The Rejoining from Madness

Author's note:I do NOT own Hetalia or any of its characters. Also this story will have swearing, torture, killing, blood, mention of Hitler and other subjects of WW2. I will be posting chapters as the get done. As for editing, I will corrected when people notice any of my mistakes or my friend reads over the chapter. So don't be rude about my grammar or spelling please. When you see italic without "" or with out ' ' then it is when someone is writing in their diary.

For better understanding:

Dear A.T. Diary: Italy

Dear Journal: England

Hero's Log: America

Entry #: Germany

Japan's Journal/ Japan's Journal 2: Japan

XX Day of the month of XXXX of year 19XX: Volker

Caro stupido giornale:(Dear stupid journal:): Romano

Aloha Notebook: Hawaii

When In () to show change in who is writing. Also when not around humans, nations only use their human names if close friends, family, or lovers

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The Rejoining From Madness

Chapter 1: An Old Friend Returns. An Eye For An Eye?

Dear A.T. Diary,

Right now, Ludwig is sitting in England's kitchen staring out of the window. I wonder if what we were told by Volker the other day is affecting him, or maybe it is the country business that America received over the phone...

It was a cloud covered sunrise when the ringing of a phone broke the quiet of the night that still lingered in the house. This had caused Ludwig to do a startled jump-fall out of the bed, which woke up Feliciano, who had been asleep next to the German nation.

Hearing the sound of slippers on the wooden hall floor, Germany pick himself up off the floor and open the bedroom door just in time to see England's blond hair disappear down the stairs.

"Who in their right mind be calling so early?" Asked Italy as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

"I don't know but England seems to be taking care of it." Answered Ludwig.

Meanwhile, Arthur ran quickly into the living before grapping the phone. "Hello?" Arthur spoke into the end of the phone.

"Sorry to wake you sir, but I was told by Alfred to contact this number if there was an emergency." Respond a Hawaiian on the other end of the line. "Is he there?" (Author's Note: When it is 5:00 pm in Hawaii, it is 3:00 am the next day in London.)

"Ummm... Yes, Alfred is here. May I ask you who is calling?" asked the British nation.

"I am Kamehameha. I work with Alfred."

"Okay, gave me a minute and I'll get him on the line."


Setting the receiver down on the coffee table, England ran back up the stairs. When he reached the top of the stairs, he found America standing there with Volker and Ludwig standing outside their rooms.

"Hey England," Alfred said since he had a feeling that there was no reason to hide their identities because Volker already knew. "what is going on?"

"Well there is a Kamehameka...Kemaheneha..." answer England not sure how to pronounce the man's name.


"Yes, he is on the phone. He says something about an emergency."

Hearing this made Alfred's eyes widen before he slid past the British nation and headed down the stairs and into the living room.

"I wonder what this is all about." spoke Volker as he and Ludwig joined England at the top of the stairs.

"Me too." said England, "Want to go down and see what is going on?"

Both Germans nodded before they followed England to the living room.

"I understand your concern Kame, but are you sure that he is not from one of the towns on your islands." Asks America.

"Yes, I have checked all the police stations and none of them say that there is a missing person reported." respond Kame back to the North American nation.

"But that doesn't mean he is from Japan. That island nation has been quiet since the earthquake there."

"I know but I found him amongst plane wreckage that had Japanese characters on it. Plus, I get the same feeling like I do when I am with you or another nation."

"Fine if it would make you feel better, I will come and check the guy out. So see you in a few hours."

Hanging up the phone, Alfred turned to face the two nations and the former Nazi officer that he had sense coming into the room during his conversation with Hawaii.

"So what was...Kamehameha calling about?" asked Arthur for the three of them had only heard America's side of the call.

"Well Kamehameha clams that he found an Asian nation." answer America.

This seem to make Germany a little excited, "By any chance could it be Japan. Italy had lost touch with him before he rescued me from Hitler clutches."

"I'm sorry, Germany but he didn't say." Answers Alfred. Even though the Hawaiian said the person was Japanese, American did not want to get the German nation's hopes up. "Anyway Kamehameha insisted that I come over and give the man a look over."

"So when do you plan to leave?" England asks.

"If I can I plan to leave before this afternoon." Answers Alfred before picking up the phone again. "I just need to call a taxi."

"Don't bother. I can drive you to the airport." Said Arthur as he approaches Alfred.

"Are you sure?" asks America trying to voice his concern about England guests without directly saying it.

"Don't worry about it." answer England, he had got America's hidden message and was telling him that he trusted the tow former Axis nations and the former SS officer.

