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Lucius returned to the master suite and pulled over a chair and admired Marius where he was bound, close enough to reach out and lightly drag his fingers down his spine and his flanks, sending shivers through him. Lucius chuckled as Marius gasped and shifted in his bonds.

"Mmm, you like that do you?" Lucius drawled in a low voice. "Do you know what you do to me? Seeing you waiting for my pleasure?" he asked, whispering in Marius' ear, nipping at his earlobe before withdrawing, eliciting a moan from Marius. "This is what you do to me," he said, wrapping his arms around Marius' shoulders and pressing tightly against his back so that Marius could feel Lucius' erection pressed up against him.

"Should I take you down now and have my way with you? Hmm? Or should I lay down in the bed and simply enjoy the sights? I think I'll take in the sights," he said lustfully, thrusting against Marius once then backing away as Marius again groaned in protest.

Lucius walked around to the side of the bed and leisurely disrobed, lighting a candle on the nightstand and burning a special incense blend that heightened arousal. Propping up a couple of pillows against the headboard he poured himself a glass of wine and lay down naked on the coverlet, looking up at Marius who was still blindfolded.

"I think it's time you get another tattoo, Marius. One to mark the addition to your group," Lucius mused. "Perhaps another piercing?" he ventured, chuckling as Marius shivered and his cock twitched in response. "Yes, another piercing would mark the occasion far better than a tattoo. A much more visceral reminder on a daily basis. One that clothing cannot conceal from your senses. Now, where to put the new piercing?"

Lucius reached between the nightstand and headboard, pulling out a crop, lightly drawing the leather flap over Marius' body, lightly slapping his inner thighs, more noise than any sting or hurt. "Another set of rings here?" he asked, using the crop to lift Marius' scrotum, alternately lifting one ball then the other.

"What about a matching set of rings here?" he teased, giving each nipple a little sting. "I could buy a length of fine chain to put through the nipple rings and string it through your scrotal rings as well. Then every movement you make would stimulate you. Yes, I think that will do quite nicely. I'll arrange for it to be done tomorrow," Lucius decided, watching as Marius became highly aroused at his master's description.

Lucius took another sip of wine. "Of course we'll need to mark House as a part of our clan now. In his line of work, a piercing won't do. Sanitation and the MRI machine to consider after all. No, I think a tattoo would be best for him. A combination of your sigil and mine. Where to put it? Here?" he suggested, touching Marius' wrist with the crop. "No. What about here?" dragging the crop up Marius' arm to stop on his upper arm.

"Perhaps the thigh?" Lucius wondered, letting the crop trail down his arm and cross to his thigh and up into his groin. "No, too close to that scar of his. The penis is far too sensitive for a novice like him," he smirked prodding Marius there and giving a light smack on the tip with the crop. "I think the chest is the best place for his first tattoo," he concluded, bringing the crop up his belly, swirling over his nipple before coming to rest on his upper pecs.

Lucius put the crop back beside the bed and snuffed the candle with his thumb and forefinger. Reaching down, he began to stroke himself, humming with pleasure. "You look so deliciously ready to be ravished there, Marius. Your ass is still pink from my attention earlier and your cock is so hard. Straining to find relief, begging for me to touch you as I'm touching myself. Tugging at your balls, swirling my thumb over its head and pinching you when you are close to cumming. Not yet, my lovely. Don't you dare cum until I give you leave. Wait for your master's leisure. Endure for my pleasure and I will see that you receive pleasure as well. Yes, you can imagine my hands touching you can't you?" he said, giving moans of pleasure as he stroked himself and watched Marius squirming, pulling against the wrist bindings, unable to keep his hips still as his master's words increased his arousal to almost painful levels. Painful but promising a deep pleasure of release.

Lucius stroked himself, making certain that Marius heard not only his groans of pleasure but the movement of his hands as well. He took himself right to the edge and stopped, laying his arms out to his side and taking several deep breaths to bring himself back from the brink, drawing a tortured moan from Marius. As soon as he had some control over himself he stood up and untied Marius from the bedposts, pushing him onto hands and knees at the foot of the bed and thrusting into his ass, going deeper with every thrust. Just as Lucius was about to cum, he leaned forward and swirled his thumb over the tip of Marius' cock and growled, "Cum for me."

The response was instantaneous. Marius exploded, his ass grasping Lucius tightly within him and sending Lucius over the edge. He thrust hard and demanding, and Marius' spent arms could no longer hold him up; he collapsed on the bed in his own cum and was ridden until Lucius' desire was fully spent. He lay pinned beneath his master for several minutes until Lucius caught his breath and moved off of him, pulling the blindfold off as he did so.

"Now you remember your place. You are always mine, Marius. No matter how many you get below you, you are always mine. Whenever I call, you'll yield your control to me. Well done, Marius. Well done indeed."

