Two in the morning. 2:00 AM. Two o'clock. Too early in the morning to be awake, too late to be considered nighttime. And yet, Ed found himself wide awake, breathing heavily, unable to fall back asleep. It wasn't very often that he woke from nightmares. He wasn't even sure that's why he'd woken, but it seemed the likeliest option, given his racing heart and cold sweat. Thankfully, he couldn't even remember what the dream was about.

A soft murmur made him turn his head to look at the man asleep beside him. Roy Mustang, fast asleep, lips moving without noise. He looked peaceful, although he moved occasionally. The blankets rustled as Roy brushed them away from his belly in his sleep. Ed's eyes roamed in the darkness, only vaguely making out the shape of Roy's hard abs. He smirked at the thought of what they'd done before going to bed, but almost immediately he imagined Al sighing and reprimanding him. "Don't sleep naked, brother! You'll catch a cold! Roy will, too!" It wouldn't even surprise him if Al blamed his nightmares on sleeping naked; being in Xing seemed to put strange wives tales into his head about what made people sick. Why would sleeping naked make him sick?

Ed sighed, glad his heart had calmed. It would definitely be easier to fall asleep this way. His eyes flickered to the clock. 2:02. He snorted and rolled onto his side, facing Roy fully. Roy snored lightly for a moment, and he turned his head, the snoring ceased. Ed didn't usually do things like this. Watching Roy sleep. It was boring, and stupidly romantic. On the other hand, he could get up and get a glass of water, but moving around would only serve to ensure his waking state. No; lying here, staring, and letting his thoughts wander was the best way to go back to sleep.

His eyes flickered over Roy's relaxed face. God damn. The man was hot. Too hot for his own good, Ed thought with a grimace as he glanced down at the scars on Roy's abdomen. Burn scars. He reached out and touched them. Roy wouldn't feel it; scars weren't sensitive. Just the opposite. His scars didn't feel much.

He looked up at the clock again. 2:06. Beautiful. How long was this going to last? He might as well get that glass of water. But something rooted him to the bed. Perhaps it was laziness, or the warmth under his hand that rested on Roy's old scars. He continued to examine Roy, and was tempted to run his hands through that hair. Generally speaking, he only did that during intense make out sessions or other similar circumstances, and the thought sent a jolt of anticipation and pleasure through his groin. How angry would Roy be if he woke him up just for another round of sex?

Realizing just how much he sounded like a horny teenager, he withdrew his hand and threw the blankets back before swinging his legs over the side of the bed and padding across the room with his trademark thump-clank-thump-clank. He found the kitchen and poured himself a glass of water. As he sipped it in the warm, glowing kitchen light, he wondered if it would be better to just dump it over his head to calm his raging hormones. Most of the time, Roy didn't mind Ed's enthusiasm, but waking him up at - Ed glanced at the kitchen clock - 2:14 in the morning might just piss the man off.

Besides, he didn't want to really ask for anything. Asking put him at a disadvantage with Roy had the option to say no, and Ed hated being at a disadvantage - particularly with Roy. If he really wanted release, he could just jerk off himself. The problem was, he didn't want just release. He wanted to do it with Roy. And the thought kind of pissed him off. He smacked the glass on the counter.

To hell with it. That's what lovers were for. And he didn't need to ask for anything; he could just take it if he wanted it. Determined the wake Roy up with a demanding kiss, he went back to the bedroom and approached the bed. There, he found Roy's eyes partially open, squinting in the darkness.

"Something wrong?" Roy asked groggily. "You're stomping."

Ed rolled his eyes and huffed. Now he just felt bad for waking him up. "I'm fine," Ed replied, climbing back into bed. "I just needed a glass of water." Roy half hummed, half grunted and rolled onto his belly, pressing the side of his face against his pillow. Ed stared blankly up at the ceiling. He had been right before. Getting up and moving around only made it worse. Now he was absolutely awake.

He refused to look at Roy while the man was probably still awake, so he continued to stare up at the ceiling. Really, it was very abnormal for this to happen to him. To wake so suddenly and be unable to go back to sleep. Usually, he slept like a rock and then jerked awake at an appropriate time. This disturbance in his sleeping schedule was confusing and frustrating. What right did his brain have to scare him so shitless that he woke up, let alone couldn't go back to sleep?

He turned his head to look at the clock, but instead found Roy's dark gaze boring into his, still narrowed from sleepiness. In the back of his head, he saw it was 2:23. In the forefront of his mind, however, he wondered how to assure Roy everything was alright so they could go back to sleep.

"Is something bugging you?" Roy inquired, blinking sluggishly.

"Nope," Ed answered curtly. "Just tryin' ta sleep."

"Can't sleep?"

"Won't help if we're talking."

Roy nodded slowly and yawned. "Well, staring at the ceiling isn't getting you anywhere." To that, Ed emitted a hybrid scoff and chuckle, shaking his head. There wasn't anything to be done about his body's stubborn behavior, but he didn't really want to drag Roy into it. "Why are you awake so late? Did you have a nightmare?" Ed crossed his arms stubbornly and turned his head away.

"Mind your own business and go back to sleep."

"In other words, you don't want to bother me with your problems?" Roy reiterated, earning a hearty golden glare. He smirked, still sleepy. "Sorry, but it's my business now, since you woke me up." In the darkness, it was hard for Roy to tell if Ed was blushing, but he had a distinct feeling that he was. "And don't be sorry for waking me up. I was having an awful dream."

Ed met his gaze. "What was it about?"

Roy shrugged and pulled Ed into a warm embrace, pressing his nose against the boy's shoulder. "Someone cut off all your hair, so I tracked him down to get revenge, and we got into a fight. He won and was ripping apart my hands when I woke up." He shuddered at the memory, making Ed scowl. How could he admit all that? For all Ed knew, it was a lie - a ploy to get himself to open up.

He sighed. If Roy was trying that hard to get him to talk, he might as well humor the bastard. "I don't remember what my own nightmare was about, to be honest." Roy hummed to indicate he was listening, but Ed didn't have anything else to say, so they sat in silence for a long moment. Ed closed his eyes, hoping desperately that Roy's warmth would help him fall asleep. Alas, his eyes sprung open eventually and he frowned at the clock. 2:34.

"Asleep... yet...?" Roy asked with a yawn.

Ed rolled his eyes. "Don't worry about me. Just go to sleep."

Roy snuggled closer to him. "If you wanted me to go back to sleep, you should have pretended you were asleep and I wouldn't feel like a jerk." He yawned again. "Really, after dating me for so long, shouldn't you have picked up a few hints on how to manipulate people?"

"I'm not a bastard like you, so I wouldn't know how to trick people."

Roy hummed. "I'm tricky, but you're short." Ed pushed him away then, frowning. Roy's eyes shot open and he smirked once he got over the surprise of being so suddenly shoved away from Ed's body warmth. "Sorry, it was a habit. You know you're not short anymore." Ed muttered darkly under his breath, but otherwise accepted Roy's half-assed apology. Roy settled down on his side of the bed again. "You really can't sleep, huh?"

Ed suppressed a yawn. "Hopefully that'll change."

Roy snuggled against his pillow, smiling softly. "It will. I promise."

Ed snorted, but his eyes slipped closed easily, and suddenly he couldn't stop himself from yawning. He didn't have the energy to check the time anymore...