"So will you two be leaving soon?" asks Ludwig as he rubs his left eye.

"Then I should wake up Feliciano." Said the German nation as he turns from the others and heads back up the stairs.

"Oh that reminds me. I had called Dr. Asimov yesterday. He is suppose to be coming over later today. Could you tell Germany and Italy this?" The British nation asks Volker.

"Umm.. sure." responds Volker.

"Is something wrong?" asks Arthur when he saw the look of confusion on Volker's face.

"You call Feliciano by his nation name, but Ludwig calls him by his human name. Why is that?"

"The thing is our human names are more personal when amongst other nations. If another nation uses our human name it means that they are family or close friends. We also use our human names when around humans to keep them from knowing about us."

"I see. Another question: Does Dr. Asimov know about you guys?"

"No, but he might have his suspicions after the meeting you. If he starts to ask questions have him talk to me."

"Okay. " Volker says with a nod.

Meanwhile upstairs, Ludwig entered the bedroom to find the bed empty. Stepping back into the hall, Ludwig could hear the shower going in the bathroom across the hall from the bedroom.

Knocking on the bathroom door, Ludwig called out, so he could be heard over the shower, "Feliciano are okay?"

Hearing the hidden concern in the German nation's voice, Italy yelled over the shower, "Yeah. I am fine. I just thought sine everyone else was busy downstairs, I go ahead and use the shower."

"That's good."

"If you want you can join me." Feliciano calls out. In a way he knew that Germany would not join him but he could still hope.

"I d-don't think t-that is a good i-idea." answers Ludwig as shock and a blush comes to him.

Hearing the sound of feet on the stairs again, Italy turned off the shower before sticking out his head from behind the shower curtain to look t the door. 'I hope I didn't scare him off.'

XX Day of the month of XXXX of year 19XX,

Arthur has left to take Alfred to the airport about four hours ago. Since then Germany has been sitting in the kitchen. He must be in such deep thought that he doesn't notice Feliciano and I moving around behind him.

To think that Ludwig is Germany. This man is the true father of my homeland and Hitler and his party just threw him a side, like an used object. On top that they made a copy of him. I just wish that there had been a better way for me to tell him about Traugott...

"Umm...Herr Deutschland? (Umm...Mr. Germany?) Volker says from behind the thinking nation.

Hearing someone speak so formal to him, pulls Ludwig from his thoughts.

"Ja, Volker?" Germany answers as he turns to face the former officer.

"Ich möchte nur sagen, dass es tut mir leid für die Möglichkeit, dass ich die Nachrichten auf gemeinsamen Traugott. Sie müssen sich wie alle Ihre Leute haben gegen dich weg, aber weiß, das ich stehe zu dir. Wenn Sie bereit sind, Ihren Umzug zu machen sind, werde ich an deiner Seite sein." (I just want to say that I am sorry for the way that I shared the news on Traugott. You must feel like all of your people have gone against you, but know this I stand by you. When you are ready to make your move, I will be by your side.)

"Ich auch." (Me too.) Interrupted Italy who had been listening to Volker's small speech since the beginning.

Looking and Feliciano and then Volker, a small smile came to Ludwig. "Dank es bedeutet mir sehr viel zu hören, beide von Ihnen sagen. Oh Volker, Sie können mich anrufen Ludwig. Ich glaube, wir sind über Formalitäten unter uns." (Thanks it means a lot to me to hear both of you say that. Oh Volker, you can call me Ludwig. I believe we are beyond formalities among us.)

Hearing this brought a smile to Volker's face.

Just then a knocking sound came from the front door. This caused the three men to turn their focus to it before there was another knock.

"Who could that be?" Italy asks out loud.

"It might be Dr. Asimov. England told me that he would be over." answered Volker.

"Yea! Dr. Herbert!" Italy says happily as he runs from the kitchen to the front door.

"Good thing he came." Ludwig says as he exits the kitchen, with Volker fallowing behind. "My eye has been bugging for some time."

"Do you want Dr. Asimov to check you out first?" Volker asks.

"Don't worry about me. Nations don't die so easily from disease or infections."

Walking into the living room, where Feliciano had lead the English doctor, it was here that Volker got his first look at the man who had been helping his nation personification.

Dr. Asimov appeared to be in his mid-forties with dark brown hair that was slowly turning white. He had emerald green eyes that were framed by a pair of silver frame glasses. the man had a kindness that seem to come form that same want to help the people around him.

"Who is your new friend?" Dr. Herbert Asimov asks when he sees the other German.

