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Chapter 4 - Thanks Cecelia

Jonah POV

A stupid black tuxedo. That's what I stuck wearing for my interview. I look at Rue. She looks like a fairy in my mind. It was so cute. I almost started drooling. I felt a hand turning to me around to look at the monitor. I saw Glimmer going on stage. She looked awful. Rue looked so much better. I started turning my head back to Rue but Cecelia kept me facing forward. I hated this plain black even more as Marvel, Cato, and Will's tuxedos. Marvel was in blue and yellow, Cato was in silver and black, and Will was in yellow and black. I was just in pure black. It was so angering. Cecelia went on stage. I was escorted to behind the stage. It was time for my interview. Caesar called my name and I went on stage.

"Hello Jonah! Let me just say your a lot smaller in person," Caesar laughed and the crowd joined in.

"Well I am only twelve," I smirked.

"You're only twelve and a career? What happened?"

"The guy who was supposed to volunteer doesn't like my sister so I'm assuming this is his way to make my sister pay for ditching him."

"Meow! That guy is a jerk."

"I couldn't agree more."

The rest of my interview went by so quickly. I walked off the stage and was greeted by Cecelia's arms. She was hugging me so tightly, I thought she was trying to kill me. I actually passed out. The last thing I saw was Marvel telling Cecelia that I was going pale.

*After the Interviews, on District Four's floor*

I woke up and fell something cold on my forehead. I realized it was a cold cloth. I sat up slightly but felt dizzy so I laid back down. I saw Cecelia looking at me. She released a huge breath.

"He's fine!" she called.

Finnick and Annie came in front on me. Annie put her hand on my cheek.

"Baby, you're warm," she said sitting by my head.

"Thanks for knocking me unconscious Cecelia! I didn't get a chance to see Rue!" I barked sitting up quickly.

I felt pain rush to my head so I quickly laid back down. Cecelia looked sad.

"Sorry Jonah. Should I go tell Rue she can see you now?" she said pointing at the elevator.

I could tell she was being sincere. Wait. Did Rue come to the floor to see me? I looked at Cecelia and nodded. She jumped over the back of the couch and towards the elevator. I turned my head to face the ceiling. I noticed Finnick lean over me. I jumped.

"Jonah. You do realize the games are tomorrow. And Rue is only one more person in your way of winning."

"Please don't say that Finnick. How would you feel if I said the same thing to you about Annie."

"Touche," he said sitting next to Annie.

I heard the elevator door open and I relaxed. Rue was now here to see me. I was so sad to see it was only Cecelia with no Rue.

"Sorry Jonah. Rue wanted to come but her mentors decided that since the games are tomorrow, you can't see each other," she said tapping my hair.

I smacked her hand away. I did the same thing when Annie tried to touch me. I stood up and, even though I was so dizzy, made it to my room. I face planted onto my bed. I hope Cecelia's joke was just a prank to get me mad. As the night went on, I was even more sure that it wasn't a prank. I just about fell asleep but I heard my door open. I looked up and saw Marvel. He sat on my bed and I sat up.

"What the problem Little Man?" he asked.

"I'm not allowed to see Rue until the games. She isn't allowed to come down tonight."

"Well Little Man, I need to go talk to Thresh on behalf of the careers anyway, so why don't you come up with me to see Rue?"

I sat in shock. Marvel wasn't smart at all but he was a genius. (A/N Don't worry if I confused any of you. It will be explained.) I jumped out of bed but collapsed to the floor completely conscious. Marvel laughed and pulled me to my feet.

"Little Man! Take it easy!"

"Well you got me excited! Your so stupid but your a genius!"


"We all know you're not smart. But your plan works. Rue isn't allowed to some down here but there is no rule that I can't go up there!"

"Well actually. It wasn't my i- You know what! It was my idea!"

"Cecelia came to the district one floor after the district eleven floor to tell you to do this. Didn't she?"

"What? No! Okay. Maybe."

I walked out of the room with Marvel. We walked to the elevator and Cecelia wove to us in the weirdest way. Marvel wove back to same way. I looked at his weirdly while he pressed the button for the eleventh floor. We rode up to the floor in silence. Once we got there, Marvel walked up to Thresh while I snuck up on Rue who was sitting on the couch. I tapped her shoulder and she jumped. She turned around and saw me. She flung herself over the back of the couch into my arms. I fell back but caught her. We laughed. I stood her and myself up. I looked into her big chocolate eyes. We both leaned in for the kiss. We were interrupted by Marvel.

"We need to leave now Jonah," he said panicked. I was dragged away from Rue.

She started following me but Thresh grabbed and lifted her clean off the ground. Marvel pushed the button for district four. I started yelling at him.

"What the heck? I was just about to kiss Rue and you dragged me away!"

He got down on his knees to face me. "You should know Cato and I have been trying to Thresh to join the careers. We apparently asked him too many times. He threatened to kill you and me plus all of the careers tonight if all careers refused to leave his floor. I did it for your safety Kiddo."

We arrived on my floor just as Marvel stood up. I exited the elevator and jumped over the back of the couch. I snuggled up to Cecelia.

"What's the problem Kiddo?" she asked stroking my curly hair.

"I just about kissed Rue but everything went wrong and being with Rue could cost me my life tonight."

"Kiddo. First of all, look at me," I rose my eyes to meet hers. "If Rue is important to you, after the bloodbath, sneak away and team up with her. I won't tell the other careers. I can tell you really like her."

I nodded. Cecelia pushed me to my feet and we walked to our rooms together.

The games just got even more real. I knew I was going to die with Rue and spend eternity with her.

I think I love her.


And thus ends Love On The Waves. I would write in the arena but the district four boy dies in the bloodbath and if I wrote him to team up with Rue, that would affect Rue later alliance with Katniss. Sorry to my readers. Please review and favorite.