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Natsu of the Dragons


The bustling town of Magnolia was filled with crowds of people. Merchants stood at the sides of the roads, calling out to the natives doing their shopping and tourists visiting the infamous town. But, a certain group walked around the stands, looking intrigued by every single thing they came across.

A redhead stared at a window full of cakes and other desserts with an awestruck look as a blue-haired man tried prying her away from the window to join the others. Five small cat-like creatures were floating above a stand that sold differently bright coloured fish. A man half naked was looking at clothes being sold while a blue-haired woman stood next to her, blushing at the proximity between them. A large man with unruly black hair stared intensely at iron being sold at another stand, as if he was trying to keep himself from eating it. A young girl with blue hair in pigtails laughed as a light blonde man stuffed his face with every possible meat being sold as a dark-haired man sighed in embarrassment as the vendors had mixed looks of disgust and astonishment.

The last two members of the group together, holding each other's hands. One, a man with pink hair, looked around him in astonishment as they walked through the streets together. The blonde woman beside him laughed as a warm look in her eyes glanced around her former home.

"This is amazing Luce!" the man yelled. His onyx eyes glancing quickly from the stands on the streets to the park to the various small homes lining the roads. "There's so many people!"

The blonde laughed, "Well I'm glad you're liking it as much as everyone else." Her brown eyes glanced behind them where their family was taking in the sights of the town.

They along with the group have been travelling around Fiore for the most of the month, going to town to town. Looking at the ports, the lush forests and fields of crops in the countryside, all while picking up odd jobs as independent mages to pay for their travels.

"Did you hear what happened earlier this month?"

The pair turned their heads slightly, glancing at a couple of older females gossiping at the fruit cart.

"Yes! Near Rosebud Town, yes?"

"There's been rumours of dragon sightings there! Can you believe it? Dragons!"

Lucy pursed her lips in a comedic fashion as Natsu coughed louder than the norm. They both glanced at each other with a guilty look. Their group were technically the reason why rumours were spreading around. Lucy told those idiots not to land in Fiore as dragons.

"Our group's full of idiots, ne Luce?"

The blonde ran here hand through her golden locks, "You got that right."

"What d'ya say Flame Head?" the stripping dragon asked, making his way over to them with a water dragon clinging to her arm.

"Calling you scaly freaks idiots, Stripper," Natsu said. Crossing his arms over his chest, Natsu glared at his best friend. "Gotta a problem?"

Gray ran his hand over his arm, rolling up an imaginary sleeve. "You bet I do, Pyro!"

"KYAA! Go Gray-sama!" Juvia yelled.

"DO I HEAR FIGHTING?!" The two boys stopped, gripping each other's shoulders in their grasp. The redheaded dragon marched over to them with a pile of boxes filled with sweets and a pair of legs following her.

"Nope! We don't fight, right Natsu?!" Gray yelled loud enough to grab the attention of everyone around them.


A sweat-drop appeared on Lucy's forehead as Erza reprimanded her mate and his best friend. A tug on her sleeve brought her to look to her side, expecting to see Wendy. But found a younger girl with dark green hair pulled back in a braid. A face-splitting smile appeared on the blonde's face as she bent down to pick up the child.

"ASUKA!" Lucy yelled, making her travel companions stop arguing with each other. Lucy began rubbing her cheek against the chubbier cheek of the girl in her arms. "I MISSED YOU!"

"Lushie!" the girl laughed out.

As Lucy pushed the girl away to hold her at arm's length, Natsu came over and threw an arm casually on his mate's shoulder.

"You know her Lucy?" he asked.

The others started surrounding the Celestial Dragon Slayer as she nodded excitedly.

"She's from my old guild here in town, I always looked after her when her parents went on missions." Lucy put the girl down and knelt in front of her. "Asuka-chan, this is my family." Lucy pointed to each other the dragons, introducing them to the girl and telling her their powers and finally at Natsu, "And he's my mate, Natsu."

At their introductions, each of the dragons said hello to Asuka. Natsu grinned at the girl, obviously connecting with the child with their child-like manner.

"The dragons that Levy talked about?!" the little girl yelled, drawing everyone's attention once again.

The blonde immediately covered the girl's mouth, shushing her. "Yes Asuka-chan! But you have to keep it a secret, ne? Or else they'll have to go away."

"And you'll go with them?" The girl's voice quivered, almost sobbing.

Lucy flashed a side smile, "Yeah, and I was planning to stay for a while!"