"Dr. Asimov, I like to introduce Volker Edlenkrieger." Said Italy as he move his hand from Herbert to Volker. "Volker this is Dr. Asimov." he repeats the hand monition but in reverse.

"So you are the famous Volker." said Dr. Asimov as he extended a hand in friendship to the former German officer, who took the hand into a firm handshake. "Feliciano has told me how you helped him rescue and escape with Ludwig."

"I see..." answers Volker. Italy must have informed almost everyone.

"I got to say you are a very brave man. I respect you for all that you did."

"Thank you, Dr. Asimov."

"Please call me, Herbert." responds the British doctor as he lets go of the German's hand. "Anyway I was called here by Arthur. He says that you been having some trouble with your left eye socket, Ludwig."

"Yea, but maybe you should look over Volker first just in case the problem with my eye is not a small one." answers Ludwig.

"If you are so sure." responds the doctor before turning his focus to the other German. "So Volker lets get you over with."

It did not take Dr. Herbert long to fully examine Volker. With the exception of a few cuts, which were slightly infected, Volker checked out okay.

"Now let's see what is going on with you, Ludwig." says Dr. Asimov.

Removing the eye patch from his left eye, Ludwig let the doctor slowly place his hands near his eye. Seeing this made Feliciano notice that Germany did not flinch at Dr. Herbert's touch. Slowly, carefully, and gently Dr. Herbert pulled Ludwig's eye lids open. Instead of the normal angry red color socket that the doctor had often saw when helping the German nation, he saw a small white cloudily orb. Pulling his hands back, Dr. Asimov blinked a few times before reaching into his bag.

"Is something wrong?" asks Ludwig for he had noticed the doctor's reaction.

"I think I saw something. But to make sure, I'm going to get a better look." answered Dr. Herbert as he pulled out a small flashlight.

Slowly opening the German's eye lids again, the doctor shined a small light into the socket. Noticing the white orb seemed to get cloudier, in response to the light, the doctor turned off the flashlight before pulling away from the patient.

"Interesting." Said the doctor as he looked at Ludwig.

"Entschuldigen Sie mich?" (Excuse me?) responds Germany with a look of confusion when he heard the British doctor's exclamation.

"Well, the thing is if I didn't know better it looks like your eye is growing back."

"Are you sure?" asks Feliciano when he hears this from Dr. Asimov.

"Not really. There never has been anything like this in any medical studies I have read. If you want I could take a few samples an see what I can come up with."

Hearing the word samples made the German nation pull back from the doctor. "I am not sure about that."

This made Dr. Asimov realize what he had just said. Those doctors had collected samples from Ludwig but did it painfully. "I'm sorry, Ludwig. I did not mean it that way. All I need is some fluid from the area. Water from a tear should be enough."

"I understand now. After hearing the word samples brought back bad memories." Answered Germany.

"If you don't want to then I am not going to force you."

"No, I think it be a good idea to make sure nothing is wrong. The problem is I am not an easy person to shed a tear."

"Then why don't you try yawning. This often makes my eyes water." says Italy.

"Not a bad idea, but I don't think I would get enough for my tests." responds the British doctor.

"Maybe he could cut an onion. Onions when cut release a gas called Propanethiol S-oxide. When this gas mixes with certain enzymes in the onion, it creates a sulfur gas. These gases then get into your eyes and creates a mild acid which irate the eyes which in turn makes the eyes water." says Volker, who had been silent since the doctor had started treating Germany (Author's Note: What Volker says about onions is true.)

"That would work."

"Are you sure? Would the gas from the onions affect the test?" asks Ludwig.

"It shouldn't. Besides I know what to look for." answers Dr. Asimov.

"Okay, then lets get started." responds Germany as he stands up.

After the groups walks into the kitchen, Italy pulls out a cutting board and a knife, he knew the locations of these items from helping England prepare meals. Sitting the knife and the cutting board on the counter, the Italien then walked into the pantry and selected one of the onions from the bag. Walking back into the main part of the kitchen, Italy saw that Dr. Herbert had pulled a vile from his bag and had already labeled it.

Taking the onion from Feliciano and placing it on the board, Ludwig looked up at the others before saying. "This feel strange."

"If you want Feliciano and I could leave the room if it would help with the strangeness?" asked Volker.

"Yes it would."

Hearing Ludwig's answer, both Volker and Italy left the kitchen and returned to the living room. After taking a seat, the two remained quiet for some time before Volker broke the silence. "I was wondering if Ludwig has share any of his.. experiences with you?"

