Everyone had their eyes on the pair. Each one of them were holding their breath.

Mira tilted her head sideways; she had her famous smile on her face. "Sorry," she apologized.

He really wanted to wipe that smile off her face. "As if that would help," he grunted at her.

Everyone busted out laughing. They just couldn't hold it anymore.

"Be a man!" shouted Elfman; he too, was laughing like a mad man. Laxus turned his head to face the 'man', sending him a glare.

"It's not that bad," added Gray. Was everyone going to stand up to him?!

Freed was the only one not laughing; instead, he was in the corner crying his eyes out. He doesn't want this to happen, not to Laxus.

Snoring was heard at his side; he didn't even bothered to turned his head. He knew what was there, and it would be embarrassing if his face turns red.

"Get this off of me. Now." he demanded the she-devil.

Mirajane tilted her head, and gave him a wider smile. "I lost the key," she said.

Everyone took a step back; evil aura was rotating from Laxus' being. Darkness was in his eyes as he glared at Mira.

"Find it. Now." he demanded. There was no way he was going to be stuck like this, not with her at the other end.

"I searched, it's no where to be found."

"Fuck this." Laxus pointed his finger at the chain, lighting zapped from his fingertip onto the metal.

It aborded the shock. No damage was done to the rotten metal.

"What's this?" he asked in a tone that meant, 'if you don't answer me correctly, you'll died'.

"It's anti-magic handcuffs," answered Mirajane.

"Why do you have these?" asked Max. His eyebrows knotted together.

"Don't want to break the chain at my highest," Mirajane answered.

Everyone was now staring at her with wide eyes.

Elfman's jaw dropped to the ground.

"Why are these on me?" Laxus questioned.

"To stop you from breaking them."

"Freed! Get these off me!" Laxus shouted to his crying underling.

His head lifted from the table, and he burst out crying. "It's no use!" he whined.

"You've to spend the night with her," teased Gray.

"Not if I've something to do with it," Laxus grumbled. He stood up from his sit and left the building.

A pink-haired body was being dragged from behind him.

This will be a twoshot, one to introduce, and two to show what happens. This pairing has nothing under it, so I'm trying to add something.