She had always done as she was told to do when she was told to do it. She lived with her mom, father, and her brother. but her dadd left a few months ago and she depsises him for walking out on them. Now it is Victoria, her mother (Lilah), her step father (Tom), and his son (Tom jr.). Her father took her brother with him when he left. Leaving only Victoria and Lilah behind. She hasn't seen either of them in years.

Her step father seems odd. She thinks that he may be up to something but she isn't sure yet. She already knows that T.J, Tom jr, watches her when she takes a shower and when she changes. She isn't sure if her step father does the same. She hopes not for he is her only father figure that seems to remotely care. Even though he is a drunken idiot most of the time, she still has to care no matter what.

Victoria's mother and step father went out so she decided to sleep in the living room until they told her to go away. She should have just stayed in her room because what her step father done next was a terrible thing that could have been avoided if she had only slept in her room. He molested her, he thought that she was still asleep but she was more awake now than in the middle of the day. She lay there, motionless and hoped that he would just stop hurting her the way that he was. She couldn't do anything to him because she was in shock. Pure devastaton at what was going on, she tried to roll away but he just kept hurting her, no matter how hard she tried.

A few days passed and she would not say a word to anyone. Not a soul. Finally she decided to tell someone and when she did, her mother found out and told Tom what he had done when he was a supposed drunken stupor. Victoria could no longer trust him and she would not forgive and forget like her mother was begging her to do. She wouldn't even have to because he killed himself a few short hours later. Victoria was both heart broken and wanting to leap to the skies in pure joy that he could no longer hurt her.

Within the next few months her mother got hooked on drugs and on pills. Victoria had to take care of herself and grow up faster than she should have had to do. No matter, her mother later killed herself also and so victoria shut everyone out that she possibly could from her life and later realized that she wanted to kill.