"He has. It was hard at first but it helped that I told him about how I was able to find him." answered Italy.

"Could you tell me what happen to Germany?"

"I am sorry Volker but I can't. It is not that I don't trust you, its just something that Ludwig has to tell you."

"I understand."

Just then Dr. Asimov and Ludwig entered the room.

"So is it safe to say you got what you needed, Dr. Asimov?" asks Italy when he notices the two men.

"Yes, I did. I will call when I have the test results. In the mean time keep doing what you have been doing and call if anything changes." responds Dr. Asimov.

"Okay, I will." said the German nation.

"Alright then, I wish you guys a good night." says the doctor as Volker opens the front door for him.

Hero's Log

I have been in the air for a few hours since Arthur has drop me off. I do wish that Hawaii had not sounded so urgent on the phone or I might have had him contacted my boss in Washington (D.C). I do also hate that once again I have left England in a war torn Europe again. My greatest fear, even though I will never admit it, is that the Nazis will find a way to Arthur's home and kidnap him. There is no telling the horrors they may do when they find Germany and Italy there...

It was night time when England returned to his house from dropping off America at the airport outside of London. Exiting his vehicle, Arthur was surprised to see that the only light that was coming through the window in the living room. The British nation was hoping that more people would be awake besides whoever was using the lamp in the living room. Opening the door, Arthur was greeted by the sight of Volker sitting in one of England's chairs.

"Welcome home, Arthur." Volker says as he looks up from his lap, in which he had been in deep thought.

"Thank you, Volker." respond England as he closes the door and walks into the living room. Taking a seat near the German, Arthur then asked, "So did Dr. Asimov come over like I mentioned?"

"Yes he did."

"So did Dr. Asimov find out what the problem with Germany's eye?"

"In fact he did. From what Dr. Herbert told us, Ludwig's left eye is growing back."

"Really now!" Said England with a surprised look on his face.

"Dr. Herbert did take a few samples of fluid to run a few tests to make sure that it is not something else." respond Volker.

"I understand. It's just that even with our exceptional healing abilities, we can't regrow parts that we lost that don't normally grow back."

"Well after what Ludwig went through when they removed his eye, I would be surprised too."

"He told you about that."

"I asked him about what happen after the doctor had left. Since Feliciano didn't stick around when Ludwig shared his experience, I believed he already knows about it."

"Italy was sharing the experiences with me, at first, but stopped. Could you tell me what happen with Ludwig's eye?"

"I don't know if I should but I will. Just don't tell Ludwig."

"Don't worry. I will not."


I know that I have no right to know what happen to Germany without him telling me. But how can i help him if I do not know what he had gone through.

It had been after the experiment on Germany's spine when the doctors decided that they wanted something more..

Wir müssen etwas in der Erscheinung Bereich zu gelangen, wenn dieses Projekt funktionieren wird. (We need to get something in the appearance area, if this project is going to work.) Germany heard one of the doctors say through his drug induced haze.

Wir könnten versuchen Sie, einige seiner Gesichtshaut. (We could try moving some of his facial skin.) stated another doctor.

"Ich war etwas mehr zu denken." (I was thinking something more.)

"Und was ist Ihr Vorschlag?" (Then what is your suggestion?)

"Wie wäre es mit dem Auge?" (What about his eye?)

A few minutes later, Germany found himself strapped down to the operating table once again. This time the doctors strapped the German nation's head down. At first Germany had no idea in why they did this until he saw the surgical knife come at his left eye.

The doctor then used the bladeto cut through the skin and into the orbicularis muscle fibers of Ludwig's left eye. Then a pair of scissors was handed to the doctor, who then used it on the suborbicularis plane until he reached the bony orbital rim. The doctor then took a sharp knife and cut the nerves around his eye, causing Ludwig to loose feeling in his eye. Just then the doctor grabbed a metal scoop to the eye. As the doctor dug it into Ludwig's eye socket, the pain from it got worse until it was more painful than the experiment on his spine. This caused Ludwig to slowly black out. When he came to Germany then noticed that his vision was now singular. (Author's Note: There is a real operation were the whole eye is removed. The steps for it is a lot more complex than what is described in my story. Also most likely to be more gentle. Here are a few terms that I used: Orbicularis Oculi Muscle- muscles in the face that closes the eyelids. Orbital- the cavity of the skull in which the eye and it appendages are situated.)

After hearing this...I did not know how to respond. How does one say anything after being told something so ghastly.

Later (America)

Just have gotten off the plane. As I walked through the airport, I see Kamehameka watching for me in the lobby.

