It was three days after the Sycroax invasion of the Earth, and since the Doctor had regenerated.

He sat Howard's jimjams, in the library, trying to read a book he'd recently acquired. After reading the same line for the 9th time in a row and not grasping the story, he put the book down. The truth was he was thinking about his Rose… his Rose? He pondered. He hoped the answer was still yes. She'd been shy around him, even after they reminisced over memories as he tried to prove it was still him – just in a new shell.

He missed their nightly ritual of reading a book together in the library or one of their bedrooms before Rose set off to sleep. He was unusually tired, the effects of the regeneration still wearing on his normally limitless bounds of energy, which meant he'd actually slept more last night than he had in the past month. Rose seemed to be pretty tired too, the stress of it all was probably wearing her down as well. Still, best to keep things as routine as they had been prior, he thought. So he set off in search of Rose.

It didn't take too long to find Rose, she was nursing a cuppa in the galley, and had dark circles under her eyes. Other than that she looked perfect, sitting in a pink silk night gown and pink fuzzy slippers. Though the night gown might have been considered risqué (it was quite short), he was very used to Rose in like bedtime attire, and if she was comfortable then what did it matter if he could enjoy the view of a little more skin? She was beautiful, for a human.

He winced at the thought, he really had to stop saying that. If he was being truthful she was more stunning than any Time Lady he'd ever seen. There was no comparing Rose Tyler, her heart, soul, and beautiful body. That was twice in ten seconds he had caught himself thinking about her body. Clearly this regeneration was born of his lov-liking of Rose, he thought.

She grinned a big, relaxed, Rose Tyler smile at the sight of him. He released the breath he was holding, infinitely happy that she seemed to be back to the way she was prior to his regeneration.

"Hello there, Doctor Handsome." Did Rose Tyler just outright flirt with him?

"Hello there, pink and lovely." Wait, did he just flirt back?

"Would you like a cuppa?" She offered, gesturing to the seat across from the bar table.

"Well, if I'm going to be greeted with such pleasantries, I think I'd like to stick around." He grinned back at her, eyes shining. "But seriously, Doctor Handsome… I wonder if it is too late to expand my moniker? 'Don't worry, Doctor Handsome will save us!'" He tried out the name for kicks.

"How's about 'Doctor Humble'?" She said, raising an eyebrow before giving him her famous tongue-in-teeth smile.

"Me? Never!" He retorted. "So, what would you say to picking up our nightly ritual of reading? I don't know about you, but I am just dying to see if Mr. Darcy will ask Elizabeth to dance!" He said, barely covering the painstakingly hopeful look in his eyes.

"Dance? Or dance?" Rose Tyler teased, before hoping off of her stool and reaching out her hand, wiggling her fingers.

The Doctor beamed at the acceptance. "Well, while Ms. Austen did capture the social hierarchy of the time period quite well, I don't think dancing was something ever discussed outside the bed chambers, let alone in social circles."

"Pity that." Rose replied, cheekily.

The Doctor led her to his bedroom, and she climbed onto the dark, oak bed, and under the large blue duvet, snuggling in. The Doctor had always loved the fact that his bed smelled of Rose when he finally did get around to sleeping. Her scent seemed to keep his nightmares at bay. Though, it didn't do much to discourage his hormones or fantasies, superior biology or not.

The Doctor picked up where they had previously left off. Unlike last time, in his old body and personality, he was actually looking forward to delving into this classic. Rose had insisted on something whimsical and romantic, and he couldn't bring himself to deviate from literary classics, so he'd settled upon Jane Austen, even if it was a bit domestic for his tastes.

Reading the description of the men at the dance that Elizabeth was attending, the Doctor paused.

"Would I fit in there, do you think?" He asked out of the blue.

Rose furrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

"I mean, the dashing, handsome men that the women were fawning over. Where would I stack rank there? I mean, if they didn't know I was a Time Lord, obviously."

"Obviously…" Rose said, amused with his question.

"Do you…. Do you like my new self?" He asked, vulnerability on full display.

Roses' eyes softened and she smiled. Grabbing the book from his hands, she placed the book marker to their current page and set the book aside.

"Yes, I do." She said earnestly.

"There's lots of brown…is brown okay?" He said, still worried. Rose moved from her spot cuddled beside him and turned to face him, tucking her legs under her. She slowly reached a hand to his face and brushed her fingers through the top of his fringe.

"I love brown," she said "in fact, I think it is my new favorite color." She moved her hands to gently caress his eyebrows, and eyelashes, then his side burns and chin stubble.

He grabbed her hand and pressed a kiss to the top of her fingers, quite gentlemanly-like, Rose thought.

"It's…it's to your liking? You still like…me?" He asked, partly insecure and partly in awe of her affectionate display.

"Well," she said softly and slightly playfully. "I haven't seen all of it, so let's see…" She said pulling the duvet back from his jimjam-covered legs.

"Feet, let's start with the feet…" she said moving towards the bottom of his body. She bit her bottom lip in thought as she gently caressed the top of his foot. "I can't say I ever really had a good look at your feet before, but out of all the feet I have ever seen, these are quite perfect." She said in a soft, mesmerized, and loving tone.

