/Hello, AGMegan here! This is my little one-shot here. I think Beastboy is a really interesting character. Therefore, this idea was born from the question, Who exactly is Beastboy? Here you go! Don't forget to review!/

(Beastboy's P.O.V.)

They think I'm stupid, weak, careless, and a freak. I'm not stupid, weak, careless, and in the inside, I'm not a freak. I pretend to be stupid. Being a mask takes my mind off what scars me. I'm not weak, I just chose not to let my full power show. I'm not careless, I just move one piece at a time, strategically. On the outside I'm a freak, sure. But on the inside? I'm a boy who's looking for protection. They think that because I was hypnotized easily when we first met Mad Mod meant I was stupid. That's not true. When I was eight, Galtry decided to put a chip in me, so I would willingly do terrible tests and steal for him. They think I'm weak because I take the most hits on the field. I take those hits for them. I don't want them hurt like I've been. They think I'm careless. I'm not. I play from a different point of view. The world thinks I'm a freak. They don't understand what I've been through because I was different. I may look like a freak, but I'm still only fifteen. I'm still human.

I may act immature but I'm really not. I've seen things they will never see. I've seen, heard, and felt things that should never happen to a kid. My childhood was stolen by my Uncle and S.T.A.R. Labs. I've been experimented on, tortured, starved, beaten, and forced to steal things. After escaping that life, I've tried to gain happier, more peaceful, fun memories. The others don't seem to understand. They see me as an immature brat, I'm sure. Sometimes, I use that as a mask, just to cover up my older, more terrible memories.

I'm Beast boy, Changeling, K32046 and Garfield Mark Logan. I'm the reject of Earth. I'm judged by my appearance. I'm me, but also not me. On the outside I'm a mask. Sometimes, I'm not even sure who I am. Am I a teenage hero? Am I a side-kick? Am I a strange scientific wonder, to be tested on? Am I a human, fifteen year old? Or am I all of these crammed into one? I don't know. But, I do know, that I will not allow anyone to go through what I've been through. Even if it costs me my life. I suppose that is what makes me the most human.

I am Beast boy, the youngest of the Teen Titans. I am Changeling, a side-kick to the Doom Patrol. I am K32046, the scientific wonder. I am Garfield Mark Logan, the human fifteen year old kid, robbed of his childhood. I am me.