"Hey Kame." America calls out.

"Alfred! Good to see you. Thanks for coming so quickly." responds Kamehameka when he notices America.

"Well, you did sound urgent over the phone. So what was so important that you couldn't call my boss."

I know that he mentioned over the phone that he thinks he found a nation but I am not sure that he said that to get me to come. I know it is bad to doubt my allies but there is a war going on even if my country is not involved.

"I would prefer to talk about it at home." answers the Hawaiian, "No telling who might listen in."

The car trip we take is a little long for me, but then again I had flown from London. During the whole trip, we remain in silence.

We arrive in front of Kamehameha's house. Kame's home appears to be a small one story house painted white. Despite this it is bigger than it seems for there is a basement.

"So can we start talking now?" I ask as I step inside the house because I am getting impatience.

"Why don't you go downstairs and into the third room. I'll take your stuff to your room." Kame answers calmly.

Hearing the Hawaiian's request America walked to the basement stairs before heading down them. When he reached the basement, Alfred could hear a faint snoring from the third room. Quickly walking towards to third room and then into the room, Alfred was greeted by quite the surprise.

Entry #:

It has been a few days since America has left for his homeland and since Dr. Herbert was over. Since then my eye socket feels like something inside it is expanding. I wonder if I should call the doctor back...

Stepping out of England's quest room, Germany rubbed at left eye before walking into the bathroom. Turning on the water , Ludwig let it run in order to warm up before he started to clean his left eye socket.

"Hey Ludwig, what are you doing?" asks Italy, who was standing in the doorway, rubbing his own eyes.

Earlier the tow had been asleep in England's guest bedroom. Well that was until Germany woke up to a strange feeling in his left eye socket.

"Just cleaning my eyes. I think something must have gotten in it. Nothing to worry about." answered Ludwig as he began to wipe his eye.

"Are you sure? I could call Dr. Herbert for you."

"No, thank you, Feliciano. Just give me a few minutes and I'll return to bed."

"If you're sure then, I'll see you back in bed." respond Feliciano with a yawn.

Returning to his cleaning, Ludwig heard the guest bedroom door open and close as the Italien returned to bed. Cleaning his left eye for a few more minutes before looking into the mirror, the German nation noticed how red his eyelids were. 'Maybe I should call Dr. Herbert.' Germany thought to himself before turning off the water, followed by the light and returning to bed.

Hero's Log:

The shock I got yesterday must have placed me in a daze because I don't remember anything after walking into the third basement room. All I know is that I have awoken up in another of Kame's quest rooms.

"Alfred? You awake yet?" Kamehameha calls through the door, hoping that America was awake.

Glancing at the door for a few minutes , to gather his thoughts better, America then answered, "Yes I am. You can come in if you want."

Seeing the guest room door open, Alfred threw off the cover and stood up.

"Good morning Alfred." said Kamehameha after he entered the room.

"Same to you." America respond back as he grabs his suitcase and tosses it onto the bed. "So how did I end up here. The last thing I remember was seeing your guest and that was it."

"When you saw my guest you just froze there. So I lead you to this room and put you to bed."

"I see..." respond Alfred as he unzips his suitcase and pulls out a pair of jeans and a black shirt.

"Yeah... Anyway was my suspicion on him correct?" asks the Hawaiian.

"Yes... He is Japan..."

Dear A.T. Diary,

When we woke up this morning something amazing has happen...

Sitting up in the bed, Italy blinked a few times in order to get his eyes use to the bright sunlight coming through the window. Normally Feliciano liked to sleep in late but since he had made his promise to Germany, he had been getting up with Ludwig and joining him in training.

Wondering why Ludwig was not already up and getting dressed, Feliciano looked around the room before his gaze fell on the German nation, who was laying still in the bed with a hand draped across his eyes.

"Ludwig, what's wrong?" Feliciano asks when he notice Germany's expression.

"The light is to bright. It is making my eyes hurt." answers Ludwig, as he keeps his hand over his eyes.

"But the room was always been this bright in the morning."

"I know but for some reason today, it is hurting my eyes."

"Let me see if I can block some of the light." responds Italy as he climbs out of the bed.

Looking around the room, Italy could not find anything to cover the windows. Grabbing the blanket form the bed, Feliciano carefully draped it over the curtain rod.

"Is that better?" the Italien nation asks the German nation.

"Ja, (Yes) much better." Says Ludwig as he drops his hand from his eyes before sitting up.

"That's good." Replies Italy as he adjusts the blanket to cover more of window.

