"Ok, so I know that we promised to never mention any of these 'misunderstanding' again but," Kiba wiggled his fingers in the air as mock quotation marks. He squinted his eyes and Sasuke felt his eyebrow twitch as Kiba leaned forward, inspecting him. "What exactly is up with that?" He finished pointing vaguely at Sasuke.

There was a slight interest in the small group as they remembered the white gauze placed on Sasuke's neck. Kiba, Gaara, and unfortunately Ino had joined Sasuke on a walk home. Naruto was told to follow Kakashi around for a while and Sasuke was warned that he would need to keep his duties up when the Dobe was returned. Before he left the house however he had looked in the mirror to see a bruise on his neck.

"It's nothing major don't worry about it." Sasuke grimaced keeping his focus forward on getting home. He wondered how he missed it yesterday, his only guess was that he had worn a shirt that hid most of it and the part that could be seen was light.

Feeling stares from the back of his head, Sasuke turned on his heels to find his friends whispering and pointing. Sasuke crossed his arms and waited for them to look up. "You see, we promised to talk things out before we jump to any conclusions." Ino said smiling sickingly bright.

Sasuke raised his eyebrow at them, expecting one of them to continue explaining. Kiba smirked and stepped up as the voice of the group. "We know you haven't done anything dangerous enough to have gauze on you, which makes us believe you scuffed with Naruto. The only reason we can think you would only have a 'Wound'," Sasuke was seriously getting tired of Kiba wiggling his fingers around whenever he said certain words. "On your neck is that perhaps Naruto put a mark there."

Being sure not to reveal any emotion at all, Sasuke stared at them blankly. "More specifically, we believe that mark may be, well um" Ino was slowly becoming more pink with every word she spoke.

"Dog Bite!" Everyone gave Kiba a questioning look. He looked around at them, "Don't give that what-the-fuck look! You know what I'm talking about!" Everyone exchanged glances and shrugged.

"I'm sure you mean Love Bite." Kiba shook his head revealing that wasn't what he meant.

"It's like canine rule, no. More like canine law that whenever they bite into their mate's flesh, that their way of declaring to their mate and to all other Canine's that; 'you're my mate and no one else can have you but me!' That's why they are called dog bites." Whenever everyone still gave him a confused look he added, "Well at least I do."

Sasuke shook his head to get rid of the stupidity trying to infiltrate his brain. "That's a nice lesson and all, but I think I'm going to get home already." Sasuke quickly left the group before they could ask him anything else. Honestly it was that idiots fault for digging his canines into him so roughly. Sasuke pushed back the memory of his panic when I happened.

A chill suddenly went through him as he continued walking. During that fight he had been marked by Naruto's animatistic fighting in different spots. He had little light claw marks on his lower inner thigh that vanished a few minutes after it happened. There was that small bite mark on his upper arm that no one had noticed, much to Sasuke's relief. Then there was the mark on his neck. His neck, Sasuke let his hand slip up to cover the small piece of fabric. The memory filled his head in slow motion.

He had panicked whenever he felt Naruto's mouth roughly place themselves on his neck. The reason for his panic, to put it extremely bluntly, the last thing he needed in the middle of a fight was a boner. What was even worse was that it was his neck that did that to him, but the particular spot Naruto had managed to reach was extremely sensitive. Sasuke glared at the door in front of him.

He shook his head as he realized he had made it home. His lips were extremely warm on him, and whenever he pushed him away he had felt one particularly sharp canine tooth scrap harshly at his skin. He wondered what would have happened if he wouldn't have pushed him away. Sasuke smirked to himself, nothing says I'm going to kick your ass like moaning in the middle of a girly fight between two men.

With a small grimace he shook the thought from his head. How did this even start in his head. Sometimes he wondered what was wrong with him; he hadn't really felt himself lately. Thoughts like this going through his head were proof that there was something going on. He sneered as he threw himself on the couch. Like that Dobe could make me feel anything but annoyance. Sasuke let his eyes slip closed as the thought went through his head.

"Want a hush puppy?"

Sasuke opened his eyes and sat straight up from the suddenness of the voice directly above him. "Ow!" Both yelled out. Sasuke grabbed his head and fell to the floor.

He peeked his eye open through the pain to glare at the blond he had hit his head on. Said Blond sat across from him on the floor rubbing his own head. Sasuke sat up and saw that he was surrounded my little greasy balls of bread. "What the hell were you thinking?"

"Me? It was you, Teme, that head butted me after I was trying to share my food with you!" Naruto glared as he started to gather all the hush puppies. Sasuke just shook his head at the irony of him eating hush puppies after Kiba went on a rant about dogs. He stood up and followed Naruto into the kitchen so he could wait for the food to be done.