Her fingers gently pushed the jimjams upwards and she continued. "Ankle, yes…yes, quite lovely…" She pushed the material up even further.

"Calves, magnificent, beautifully formed…" she said before moving the material up even further to his knees. "And knees, the most stunning knees…."

The Doctor watched with amazement and reverie as Rose softly explored the most mundane parts of his new body.

She pulled the material back down and moved further up his body, grabbing his hand. She turned it over in hers, studying the lines, the lean fingers, slender knuckles, and faultless nails, before she linked their fingers together.

"I didn't think it was possible, but our hands seem to fit even more together." She marveled. "And handsome, perfect hands." She added as she moved the material up his arm, gently caressing the inside of his arm that she held palm-up.

"Soft, cool, remarkable skin and soft hair." She said as she stroked the underside of his arm. His hair was slightly finer than a human male's hair, she marveled at the texture.

Rose slowly brought her hand back to his face, pausing before she touched him, seeking permission. He caught her hand and leaned his face into it, so as to have his cheek cupped.

She didn't say anything as she traced his forehead, and then eyebrows, leaning close in to see. She gently traced his lips and smiled.

"Different perfect." She said, summing up her assessment.

The Doctor pulled her in for a passionate kiss, firm and loving, as he wrapped his hands into her hair. She slid her hands behind his back and she deepened the kiss with her soft and tentative tongue.

Ever since she had joined him on his ship, shared his home, he had wanted Rose. Wanted Rose to the depths of his being, he was an empty vessel, and she was liquid compassion. She was his opposite, yet match. They were meant for each other. And tonight, tonight she had never looked more radiant, more perfect.

And with those thoughts he lost all control.

He pushed her gently backwards, towards the bottom of his bed, never breaking the kiss. Rose moaned as his weight shifted on top of her. He slid his hand under the silk strap of her nightgown and pulled it down her arm, exposing her breast.

Breaking the kiss to catch their breaths, he pulled the strap on the other side down, and looked at Rose's perfect, voluptuous breasts. If there was ever the thing to use the word "perfect on," those would be it.

She unbuttoned his top and pushed it down over his shoulders, he discarded the garment to the floor before sliding his hand underneath her mound and softly palming it. Rose lifted her head slightly to kiss him again, pulling him back down with her. She shifted her body underneath him and felt his hard erection against the inner of her thigh, she smiled through the kiss. He pulled away, returning the smile and pulled her nightgown over her hips and off of her completely, throwing it to the side.

The Doctor paused to take in Rose and her curvy, amazing body. His breath hitched, and he groaned a small whimper of want. Lying back down on top of her, he again started to kiss her, deeper and harder than before. His hand moved down her side and over her hipbone to the soft dark curls of her center.

He tentatively moved his finger up and down her slit, feeling the inviting wetness, before slipping a finger in and curling it upward until Rose let a soft gasp fall from her lips, breaking their kiss, and closing her eyes. He began to slowly move in and out of her, priming her for him and enjoying the soft mewing sounds he was eliciting from her.

Rose opened her eyes and she was stunned at the look on his face, she had never seen anyone look at her with such an expression on their face: Pure adoration, love, and contentment.

Rose trailed her hands down her hands down his chest, under the top of his waistband, and grabbed his erection firmly in her hands. She slowly moved her wrist back and forth, keeping a tight pressure. She watched in wonder as he let out a soft moan, followed by a hiss.

She pushed his bottoms down with her hands, then slid them off him completely with her feet. Her inner thigh brushing him in the process.

Rose felt like fire to his ice, and the Doctor couldn't wait any longer. He pulled her upright into a sitting position, facing him, and pulled her onto his lap. He lined them up and searched her eyes one last time, finding love and want returned in her gaze.

He slowly slid his hard length into her, releasing a breath in tandem with her. Rose gasped and leaned her head against his forehead, eyes closed, relishing the feel of him inside her. After a moment she rocked her hips into him and set a soft rhythm.

The Doctor kissed her neck and gently sucked her pert, pink nipples as they bounced up and down. Moving his hand in between them, he found her small round bundle of nerves and started to gently rub circles into it. Rose moaned louder as he did this and rocked hard into his hand. A familiar burning ache started to build up in her stomach, and just before Rose started to come, she kissed the Doctor in a deep, passionate kiss.

As she crested tightly around his cock, she broke the kiss and held her head tightly to his neck. She murmured into his ear "I love you." He groaned at the admission, and kissed her harder, flipping her onto her back, he picked up the pace and drove harder into her. He was on the brink, so close to coming too.

"Say it again…" He whispered, and as she did he lost all control, pouring himself into her and crying out at the release.

The waves slowed and his thrusts came to a gentle stop. His head was buried in her neck and hair, he pulled back and looked into her eyes. They were silent for several minutes, neither one wanting to break apart.

"Now that…that was perfect." He said smiling and slightly panting, as he brushed hair from her face and bent down to kiss her again.

After several minutes of lying entangled, the Doctor and Rose shifted up into the top of his bed and cuddled together. He would never doubt that Rose was attracted to him again, he thought.

Every night afterwards, their reading ended with another session of brilliant, passionate love making.