"Feliciano could you come here."

Hearing Ludwig's request, Italy scampered back to the bed. "What's going on?"

Looking at Feliciano, Ludwig slowly opened both eyes. This caused Feliciano's eyes to widen in astonishment.

Blinking a few times to fully clear his view, Ludwig got a complete view of Feliciano since he had been rescued from the underground laboratory by Italy and Volker.

"Ludwig your eye!" exclaimed Italy excitedly. "It has..."

"I know." interrupted the German nation in a collected tone even though he was just a excited. "Could you hand me a mirror?"

Knowing why Germany wanted a mirror, Italy left the bed once again. Walking up to the dresser, the Italien picked up a mirror that laid on top of it. Strolling back to the bed, Feliciano handed it to Germany.

Focusing on his reflection, Ludwig saw that his new left eye was a old color instead of the blue it was before his capture.

"What a fascinating color." said Feliciano as he gazed at Germany's new eye.

"I know. I wonder what caused it to turn to this color?" Said Ludwig as he focused on the reflection of his golden left eye. Suddenly the mirror cracks causing both nations to jump. "Well, I guess we now know why."

Hero's Log:

Since now I have conform that Kamehameha's guest is in fact a nation and not just any nation but the missing Japan, more problems have arise.

I would like to take Japan to Europe . I know that Germany and Italy would love to see Japan again. It must be hard on the two not knowing what happen the their friend. But if Japan is here what is going on in the land of his country and why did he come here?

After a quick breakfast, that America cooked for his hoist since the Hawaiian was giving him free boarding, Alfred could tell that Kamehameha was eager to talk a bout the island nation asleep in his basement rooms.

"So what are you going to do about ... Japan?" asks Kamehameha as he takes a seat at the table across from America.

"Well, first I would like for him to wake up. I have a few questions that i like to ask him." answers Alfred.

"Me too. I like to know how he ended up on my shores."

"I have the same question."

Later (America)

Japan has woken up. I want to give him a few hours to recover but for some reason he seems very anxious to talk to me...

Japan woke up to a bumpy white ceiling. Seeing the ceiling made Japan realize that he was not dead, like he thought he would be after that storm, but he now laid in a bed in someone's house.

Hearing the room's door open, Japan sat up quickly in the bed. This caused the person, who had opened the door to jump. Stumbling from the bed, Japan ran to the dark skinned man before grabbing him by the shoulders, "I know you have no reason to trust me but I need to get in contact with your government."

Hearing and seeing the panic in Japan. Kame gentle placed a hand on the island nations left shoulder. "Don't worry. I have someone that can help you."

Leading Japan back to the bed, Kamehameka then walked quickly out of the room and up the stairs. Stepping into the living room, Kame approached America before saying "Japan has woken up."

"He has ?!" said Alfred with excitement in his voice, "How is he?"

"In a state of panic."

"Really now. I was going to give him a few hours to recover before I question him."

"I wouldn't advise it. Japan seems like he has something very important to share. I don't think he will stay down stairs for much longer.'

"Point taken."

Standing up from the chair, that he was sitting in, Alfred head back to the basement. Walking into the third room, America was greeted by the slightly panicky Japan.

"America! Thank God!" the island nation said as he jumped to his feet.

"Good to see you too, Japan." respond Alfred calmly

"I know that you have no reason to trust me right now, but a great danger nears!"

"Calm down." said the North American nation as he places a hand on Japan's left shoulder, "Why don't you start from the beginning?"

"Okay." answers Japan with a nod.

Japan then began to explain everything from the meeting with Italy, to the phone call from Romano, to the country lockdown, to his spy mission, to finally his high jacketing of an airplane which crashed into the ocean. "Unfortunately, I don't know which harbor that my government plans to attack." said Japan as he takes a deep breath.

"That is a lot to take in, Japan." responds America to Japan's story. "I am not sure what I can do but I will contact my boss and my government about the attack and I will also get my military harbor bases to be on high alert."

"But how are you going to convince them to do this?" Asks Japan, "I mean if you have to turn me in I will understand."

"No!" said America sharply, "My plan is to show them the parts of the plane. Kame says that there is a good chance the bigger pieces are going to be washed up soon. Besides I have a better plan."

"Better plan?" asks Japan with a confused look on his face.

"Yeah! I'm going to take you to Europe with me."

Japan's Journal 2:

America has gave me a new notebook for me to use. This is nice because now I can write down my thoughts.