Kakashi agreed to let you stay at my house until I got home?" he asked opening the fridge to grab a drink. He narrowed his eyes in thought as he noticed his sake was missing.

"You think I would slack off during my duties." Sasuke glared over his fridge door at his sensei. "I thought you would think more of your beloved sensei."

Kakashi was sipping from a cup and reading a book with Sasuke's 'in case of emergency' Sake sitting beside him. Sasuke wasn't a very big drinker, but he did like to drink now and then. He shut his fridge with a louder bang than he had wanted and went over to sit on the counter so he could watch his food cook as always.

Sasuke tensed when he heard Kakashi laughing, everything was going to set off his nerves today, especially Kakashi. "Come on Sasuke, don't pout. You wouldn't have been able to drink it anyways. You are now officially on duty again and I'm officially out of here. Bye!" Sasuke shut his eyes and counted the steps it took Kakashi until the door closed.

"How about I make corndogs?" Sasuke's eyes snapped open.


Naruto's eyes widened at Sasuke's sudden outburst. "Geez Teme, blow my eardrums out won't you!" Sasuke growled under his breath. Can we at least have hotdogs?"

The icy glare Naruto received could have pierced through metal. "Only if you're done living."

Naruto pouted with his lower lip sticking out, not taking much notice to the glares and growls Sasuke was producing for him. He dug around in the freezer and cupboards for a while whining about really wanting to have hotdogs of some sorts. Sasuke lulled his head to the side trying to keep from falling asleep.

"Hey Sasuke?" Sasuke wake up or else I'll eat all of this by myself!" Sasuke rubbed at his eyes; he looked around and realized he really did daze off. Naruto stood in front of him holding a pan with cooked fish in it. "Earth to Sasuke!"

"What is that?" Sasuke asked barely awake.

Looking down at his work, Naruto smirked. "Catfish." Sasuke groaned.

Recently, the only way to keep peace after dinner was for both Sasuke and Naruto to clean the kitchen together. However, When a tired and annoyed Sasuke sees that Naruto isn't cleaning thoroughly, peace isn't keepable.


"Damn it! Hold still!" Sasuke swung his weapon again.

"AAHH! Baka, what are you trying to do?!" Naruto scrambled out of the way as Sasuke went for another swing. He looked like he was aiming for a home run.

With a flick of his wrist the frying pan Sasuke held was flying across the room chasing after Naruto. Sasuke grabbed a cup and stomped up to Naruto who was nursing the back of his leg where he had been hit. "Do you call this clean? That is repulsing filthy!" Sasuke shoved the glass in Naruto's face.

"What is with you Sasuke, you seem so on edge today." It aggravated Sasuke that Naruto barely seemed fazed by Sasuke screaming in his face. What bothered him even more was that Sasuke had been edgy today.

"It's your fault! You had to go and bite me on the neck!" Sasuke quickly turned so Naruto didn't see the shock on Sasuke's face. He hadn't meant to yell that out loud. Now he was losing his calm, and his control. Whatever was bothering him needed to be fixed ASAP.

"That happened like forever ago! What does that have to do with your bad temper now?" Naruto stood straightening himself and dusting off his pants. Sasuke just placed his glass cup down and slumped against the counter.

"Ooooh! I get it. Poor Sasuke, you must not be able to get a girl as well as everyone thinks you can." Naruto was laughing as he passed him. Sasuke lashed out, he didn't really know why since Naruto's comment made no sense. He grabbed Naruto by the shirt and pinned him against the closest wall with his elbow.

They just stared at each other, starring one anther down, refusing to break eye contact. It was completely and totally silent, yet it was loud in Sasuke's brain. What even made him think that was it! He is such an idiot. Look at him, he's so stupid!

Sasuke's brain started to hurt and his vision crossed for half a second. "Sasuke?"

"What?" Naruto seemed concerned, he wondered why. He blinked, it felt like a blink at least. Whenever he opened his eyes he saw the sea. It was bright blue, sparkling and endless; It was breathtaking. Then there was the warmth, the endless warmth. He closed his eyes and let the warmth fill his body. Then he realized what was going on, he pushed off from the wall and released Naruto's lips.

Was that a whimper, definitely not? Had he fainted for a second? It wasn't a dream; he could still feel the tingle on his own lips. When he opened his eyes again Naruto looked almost afraid. He closed his eyes and let himself drift away for a second. He figured everything could wait for five minutes while his body collapsed the rest of the way.

