Note: This has nothing to do with the song.

Teiko is just a school, and Generation of Miracles is just a label.

Maybe it's a bit overrated, Kuroko says, to be called a 'miracle' when they were just a group of children playing a sport.
They aren't a miracle.
They are more of a beautiful disaster.

Everyone saw their beauty, but no one saw their rotten inside.

Power and respect became known, and distance and arrogance prevailed.

When everyone else stood tall, Kuroko shrank.
When everyone else thought they were the best, Kuroko disagreed.
When everyone else had left, Kuroko stayed.

All they aimed for was the sweet victory, and Kuroko aimed for team play.

They blossomed and grew and changed, Kuroko stayed the same.

When friendship and fun were just kind words, victory and power were everything.

Practice was just a cakewalk, and games were mere games.

There was no thrill, no challenge. Victory was assured, inevitably coming without even breaking a sweat. The results were sure.
They do not accept anything less than a victory [not that they ever did].

And after nine months was over, they separated.

They are no longer friends.
They are enemies.
They are lions, expanding their territory, one after another.

The hunger for winning...

The race started.

Frustration, anger, disappointment and fear.

The losers descend from their thrones.

The winner takes his crown.

Kuroko waits for the time when he can mend them back to what they were, when they were just buddies sharing mutual love for a sport.