As for my thoughts on America's plans to send me to Europe, I am not sure what to think. Because of the war if I was in America's situation I would have turned me in, but America keeps insisting that taking me to Europe is the best idea. I wonder why but America had not revealed anything to me.

Some of the large pieces have washed up like Kamehameha has said and America has planned to use them to get the military bases to enter high alert. By reporting the plane parts to the base, America has gotten his Navy to gather the parts and therefore getting the base to be on high alert. For some reason when I watch the Navy officers pull the parts from the sand and seaweed, I feel strangely sad. Maybe it is because I think that the Steel Dragon should get more honor than being harshly pulled from the breach.

Later (America)

Now my plan in working. Japan's airplane has gotten my military bases on high alert and also getting my government to contact China and Russia. I hope that they take the warning serious.

As for Japan, I am not sure on his feeling on my plans. I know he thinks that my ideas are not wise for the situation of the world but I know what I am doing.

Japan's Journal 2:

Later today, America and I are going to England's house. I don't know how I am going to get on the aircraft without a passport.

A Little Later (Japan)

I was surprised by the passport that Kamehameha handed me. America must have told him about his plans to take me to Europe. I am very impressed by how the Hawaiian was able to make fake documents for me. (Author's Note: One of the earliest known references to paperwork that served in a role similar to that of a passport is found in the Hebrew Bible. Also there was a passport system for approximately thirty years prior to World War I)

Later (Still Japan)

My passport made me pass through security with flying colors and now we are on the airplane bound for Europe. For some reason I am so nervous. Must be from my last flight: my escape from my country.

Hero's Log:

Before boarding the aircraft, I called Arthur. I let him know about what happen that was so important...

Hearing the phone ring, shortly before the British nation was about to retire for the night.

"Hello?" England speaks into the phone fighting off a yawn. Earlier the nation had joined Volker, Italy and Germany in a game of football/soccer. Then after dinner Arthur helped Ludwig work at controlling his metal powers. From what the two was able to determine the more Germany focuses with is left eye the easier it was for him to use his abilities.

"Hey Arthur. Sorry to call so late." answers Alfred on the other end.

"Its okay, Alfred. Nice to hear from you. So did you find out what was so important from your friend?"

"Yes, and you will not believe what I found out!"

Hearing the excitement in Alfred's voice, Arthur couldn't but help to smile. "So what did you find out?"

"I found Japan!" answered America.

This caused England's eyes to widen, "Really now? You are not joking with me?"

"No really. Kamehameha found Japan on one of his beaches. I am bringing Japan back with me to Europe. Hope that you don't mind."

"Not at all. Germany and Italy would love to see Japan. I know it has been sometime since they have heard Japan."

"Yeah I know...So I'll see you soon."

"See you soon too." responds England before hanging up the phone.

Later (England)

Is my house now becoming a safe haven for former Axis members? In a way I am happy to see that Japan is okay. But that also means that another government has thrown out their country representative. On the side note, I know that Japan will make Germany and Italy happy.

Dear A.T. Dairy,

For some reason, England seems to be in a better mood. I bet is has to do with America's return, that he told us about this morning. I wonder if there is something going between England and America like the relationship between Ludwig and me...

Hearing the sound of a taxi door close, England stood up form his seat, where he had been reading one of his many books. Opening the front door, Arthur was greeted by Alfred, who has pulling a large suitcase behind him, and Japan, who had a much smaller suitcase because most of the clothes in it were America's that he was borrowing from him.

"Japan! it is nice to see you again!" said England when the island nation reached England's front door.

"It is nice to see you too. It has been sometime ." respond Japan as he stepped inside the house. Looking around the house for a few minutes, Japan then turned to the two Allies. "Okay, now what was the reason that you thought it was a good idea to bring me here?"

"Well, the thing is..." America started to answer, only to be interrupted by a voice that was very familiar to the Japanese nation.

"Hey England!" yelled Italy as he ran down the stairs, 'Where do you keep your spare sheets? The ones on the quest beds are starting..." Italy started to say as he rounded the bend in the stairs where he saw Japan standing in the hall.

Tears starting to fall from his face, Feliciano shouted 'Thank God! Oh Thank God!" before embracing Kiku in an hug.

Kiku, who was in a daze from seeing Italy, was pulled from it by the hug but instead of shoving the Italien away like he would have normally, he returned the embrace.

Just then, Japan heard the sound of two pairs of boots on England's wood stairs. Apparently Feliciano's shouting had tracked the attention of the people upstairs. As the two people entered the hall, Japan saw a German man with black hair and blue eyes and a familiar blond haired man.