"OKAY!" Asuka stood tall, saluting to the blonde. "Asuka will keep hush-hush."

Lucy, Natsu, and the dragons laughed at the girl's cute determination.

"The kid's loud Bunny Girl," Gajeel said, looking over Natsu's shoulder. "Is everyone like that at this guild of yours?"

"You met some of them, remember?" Lucy said. The blonde picked up the girl and held her in her arms. The girl latched herself on to Lucy's neck. "And those were the mild-mannered ones. The ones that were still at home are a little more-"

Lucy was interrupted by a loud resonating explosion coming from southeast of the town near the coast. Flying in the air were a bunch of spinning tables. Lucy smiled at the familiar sight as Asuka laughed, the rest of the group gapped at the sight.

"Must be Master again, ne Asuka-chan?" Lucy asked, smiling at the girl.


"H-Hey Luce…"

"Hm?" The blonde turned around to see her family pale and stoic in their faces. "What's wrong with you guys?"

"Are you sure we're ready to meet this guild?" Natsu asked.

"A-Aye…" Happy let out.

Lucy laughed, managing to detach herself from the little girl in her arms. She held her up and placed her in Natsu's arm. The girl began smiling largely and giggling as she began playing with Natsu's scarf.

"You guys will be just fine," she assured them. "Especially you Natsu."

Prior to being in Magnolia, Natsu was walking on eggshells. While a lot of the others had gone to the world beyond their island, Natsu had not. He was curious about everything they past from bars to farms. But he was also careful, far too careful, almost avoiding every human that they came across in the first week in Fiore. Natsu was extremely worried on how Lucy's other family, the one she had known longer for, was going to react to her new family, a family made up of dragons, Exceed panthers, and a single fellow member of her race.

Natsu's eyebrows scrunched together, not believing her words truly. She smiled softly, nodding her head to the girl in Natsu's arms. He looked at Asuka, she looked back at him with her large eyes and smiled at him.

"Ne, are you a dragon too?" she asked. Her eyes had a spark of curiosity and admiration.

Natsu grinned, "Of course! And not just any dragon, I'm a fire dragon!"

Gray laughed, "Please! You wish Flame Head!"

"Hey! I'm so too a dragon!"

Lucy laughed before standing on her tiptoes to place a kiss on her dragon's cheek. "Of course you are, My Dragon."

Natsu grinned at his mate before placing Asuka on his shoulders and taking a stance with one hand on the girl's leg and the other pointing towards the explosion's direction. "Let's go! Lead the way Asuka!"

Happy landed on the girl's head, pointing his paw in the same direction as Natsu. "Aye!"

Asuka giggled before pointing in the same direction as the other two and mimicked Happy, "Aye!"

Everyone laughed except for Wendy, who had a finger on her chin. Jellal, who was heaving from carrying Erza-only-knows how many boxes of sweets, noticed the younger dragon's concerned look.

"Something wrong Wendy?" he asked, making everyone turn to the two blue-haired dragons.

"I was just wondering," Wendy said, turning to Lucy, "Lucy-nee, how old is Asuka-chan?"

"I think four, why?"

Wendy answered her calmly with a straight face, "Why is she in the middle of the city without her parents?"

Everyone's faces turned into white poker faces except for the girl in question, who was trying to grab a blue Exceed's ears.

{Line Skip}





"WILL YOU GUYS SHUT UP?!" A blonde man, tall and buff, raised his head from the cooling surface of a wooden table. "I'm nursing a freaking hangover and I definitely don't need to hear everyone yellin' blood-"

The simple whack on the head by a certain white-haired barmaid shut him up. The man glared at the perpetrator only to receive a deadlier glare from a pair of sapphire blue eyes. The man turned back to his table, mumbling something about crazy demon woman.

The woman sighed, "Every time Laxus. Cool it will you? Asuka-chan's missing-"

"Again, I know Mira." That earned him another whack on his throbbing head. "OW! Stop hittin' me Woman!"

"You could've dropped the again Laxus."

The guildhall of Fairy Tail was in a complete mess. Tables were turned, brooms were missing along with Max. People were doing one of three things: 1) Nursing major headaches, thanks to the prior night's party; 2) Still sleeping; or 3) Turning the guild upside down looking for a certain green-haired little girl. Fortunately for them, Asuka's parents were on a mission. But that didn't lift the threat of bullets being shot at them when they came back to find their daughter, the first Fairy Tail baby, missing.

