Laxus held onto the other's face.

His hand gently brushed her hair back, and rested on the sides of her face.

He looked deep into her eyes as he made every movement.

Her face changed from ready to fight into confusion.

She had no clue what he was going to do.

You might be wondering why these two characters are in strange positions; well it's quite simple, really.

Laxus gained some balls and took the first step into kissing Natsa.

This also proved to be complex decision for the blond.

He had to take each step, unlike the other times in which he followed through Mira's plans.

Unlike those, he was the one in charge.

His lips puckered out, and slowly leaned wards the pink-haired.

She stayed still as he moved wards her.

Soon both set of lips were touching.

He moved his hands down on Natsa's body as he sucked the air out of her mouth.

From behind it looked as if the blond was eating her face.

His eyes were closed as he did each movement.

His tongue tingled on her lip, gaining access inside of it.

Both of their tongues were awkward around each other for this was their first time doing it.

Soon the air escaped their mouths and they had to part to breath.

Laxus panted and looked away from her; he couldn't believe he just done that with her.

His face couldn't hide his embarrassment.

Natsa seemed faint; she was dizzy from the overcoming kiss of death.

She rested against the wall and looked directly wards him.

'I thought he was going to head butt me...' she thought silently to herself.

Okay, I guess you could call this a bonus. I really didn't want to add another one shot (I have way too many), so I'm doubling up on those already made stories, in this case, Handcuffed Fairies (which should be stated I've already made a short, Snuggled Fairies (Non-lemon :P )). Well, I got thsi idea from reading a manga, Aoi Kiseki (it was only one line, but it was so funny that I made this). Plus, didn't someone ask for Laxus gaining some balls? Well, he got some enough to kiss her (I still waiting on the part of him asking her out).

Well, I've no clue if that will be the last bonus, I'm just trying to cut down on One Shots since I made too many and not enough stories.