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Chapter 1 - The Parade


Time for the parade. I'm so scared. I can't believe I'm only twelve and I'm being forced to compete in the wretched games. My stylist won't stop adjusting my skirt. I stand there. I glance over at Thresh. He seems to be glaring at someone. I assume the careers. I follow his gaze. It stops on the little boy from district four. He is about twelve and he appears to be staring at me. Wait. He's staring at me? I look at him and he quickly looks away. That is proof he was staring at me. I look at Thresh who looks at me. It was time to load into our chariot. I watched as the boy rode away on his chariot with his district partner. He looked so cute in his blue outfit and his headpiece. He looked like he was splashing around in the water in his outfit. It was so cute.

The chariot started moving. I just about fell out but Thresh grabbed my arm and helped me get my balance. I held on for dear life. We were getting some good attention until District 12 came out. All eyes were on them. I turned my head just enough to see behind me. I saw fire coming on of Katniss and Peeta's backs. Wait! Fire? I looked at Thresh. He shrugged and looked forward. I spent the rest of the ride trying to stay in the chariot. But I knew if I budged even an inch, Thresh would pull me back to my spot. We pulled in slightly towards a balcony. I saw President Snow on the balcony. He said his boring speech and we rode into the training center. The first thing I did was rip off that stupid headpiece. I threw it to the ground and heard laughing. I looked and saw the boy from District four laughing at me. Or my action. I saw Thresh glaring at him. He shut up. Our stylist approached us. We were told to head up to our floor once we got a chance to change. Thresh started dragging me towards the elevator. I looked at the district four boy. He held up one finger to tell me to wait. I pointed towards the elevator. I then pointed to me. I hope he understands I'm trying to say 'Meet me at the bottom area by the elevator at eleven.' He nods. I stop fighting Thresh and just followed him. We rode up to floor eleven and we were told where our rooms were. I sat on the bed. Dinner was soon. I decided to change. I pulled on some black pants and a blue silk shirt. I slipped on some simple shoes. I went to the table. I ate in silence. I watched a recap of the chariots. I couldn't wait for eleven to come.

*Eleven at Night*

Time to sneak out. I peaked into the hallway. No one was in there. I snuck out. I saw the mentors, stylists and our escort in the living roof. Chaff and Seeder (our mentors) seemed to be telling a story. Now was my chance while they were laughing. I snuck to the elevator. I quickly pressed the button and the elevator showed up in the blink of an eye. The elevator door dinged open. I noticed all eyes turn to me.

"Rue?" Seeder asked jumping over the back of the couch and running towards me.

I dashed in the elevator and pushed the lobby button. I pressed the door shut button too. Seeder just made it to the elevator as it took off. I was let off in the lobby and the elevator took off past the District four floor. I knew it would be Seeder or possibly even Chaff. Maybe both. I quickly hid. I was still in my blue shirt and black pants. I quickly ran into the training center. I hid in what I thought was a great spot. I heard someone yelling my name.

"Rue! Rue! RUE!" It was defiantly Seeder.

I said quiet until I heard Seeder leave in the elevator. I slipped out of my spot and sat by the elevator. The door opened and I was ready to run. It was District 4 boy. He had a look of urgency on his face. He saw me and dragged me quickly around a corner. I saw two people step out of the elevator. A young man and a younger woman.

"Jonah! Where are you? What are you doing? Can we just talk? You're not in trouble," the girl said.

"Promise?" Jonah called from our spot.

"I promise," the girl said.

Still holding my hand, Jonah walked out of our spot. I followed him. The girl squatted down. Jonah released my hand. The girl pinched Jonah's cheeks.

"Sweetie. What's going on?" the girl asked.

"Annie. Isn't this obvious? Jonah is taking Rue on their first date," the guy said.

"Well Finnick. Jonah is only twelve," Annie fought back.

"So is Rue. Come on Annie! We were in love before we had the games! They have to fight each other. Lets let them have their moment," Finnick said dragging Annie to the elevator, while she fought out of his grasp which appeared to be pointless.

Jonah crossed his arms while shaking his smirking head. "I swear I love them but sometimes they need to mind their own business."

I hugged Jonah. He hugged me back. We sat down and talked for a good hour. When the clock struck midnight, I decided I better sneak upstairs so Thresh didn't kill Jonah or me. We stopped at Jonah's floor. I saw Annie and Finnick snuggling on the couch and some teenage girl (probably his district partner) leaning against a wall watching Jonah and me. I continued up to the district eleven floor. I saw the floor was dark. I snuck to my room. I was going to slip into some pajamas and fall asleep. I turned on the light and saw Thresh sitting on the end of my bed. I jumped and hit my back on the door. Thresh stood up.

"He's a career, Rue," Thresh said.

"What?" I demanded.

"He. Is. A. Career."

"That makes no sense Thresh."

"He is a career from district four. He is probably just using you to get into your head. He will feed anything you tell him to the other careers and they will use it against you. Trust me. And I'm saying not to trust that little boy," Thresh said pushing past me.

I stood there crossing my arms. I never knew who Thresh truly was before the games. He was my distant cousin who I was never formally introduced to.

I shook my head. I slipped on a t-shirt that would be big on Thresh. It reached my knees. I laid down in bed and pulled my blankets up above my head.

I don't understand my situation with Jonah.

Or why Thresh cares so much.

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