With that, the session was over and Marius released to his own control again. Lucius summoned Sidney and Timmy, to change the bedding and tend to their masters before pulling Marius tight into his arms and falling to sleep.

Late the next morning, after a leisurely breakfast, House was sitting in the garden reading a book from Marius' library. He heard the doorbell ring and perked up, listening to see who was coming to the house. He heard Lucius come out and talk to someone about setting up in the master suite. Setting up what, he wondered.

Marius came into the garden. "House, come with me."

"What's going on?" House asked, looking over his glasses and the book.

"Lucius has brought someone in to mark you as part of the clan and to mark me as having another sub. Come on, follow me."

House put the book down and his glasses down on top of it. "Mark me how?"

"Get up and follow me," Marius ordered in a steely voice. House stared at him for a moment, trying to judge whether he could continue to question. He decided to just go with him and see what was going on; ask his questions there.

They walked into the master suite where someone was setting up equipment. The guy had a lot of tattoos visible on his arms and neck and House had a feeling he knew exactly what 'marking' him meant.

"Hey, I don't want any ink," House said, coming to a halt. "Do you know the diseases you can get from tattoo guns?"

"Yes, I do," Marius said. "So does Lucius, that's why we always work with this gentlemen. He has an excellent record for sterilization and no incidences of diseases passed."

"I still don't want ink," House said obstinately, backing toward the door.

"Everyone in this clan has been marked," Marius replied. "You made your choice to join our clan. After what you have seen and submitted to so far, are you really going to dig in your heels at a tattoo?" he asked, somewhat surprised at House's reaction.

"Perhaps he would prefer the type of marking you're going to receive," Lucius said in a deceptively casual voice from his chair. "Sit down, House. You can witness Marius' marking before you take your own."

"I'm not getting marked," House retorted, backing toward the door.

Marius moved quickly, taking his arm and stopping him from leaving. "If you defy me there will be consequences. You agreed to this lifestyle when you joined us, when you decided to come back that night to meet Lucius."

"Consequences? What kind of consequences? You already tipped your hand last night with all your tricks," House said with false bravado. He wasn't sure he wanted to know what they could come up with as a punishment if that was all sexual pleasure.

"I'm not going to let you run again," Marius said deliberately hard. "Sidney, take him in hand."

Before House could react, Sidney had come up behind him, catching his arms and pinning them behind him, moving him into the room and toward a chair. House tried to resist but his leg didn't let him put up too much fight and Sidney was too strong. Sidney put him down on the seat of the chair while Marius moved up behind him, putting straps around his arms to pin them behind him and clipping a leash onto his collar which he tied to the back of the chair.

"Hey!" House complained. "You can't make me do this."

"I can make you obey a direct command," Marius stated firmly. "Everyone in our clan is marked," he said, stripping off his shirt and pointing out the tattoo on his chest. Sidney and Timmy did the same and were joined by Lucius who displayed his as well. House didn't want to look but curiosity made him. Each one had a similar tattoo. Timmy and Sidney's were variants on Marius' tattoo. Lucius had a very different tattoo though there were two parts of it that matched the one Marius bore.

"I still don't want a tattoo," House said obstinately.

"Perhaps you will feel differently soon enough," Lucius said in a voice that promised further discipline if he continued to act out.

"Please excuse his behavior," he said to their visitor. "Proceed."

Marius sat down in the chair by the equipment in the room, turned to face House so he could see. Much to House's surprise, he didn't pick up a tattoo gun. He wiped Marius' nipples with an alcohol pad then a lidocaine stick. House swallowed, pretty sure he knew what was coming next. Sure enough, each nipple was pierced with a ring, one a time. Even with the lidocaine, Marius still grimaced as each one went in and just as quickly it was done.

Lucius presented Marius with a long length of fine gold chain and a deep kiss before turning to House. "These rings reaffirm my commitment as Marius' master, and the addition to his part of my clan as well as my approval in his choice."

House was nervously watching the whole procedure and now looked from Marius to Lucius and back. "What… you're not going to…"

"I am going to mark you as part of this clan today. I had thought a tattoo, as an initiate, would be more proper and fitting, but I could start with a piercing if you prefer," Lucius purred menacingly, coming over and running his hands through House's hair before grabbing hold and tipping his head back. "Choose one."

House's eyes darted back and forth, looking anywhere but into Lucius' eyes as he searched for a way out but couldn't find one. If they bound him any tighter, they could tattoo him anyway and if this was an artist that Lucius called in, he likely wouldn't have a problem with tattooing him against his will. Finally he met Lucius' gaze as the man clearly wasn't going to let go until he had an answer. "Tattoo," he rasped out, his throat too dry.

"Ask for it," Lucius growled, shaking his head just a bit.

"Tattoo please sir," House answered immediately and just as quickly Lucius released him.

