decides to speak up.

"I think it was Jade's fault." She says quietly as she plays with her fingers. Jade narrows her eyes at her, daring her to continue. Cat bites her lip. "You did throw pizza at me...for no reason." Trina looks triumphantly at Jade, who sticks her tongue out at her. Tori clears her throat, bringing attention to herself. "I think it was Trina's fault."

And soon enough, they all burst into screaming. They're all yelling at each other and accusing each other. Helen steps out of her office and groans. "Hey! HEY!" She shouts over them. They instantly quiet down and look at Helen. "All of you, in my office. Now."

She goes back inside her office and one by one the girls go inside the principal's office. They sit down in the four seats. "How did this all start?" she asks. The girls all stare at each other for a moment before, snapping their heads towards Helen and all starting to yell out accusations. Helen looks frantically from Jade to Trina to Tori to Cat. "OKAY! One at a time!" She silences them. She looks at Jade. "You, go first."

"I was trying to walk to another table and I accidentally dumped by tray on Trina." Jade explained simply.

"It was on purpose! And it's just because I didn't invite her to my party!" Trina accuses.

"Why would I want to go to your stupid party?"

"It's obviously because my parties are amazing."

"I wouldn't want to go to one of your parties if my life depended on it."

"What a lie."

"STOP!" Helen sighs. "What happened after that Trina?" Helen tries to remain calm, rubbing her hands over her face. Trina straightens her posture and places her hands in her lap. "Well, after Jade purposely dumped her lasagne on me, I said nicely why she did that-"

"No, you didn't!" Cat shook her head. "You were yelling at her and called her a gank."

Helen raises an eyebrow. "What's a gank?"

Tori walks over to Helen and whispers something in her ear. Helen gasps and looks to Trina shocked. "That's not true!" Trina lies as Tori sits back down. Cat continues speaking anyways. "So, after Trina called her that, I grabbed onto Jade so they wouldn't hurt each other. Jade got really mad at threw pizza at me."

"Is that true?" Helen looks at Jade. Jade frowns and crosses her arms over her chest. "Yes." She admits. Helen then looks at Tori. "How did you get mixed in with this Tori?"

"I was going to stop the fight when Trina threw her soup at me." Tori explained, shooting a glare at Helen. Helen sighs and leans back in her chair. It's silent for a moment. Finally, after minutes of silence, Helen sits up. "Okay, so what I was thinking is all of you go to detention for two weeks."

Tori's eyes widen. She sits up straight and shakes her head. "I can't! I have never gotten detention before!" she shakes her head. "That can't start today!"

Jade rolls her eyes. "Of course, Little Miss Perfect." Jade glares at Tori and Tori glares back. Helen rubs her forehead. "You didn't let me finish."

The girls look at Helen curiously. "I was going to do that when I realized you would all be trapped in a room together alone. So, you four are going to start working on the homecoming dance this Friday." All the girls except Cat are in shock and anger.

"I wasn't even going to that stupid dance!" Jade protested.

"I'm going to be nominated not working on this dance!" Tori said in disbelief.

"And I'm going to win homecoming queen, not work on all the decorations and work and stuff!" Trina whines.

"Yay! Dancing!" Cat says cheerily, clapping her hands together. Helen looks at them all satisfied. "Sorry, that's my decision. Don't worry, you won't be alone, others will be helping out. Now call your parents to bring you new clothes and clean yourselves up."

Jade narrows her eyes before stomping out of the office. Tori huffs and marches out of the office. Trina puts her hands on her hips and struts out. Then Cat skips out of the room, actually excited about decorating and helping plan the dance. Helen sighs, wondering if she made the right decision.

This is kind of flip flopping but I wanted you to get a feel for the characters and not just Jade, Tori, Cat and Trina. Tell me what you think. Please don't be rude, though.