"Germany!" Kiku said Happily from around the still hugging Italien.

"Japan!" shouted Germany as he joined the other two nations in the embrace.

XX Day of the month of XXX of the year 19XX,

I am not use who the Japanese man is, but he must be someone very important to Feliciano and Ludwig, their reaction doe tell it all though. Maybe later, I can find out more...

"Here you go, Volker." said Arthur as he sets down a cup of tea for the German.

"So before we get involved with everyone's stories can we get introductions out of the way?" asks Volker as England takes a seat next to Alfred.

"Oh! How rude of me." Said Japan when he realized what Volker meant. 'I am Japan, but my friends call me Kiku."

"Nice to meet you, Japan. I am Volker Edlenkrieger, a friend of Feliciano's" responds the German.

"I see. So how does Italy know you?"

"That is part of Feliciano's and Ludwig's tale. I think it would be better if they told you."

Nodding at Volker, Japan then shifted his focus from him to his friends. 'SO what happen? All I know is that you disappeared Germany for no reason and later I get a call from your brother saying that you have gone missing Italy."

"Well, Japan, it's not that we wanted to keep you in the dark, but a lot has happen between us." I don't know where to begin our tale." answered Ludwig.

"Why don't I start Ludwig?" respond Feliciano. "I believe it would be easier for me because Kiku already knows part of it." Plus my story does tie into Volker's adventure."

"That does make sense." replies Germany. "So go ahead., Feliciano.

"As you already know, Kiku, we had our meeting early that day when I had a dream during the evening..." said the Italien as he began to fill in Japan on the reasons for him leaving his home and how he had end up at England's house.

"You did a lot Feliciano. I can't believe how brave you were." said Kiku after hearing Italy's adventure.

"Thank you, Kiku. But that is not all of the story. Volker and Ludwig still has their part of the account."

"I know. I just wanted to tell you my opinion Italy before we continue. Plus there is also my part. Would you like to go next Ludwig?"

"Ummm.." the Germany nation started to say. The last time he talked about what had happen to him in the underground lab, he had a sight panic attack.

Noticing the hidden angst in Germany, Volker spoke up. "If you don't mind, I would like to share my part."

"I don't see why not."

"As Feliciano already told you, I helped in the rescue of Ludwig. But I did have my personal reasons." Volker informed the Japanese nation about what made him help Feliciano.

"I see now."

"Yea, I just hope there will be a chance for me to help more people later."

"Nicht Volker Sorge ... Ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass es eine Chance sein." (Do not worry Volker... I am pretty sure there will be a chance.) Ludwig respond back to Volker in their native tongue.

"Well, that only leaves you, Ludwig." Japan said. Normally, the nation didn't like to push his friend but he felt like something most have happen to Germany because one of his eyes was now a golden color instead of blue.

"But Japan! you haven't told you anything!"

"Okay, okay." said Kiku, who has starting to feel sight upset. " As Italy already knows, I ad meeting with hem before returning to my home..."

After finishing his story, Japan looked Germany, who has looking down at his hands. Ludwig didn't really want to talk in front of everyone.

"Hey Germany! Would it help if England and I left the room?" asked America. Alfred didn't know the full story behind Germany but he had the feeling Ludwig would tell him when ready.

"Ja. (Yes.) it would." answer Germany.

"Okay." said both England and America as they stood up and left the room.

Seeing both nations leave made Japan wonder if he should retract his question to the German nation. "Germany, if you don't want to you don't have to answer my question."

"No, you need to know what happen." respond Ludwig. "All that I went through started when my former boss, Hitler, showed up in my office..."

It was a few hours later when Ludwig finished later when Ludwig finished telling Japan what had happen to the German nation during his disappearance. The nation did leave out quite a few details not because he thought that Kiku could not handle it but just talking about the events brought up the memories he did not want.

Japan on the other hand just remained silent. the island nation did not know how to respond. The lock down that he had experience with is gouvernement was nothing compared to what Germany went through. After a few minutes pasted, Kiku finally spoke. "I'm sorry Germany. I just don't know what to say."

"That's oaky, Kiku. A lot of people don't have an idea on what to say. it is not something that can easy be passed over."

"Yea, but regrowing your whole left eye must have felt strange."

'That's true." said Ludwig quitely as he looked down at this hands again.

This action had drawn the attention of Feliciano. "It's getting late guys and we don't have a plan."

"I know, Italy." Said Japan.

"So what are we going to do?"

"I have an idea..." respond Ludwig.

"What Ludwig?"

We plan for war."