Another little flash for Sinful Sunday. The word prompt was "Ragtime girl" and the picture was a lovely black and white of a woman with her hands in her panties. I blushed. ;) To see the prompts and other awesome entries, google "Rebecca Grace Allen Sinful Sunday week 43"

Word count: 200

"If want to sit there and watch me diddle myself, it's copasetic. But you know, I'm a ragtime girl, and I got bills like everybody else. It'll cost you a fin, same as nookie."

The quiet man nods his head, twirling his fedora in his hands, trying to hide his horny stick.

I sit on the table next to him, swiveling his chair so he's eyelevel with the Promised Land.

He's bluenose, for sure. Uppity on the outside, dirty little pervert inside. They like to be teased so they can hold on to their morals by not touching.

I drag my fingers from shoulder to shoulder, opening the silky robe wider. The backs of my fingers follow the slope of my breast, arching as I squeeze my nipple, barely hidden by my open peignoir. He adjusts himself.

I use my foot to nudge his grip from the arm of the chair and rest it there while I trace imaginary shapes on the triangle above my center.

His eyes widen as I spread myself more.

He squirms when I dip into my knickers.

The wet sounds from my plunging fingers is all it takes for him to bolt for the door.

Thanks for reading. :)