Midorima strongly believes in Oha Asa.
Murasakibara loves sweets.
Kise is an attention whore.

Three boys who has a small obsession.
Three boys who share a little secret.

Who knew Midorima also believes and practiced voodoo and witchcraft?
Who knew Murasakibara enjoyed human meat?
Who knew Kise forces people to love him?

Midorima kept voodoo dolls under his bed, along with jars of different insects and dark liquids. From night 'til dawn he practice his evil doings.
A picture on one hand, a pin on the other. Slowly he scrapes the face and body of his selected victim.
He takes a doll, squeezes it with both hands, and at times he'd set it on fire, or poke it with pins.

And so another one is out of his list, another to go.

Murasakibara loves toddlers as he loves sweets. He would go around town, most of the time around the park, call to a kid and when they fall to his "I have candies" trick, he would lead them to the forest.
In the forest, he has a small house with a spacious kitchen. He'd tie the child's hands and feet, binding the mouth as well, before forcing him into the oven. Sometimes he'd knock their heads off, sometimes he'd chop them off.

And so another pie is served, another child is missing, another recipe out of his list.

Kise dislikes being hated and ignored. If it ever happens [God please, no], he'd stalk the person to their home, where he sneaks into, spring into their beds at midnight and take the victim to a warehouse far away.
He'd tie them on a chair, slap them, kick them, cut them, hit them with then closest object until they tell him they love him.
He'd let them escape, but no less than a week do they drive insane from the nightmares and kill themselves.

And so another one is out of the dark list.

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