The Doctor beamed as he looked at his baby son who was six months old now and had a personality like his dad, talking up a storm. Rose and the Doctor gingerly backed away from the cot and left the nursery. Their son was perfect, but that went without saying because he was, after all, the Doctor's progeny. As with tradition, the Time Tot was still without a name until his first birthday, Rose lovingly referred to him as "Teth."

Life for Rose and the Doctor turned out to be perfect. They still had their adventures, albeit with lots of diaper changing interludes, and nap times. He had never been more contented in his life and marveled all the time and how close to losing Rose he had really come. He couldn't be happier, but the time without her and the hell he put her through still haunted him. He would never forgive himself for missing out that time with her.

Rose and the Doctor had settled into the library for their nightly tradition of nursing a cuppa as the Doctor read their latest novel. Rose brushed the Efflemyian piece that resided on the bookshelf next to the couch. The Doctor had just finished a chapter when Rose spoke up.

"Doctor, do you remember…" Rose started before pausing to reword, "of course you remember, I mean who could forget…" she'd started.

The Doctor jumped up out of his seat, and came to his knees before her, cupping his hands around her face.

"Noooooo... you're not?" he asked, astonished. He kissed Rose and pulled back.

"Rose… you're… you're pregnant!" he said, a manic grin spreading across his face. Rose smiled excitedly and nodded emphatically, kissing him again passionately.

Sometimes the universe gives second chances.

A/N: Thank you for reading! I know a few reviewers expressed displeasure at the last set of chapters, but I had to remain true to the way the scenes were playing out in my head. That said, I hope you enjoyed the ending. Thanks for reading and watch for my next set of stories. :)