A petite blue-haired woman sat at the bar, her head banging on the bar top. A short white-haired girl sat on her other side, running a hand through her hair. Both having tired looks on them from waking up and diving straight into a hunt in the guild.

"I don't think that we recovered from the last time Bisca and Alzack found out that Asuka fell on the sidewalk that one time," the white-haired girl said. "Imagine what they'll do when they find out that she's missing."

A purple aura loomed over the blue-haired girl. She stopped banging her head on the bar and turned it to look at the other girl. Fake tears ran down her face that was slowly changing to a shade of purple.

"I don't want to think about that Lisanna…At least not right now."

Lisanna laughed, it was a mixed of a nervous and crazy laugh. "Yeah Levy. Look at Master right now. I think he's wetting himself."

Master was in a corner of the guild on his knees. His hands were clasped together against his forehead and he mumbled words quickly under his breath, either praying to find Asuka or for a quick and painless death.

That's when the door slammed opened, making everyone cringe in fear. They were here. The two sharpshooters of the guild had come back home early, always a fear in this situation, and now the doom came closer.


That…wasn't what the guild members were expecting. They were expecting a 'Where's out Asuka?' or 'Asuka! Mama and Papa are back!'.

Levy, curious of who had just entered, raised her head. Other than Bisca and Alzack, no one else in the guild was out on a mission.

Who came home? Levy thought as she stood up, looking at the doors. Her question was answered when she caught sight of blonde hair.

"LU-CHAN!" the bluenette practically screamed as she left the bar, making a beeline for the blonde.

"Levy-chan!" Lucy stood there with open arms for her fellow bookworm and best friend.

"LU-CHAN!" Levy was now sobbing and when she reached Lucy and was wrapped in her arms, snot and tears ran down her face in a comedic fashion. "WU-CHWAN!"

Lucy laughed, "I missed you too Levy-chan!"

The guild, well then ones that were awake, erupted in cheers. "LUCY!"

Mira ran over to the blonde with her younger sister, enveloping the blonde and bluenette into a group hug, which turned into a massive super group hug when the white-haired sisters' brother came in.

"Group hugs are a man!" he bellowed.

"Haha! I missed ya too Elfman."

"Lucy! I missed you!" Mira cried, tears and snot trailing down her face as well.

"What about us?" The guild turned to the group of dragons behind Lucy, all having smirks on their faces.

"You all came!" Lisanna said.

"Of course," Gray said, he pointed his thumb behind him pointing at someone, "our resident idiot always wanted to come to the mainland."

"Who are you pointing to Gray?" Levy asked, wiping her face clean once Elfman put the girls on the ground after their reuniting hug.

Lucy smiled brightly, "My mate."

The girls stared at Lucy before erupting. "YOUR MATE?!" The girls, other than Mira, were stunned. The older Take-Over mage had hearts in her eyes and a big smile.

"Yep!" someone yelled behind the group of dragons. "I'm her mate!"

The dragons parted a path for the pink-haired Dragon Slayer. He walked into the guild with his large grin as he held a girl's ankles who sat on his shoulders. Looking around the building, Natsu whistled.

"Luce, this looks so cool!"


"N-Natsu…" Lisanna said.

"You're Lu-chan's mate?" Levy asked, trying to sound tough but failing because of her ecstatic smile.

"Yep, who else could it be?"

"I don't kn-"

"Well, let's hope that he's worshiping the dirt she walks on." Laxus had come up behind Lucy, smirking down to his younger cousin. "Welcome home Squirt."

"Laxus!" Lucy yelled, throwing her arms around Laxus' built torso. "I missed you!"

He scoffed, "I know you did."

Lucy let go of her cousin, her cheeks puffed out in a pout. "Meanie!"

Laxus turned away, an uninterested scowl on his face with the slightest trace of a smile on his lips.

"Lucy," Master called out as he walked over to the group. "Welcome back."

"Uncle!" Lucy ran over to the shorter man, giving him a hug upon reaching him. "I'm home."

"Will you be here for a while?"

"Yeah, we were planning to join the guild and do some jobs with everyone."

Master nodded, turning to the nervous looking dragons. "You don't have to be nervous, you're dragons for God's sake. There is plenty of room in Fairy Tail you brats."

The dragons' tensed shoulders relaxed at Master's words and cheers erupted through the hall with a few protests from the sleepers and ones with throbbing heads.

"Oh, Master?" Lucy asked.

"Yes My Dear?"

"Are you missing Asuka-chan?" the blonde asked, pointing to the green-haired girl on Natsu's shoulders, still playing with his scarf and Happy.

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