"Marius, the design please," Lucius said. Marius stepped forward and showed the artist the pattern already drawn onto the transfer paper. The artist nodded and started setting out his paints and getting his gun ready. Timmy came up to House's side and pushed his shirt off his shoulders, further trapping his arms. He picked up a razor and shaved the left upper part of his chest. The artist put the pattern on and began to tattoo. The design took about three and a half hours to complete, clean up and covered for healing. Lucius followed the artist out, seeing him to the door and paying him for his services.

Marius stood in front of House, holding a glass of juice for him to drink. "This was foolishness. A senseless display of defiance and in front of another member of the community no less. You would not tolerate such open rebellion from your fellows and I will not tolerate it from you."

"Sidney, take him to the solitary room. He's earned himself three hours," he ordered, leaving the room with Timmy in tow.

Sidney removed the leash from the back of the chair and helped House to his feet. "Come with me," he said, leading him by the leash down a back hallway.

"Where are we going?" House asked, limping behind him tiredly.

"To the solitary room. Did you not here Master Marius?"

"What's a solitary room?" "You'll see soon enough." Sidney led him into a tiny lavatory and clipped the leash to a ring on the wall before freeing one of his hands. "If you have to pee, now is the time to do it."

House did have to go, even one handed with Sidney waiting for him. There was no mirror, so he still hadn't seen what the tattoo looked like. As soon as he was done, Sidney took the leash and led him into an adjacent room. There was a twin bed with a metal headboard and footboard and a bare mattress. Nothing else was in the room but an overhead light.

"Sit down on the bed," Sidney ordered, pulling out a bit gag from a box on the wall in the hallway. House was panicked and shook his head, refusing to open his mouth. Sidney was nonplussed; he simply plugged his nose until House had to open his mouth to breathe and put the bit into place, quickly buckling it on. He removed the restraints on his arms and pushed him back onto the bed, fastening his arms above his head and his feet to the footboard.

"Three hours, I'll be back to bring you to dinner," Sidney said, shutting off the light and closing the door, plunging him into total darkness.

House struggled, trying to free himself, trying to get the bit out of his mouth but couldn't accomplish either. He felt like he couldn't breathe so pushed himself to relax. The bit wasn't really blocking his breathing, he knew that. But being completely unable to move, in the dark like this it was hard. What he didn't know was that he was being monitored on night vision camera, in case he had any real problem breathing or went into spasms.

He tried to count time but lost track of that after a while. He thought back to what had happened with the tattoo. He really hadn't wanted one but he had known that they all had similar tattoos before, he just had never thought about having to get one himself. He sure as hell didn't want any piercings like Marius had and he wasn't sure he wanted to know what that chain that Lucius gave him was for. He supposed he had been acting like a fool and was embarrassed now to have been manhandled and dressed down by both masters in front of someone else. They'd been firm with him but slow, letting him ask questions and get answers when they were alone. He wouldn't have been as easy with his fellows as they had been with him. But he sure as hell would have chewed them a new asshole for showing division in front of anyone else; a patient or Cuddy for example. He'd just done the same thing he despised in the ducklings.

He thought time had passed twice before he really started getting worried that maybe they'd forgotten him. He started tugging at the bonds again and trying to get the bit out, still unsuccessfully. Finally he just lay still, tired out and wrung out, tears occasionally spilling over and down his cheeks. He couldn't think about anything now but being let out of the room. After what seemed an eternity, he heard the door open.

Sidney came into the room, leaving the door open so light shown in from the hallway but leaving the overhead light off, to give House's eyes time to adjust to light again. House was trying to talk to him, pleading around the bit and he hurried to unbuckle and remove it.

"Sidney," he rasped out, his jaw muscles sore and painful. "Sidney, I'm sorry, let me out please, don't leave me here again."

"I'm letting you out," he reassured him, freeing his feet and then his hands, helping him sit up and holding a bottle of water up to his lips, letting him take several deep swallows. Finally he helped him to his feet and led him up to the garden where Marius and Lucius were sitting having coffee before dinner.

House sank down onto his hands and knees at Marius' feet without being bidden, startling Sidney who at first thought he was falling.

"Master, please, I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking about my place here and the oath I made. I panicked," he explained, looking at the floor hoping that Marius would understand.

"I forgive you," Marius said, reaching down to stroke his face and lift his chin to look into his eyes. "Remember this next time you are tempted to disobey and yes, there will be a next time no matter how much you deny it now. Bring him a cushion, he can eat there. Serve dinner."

Sidney gave him a cushion and helped Timmy serve dinner to the two masters. House was given a plate but no utensils as well as a bottle of ice water. Sidney and Timmy did not eat with them tonight and where House normally would have been pissed about eating on the floor, tonight he was just grateful to be forgiven and fed dinner.

After dinner he sat on a cushion between Lucius and Marius while they talked, dozing lightly after the long emotional day he'd been through. Some time later Sidney urged him to his feet and took him to bed where he collapsed into sleep.