"Sasuke!" Ya, it could all just chill for a few hours, right?

Sasuke could feel someone staring at him. It was gross feeling that made him feel completely naked whenever he wasn't. It made his bones achy and the hair on his body frizz up. It was disgusting, he hated the feeling. He popped his eyes open, wanting to rid himself of the awful feeling and almost died of a heart attack.

"Hey there handsome, you had your friend a little scared last night." Sasuke gulped back his previous fright and tried to scotch away. The old lady from next door was sitting on the bed all but lying on top of Sasuke. She grabbed at the cloth on Sasuke's head and dipped it into some water. While she had her head turned away Sasuke tried to slyly move away.

"Now deary, you really shouldn't be trying to put the moves on your girlfriend when you're in this kind of condition." Sasuke stopped moving whenever she turned back to place the rag on his head again.

He grabbed her wrist and grimaced when the blanket fell from his bare chest. God I hope she didn't undress me, I'm sure she would have raped me if she did. "Listen lady, thanks for helping and all, but get out."

Although Sasuke had been blunt, it didn't faze her in the slightest. She chuckled and swatted his hand away. "Is that the kind of thanks a lady my age gets for staying all night with you and your cute little friend." She looked over Sasuke's shoulder and he followed her gaze.

Naruto was curled up on top of the blankets in a small ball. That must have been what the old lady was talking about whenever she noticed him moving away, she thought he was trying to get closer to Naruto. Sasuke rolled his eyes but a distant dream like memory hit him; the warmth and the ocean. Now that he wasn't delirious with a fever he remembered that he started to faint, and because everything works against Sasuke, he and Naruto had met lips once again.

Sasuke placed a hand over his eyes and let out an aggravated sigh. "You look peaceful when you sleep, you usually seem sort of grumpy." Sasuke glared at the side of her grey hair as she messed with his pillow or something. "But little one over their almost seems like a little fox with those marks on her cheek." Sasuke looked over as she pointed at Naruto, and examined him. He did almost seem like a kitsune curled up in a huge black night shirt and baggy sweats.

He noticed that those were his cloths but he could really care less at the moment. He was more preoccupied with the fawning old lady hovering above him. "This sort of reminds me of a time when I nursed my late husband back to health whenever we were about your age. He was a devilishly handsome man." She looked deep into his eyes which made Sasuke want to vomit, no offense but she wasn't very beautiful with those wrinkles and glass eye. Not to mention the god forsaken smell of her, it drove him up the wall, and not in a good way.

She ran a shaking hand over his cheek as she continued to speak. "He taught me a lot of things. Some useless," She looked away almost sad looking. "Others not so useless." She gave Sasuke what he assumed was a suggestive look, but the poor old lady looked like she had to take a dump.

Pushing her hand away Sasuke grimaced. "Let's hear about some of those useless things." She smirked and sat back up and away from Sasuke, she looked around the room and then to Naruto's sleeping form.

"One of them is that a fox is considered part of the cat family." For some reason that made Sasuke feel a bit better about yesterday. "Of course they are also part of the dog family. So I guess they are in a way both."

"Of. Fucking, COURSE!" Sasuke yelled loudly.

"Teme!" Naruto glared at him over his arm with every intention of death. Sasuke looked over at him and saw that his hair was a complete mess and he had darkness under his eyes. "Shut the hell up! I'm so sick of not being able to sleep past 5 hours in this house!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes when Naruto rolled over and cocooned himself with all of the covers. "Well then, I have a feeling I should be leaving." Sasuke looked at her with annoyance. Why would she choose now instead of forever ago to leave? He looked down and saw that he was in his boxers.

"Shit." He hissed trying to cover himself as the lady stood giggling not taking her eyes off of him. "Give up some blanket Naruto."

"Like I said." Sasuke felt molested as the lady gave him a complete look over slowly taking him in. "I should be going she." She said finally looking him in the face again. Sasuke gave a F-you smile and waved as she turned and left.

"Naruto, did she rape me?" Sasuke asked falling back onto his pillows.

"With a loud groan Naruto answered, "If you don't shut up, next time I'll let her."

"What are you doing in my bed any ways?" Sasuke asked glaring at the spot of the cocoon he guessed was where Naruto's head was.

Naruto rolled over to glare at him through squinted eyes. before he could say anything he yawned. "It was either this or chance having to call Kakashi and tell him my guard was kidnaped as a sex toy himself." Sasuke deadpanned before kicking Naruto out of bed.

"I told you to quite stealing my covers." Sasuke rolled up in the covers and attempted to go back to sleep. But someone was being too loud.

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