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Chapter Three: 3 Questions

Derek growled as he slammed his front door shut after Stiles left. The kid was infuriating. Derek walked over to his window to see the Jeep speed away into the distance. With the anger still burning within him Derek decides to go for a run, a wolf run, in the woods by the old Hale house. Hunters stopped going there months ago when they realised the pack had moved to a more secure place. He got into the Camero and drove to his old house. It was a short distance from the loft but far enough away that hunters couldn't find them.

He turned off onto the dirt road that led to the Hale house, memories coming back to him in waves of his family, how happy they were, how he felt love he wasn't sure he would ever feel again, how they burned alive because of him. These thoughts followed him everywhere he went but they were strongest at the house.

Parking out the front of the house Derek slipped his leather jacket off and placed it in his car, leaving him in a long sleeved grey shirt and black jeans. After locking his car he let his wolf out, eyes glowing red with fangs and claws poking out. It had become easier for him to control his wolf since becoming an Alpha just over a year ago but moments like this, moments of anger, were harder to control. Especially when they were directed to his own pack. He was surprised he kept it down this long.

Stiles and he had always had a connection; he admired the kid's bravery and love and loyalty for his friends. If only the guy would respect him a little more. As a human in a wolf pack Derek doesn't have the control over Stiles as he does with wolves. But that doesn't excuse Stiles asking Derek about his personal life.

He was wolfed out in front of the burnt house; he let out a howl and took off on all fours. He didn't care where he was going, he just needed to go. Needed to run off this energy he had, needed to clear his thoughts.

What right does Stiles have to interfere with my life? Why would he care who I slept with? Why do I care that he asked? Why does him knowing I slept with someone make me this angry, make me feel guilty? Guilty! I shouldn't be feeling guilty, I should be happy. So why aren't I happy?

After a solid 5 hours or running through the woods Derek the sun was beginning to set, a good indication that it was time to go home. The feeling of anger had left and now he was back to feeling lonely; his default emotion.

When he reached the front door of his loft he could smell another wolf. His eyes flashed red for a moment before realising he knew the scent of that wolf.

He entered the loft pinching the bridge of his nose in frustration.

"Cora you're supposed to be watching the Alphas" Derek said, clearly not in the mood to talk to his younger sister.

Cora stepped into view from the kitchen, holding a plate of food.

"I'm sick of sitting around watching a bunch of Alphas do nothing. It's boring, Derek." Cora said, looking down at her food "Plus I was hungry. What's got you in such a mood?" she asked scoffing down her meal.

Derek raised his eyebrow, finally looking at his sister. Just because she was family and pack doesn't mean that he's going to talk to her about feelings. Sure this may be the most family he's had in almost 9 years, an uncle and a sister, but Derek is still Derek. Not emotionally stable enough for anyone and since becoming an Alpha cannot be seen to be weak.

After giving Cora a well deserved scowl Derek starting walking to his bedroom. But Cora was persistent and when she wanted information she got it.

"You know I can smell a girl in here right, and a few other certain scents I'd rather not smell" Cora sniffed the air again trying to pinpoint a few more scents "and a little bit of that annoying guy who talks to much"

"Leave it alone Cora"

"C'mon Derek I'm bored out of my brains here, I need some kind of entertainment. So tell me about this girl you slept with, or did you sleep with the guy?" Cora cautiously asked as she knew what her brother's temper was like.

Before she knew it Cora was gasping for air as Derek was holding her in mid-air by her throat, cutting off her airways. Derek's eyes were ruby red, her wolf whimpered in sight of the angry Alpha.

"Leave. It. Alone" he snarled, letting go of his sister as she fell to the floor. Once again Derek began the walk back to his bed when he stopped dead in his tracks at the quiet noise of sister's plea.

"Derek, I just want it to be like before. Do you remember before? We always talked to each other. Be my brother, not my Alpha" she whispered, still slumped on the floor.

That hit Derek hard, the fire was his weakness but coming from Cora it wasn't some sinister game plan, it was his sister missing her brother. So he gave in, but only slightly. He made his way to Cora, offering her a hand, and helped her up off the floor.

"Fine, 3 questions just like old times. I don't have to answer them, so chose carefully" he said, gesturing a hand for her to begin.

A grin stretched across the girls face, she was so excited her brother remembered their special thing. Whenever one of them was upset or just acting differently the other was allowed to ask them 3 questions and 3 questions only. There were only a few rules, no lying (though werewolves are great lie detectors, this was more of a trust thing), you had to answer two out of three questions and lastly anything said stayed between the two of them. Usually after the questions a whole conversation followed explaining everything but Cora was doubtful she would get anything more out of Derek then the short answers she would no doubt receive.

"Ok, let me think" she said, crossing her arms and pacing back and forth across the room "I got one. Who was the girl you slept with?" Her eyes wide, like a child, she was so excited and happy something Derek hadn't seen in almost a decade. He was weak when it came to a happy family member, it was such a rare occurrence that he gave in and answered her question. Without giving too much away.

"Her name is Jennifer, Jennifer Blake. And before you ask, no this is not a serious thing, she is just someone I don't hate as much as the others." So maybe he did give away too much, he already regretted playing this game with Cora, now he thinks he just made his life a lot more difficult.

"Nice name, glad you don't... uh... hate her I guess. Ok next question. Why was that guy here?" she asked trying to play it cool because she wanted each question answered but Derek knew how to play this game.

"Cora you really should learn his name. He's pack you know?" Derek asked rolling his eyes at his sister. She raised her hand apologetically. "His name is Stiles and I needed to talk to him." Wondering if he should leave it there he glanced over at his sister who did not look amused by his answer. Derek sighed, "He helped out the pack last night and I wanted to thank him. Hurry up with your last questions" his patience wearing thin.

Cora stared at her brother for a moment; smelling anger coming off him but the anger wasn't directed at her it was at the boy. A smirk appeared on her face, she knew her final question.

"Last one, why are you so angry at... Stiles?" she asked, a cheeky smile appearing on her face.

He saw it, that smirk. Cora may have been able to get a few minor details out of him but she always gave that type of smile when she wanted something badly. Derek always bet her at this game, answering the less important questions until Cora asked the main question. After all these years he thought Cora might have learnt from her mistakes, clearly not.

"Pass" he smirked walking towards the bathroom and locking the door. Trying to block out the cursing his sister was doing once she realised she messed up again. Derek chuckled as he began his shower. He smelt like sweat, dirt, bark and still a little like sex. He needed to get rid of these scents if he was going to fix things tonight.

The water was warm, steam filled the dark bathroom. Derek stepped into the shower, letting the water run over his tired body and through his black hair. At this perfect temperature all of his muscles seemed to relax and he was no longer wound so tight. He stayed there for a few moments just enjoying his peace and quiet. His mind was clearing with each passing breath. He thought out his plan, memorized a script in his head. He knew he could be a dickhead sometimes so he knew he had to...apologize.

He had a plan. He was going to fix things with Stiles.

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