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Chapter 4

Six months… it's been six sodding months sense Hawke was taken away from us. Varric has his contacts keeping such a close ear on the floor they might has well be the bloody earth itself.

It's not good enough to me. This waiting is killing me. After we knew the place that Hawke was taken to I was almost went straight there myself in order to find Hawke and kill anyone that got in my way. The others stopped me from doing so. It's a wonder that they are all still alive… But they had a good point in that, if they knew any of us was in the area before we find him, thought could pack up and relocate to a new area.

At the moment I am pacing in my masters old home with one of the many bookshelves destroyed and scattered across the floor, fresh from my fit of rage. The only thing that cut threw my haze of red was the sound of the front door opening and slamming shut. I halted my step as I see the Dwarf practically running up the stairs to the room. He must have news.

"Good, you're here Broody." He said in relief as he is out a sigh, out of breath.

"What news do you bring?" I stated impatiently.

"Right, to the point." He said as he stood straight up and rolled his neck. The stout man then looked me right in the eyes with a slight twinkle in his eye. "We know where Hawke is."

That simple sentence was music to my ear. Not saying another word I grabbed my large hammer from the wall and went past him as I strapped it to my back. Once exiting my "home" I noticed that everyone is outside.

"Ready to get Hawke back?" Aveline asked with the same twinkle in her eye as Varric had.

"Do you really need to ask?" I said snuggly back.

Hawke's POV

"What do they want with me?" I think as I feel something burning hot on my flesh as it makings a sickening hissing noise. I wince and attempt to flinch away, but I could not due to the chains on my hands and feet, nor can I see due to the dirty cloth they have around my eyes and have not removed sense the moment I regained consciousness after my capture.

I don't need my eyes to tell me that it was a hot poker fresh from the fire.

Sense they brought me here all they have been trying to do is break me by any form you can imagine, anything painful till I pass out. Most times I am not allowed to wake up on my own. I am always awoken by a bucket of ice cold water splashed over my nearly naked body.

They always tell me that it would be easier if I just gave up and say I will be obedient no matter what master I had. I would always fight against it and the punishments are harsh and unforgiving on my broken nearly starving body.

I keep trying to hold onto the thought that maybe at any moment Fenris and the others would burst through the door and take me away from this place. I long for the warmth and comfort of him and the others. I hope that they are worried and miss me as much as I miss them all. Some nights I would give into my lonely feeling and would weep silently, who was I to be strong for? I was alone in this hell till I die or am rescued.

Recently though, I have thought about giving into it all. Just having the pain end and just be some ones slave for the rest of my miserable life. It feels like it's been long enough that the others have probably forgotten all about me and have moved on with their lives. I have probably been here long enough that I am some faceless stranger in memory now. This thought makes that little hope I have just shatter.

Maybe they really have forgotten me? No real reason to have me around anymore right? They can take care of everything without me. I may have run out of my use to the people I care about. It would happen eventually, in the back of my mind that doubt just wouldn't go away no matter how much I had tried to smother it.

The moment I made this realization the hot poker that is stabbed onto my collar bone doesn't hurt anymore, just a numbing tingle. My body stops moving and struggling as I just dangle where I am like a rag doll.

I can hear the others around me talking, but I can't hear them anymore. My ears are numb and everything comes to my ears in muffles.

Another tingly in my side and I hear something else as I hear clanging. My body falls to the ground in a heap. Seems they have taken my shackles off.

No point in straining someone who is broken right?

As an extra protection against the outside world, I hid myself away inside my own dark mind.

Fenris POV

It took us a whole week to reach the location that Hawke is at. We would have been there sooner if the others didn't insist on sleeping EVERY night. Aggravating as it is to stop to rest; it's a good thing they made me as well. My mind was gong a million miles an hour and not seem to want to stop, my body would say otherwise as it forces me into a restless sleep most nights. Knowing that I would need the energy I could not fight the sleep.

At this moment though, we stood at the mouth of a large cave. None of us spoke, but I know that all of their hearts are pounding just like mine is. This is the moment we have all been waiting for. This is the day we get our dear friend back.

I pull my hammer off my back, and the others followed suit, just as ready as I am. We were not leaving without Hawke.

Rushing into the mouth of the cave we quickly came upon slavers, which were taken care of before they realized what was going on.

Everyone spread out, but stayed close so once one of us located Hawke we could quickly leave as possible. Kicking down doors, slamming bars, and killing anyone in our way was the best course of action for these monsters in human flesh.

This place is a lot bigger than we had expected it to be, and I was starting to worry if Hawke was here at all. What if we got here too late and he has already been sent off to be some other mages play thing? That thought did not settle right with me as I pushed myself to move faster.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, I bashed my way into a room and find our companion. You would barely tell it was him, but I knew it was him.

Quickly killing the two men in the room I drop to my knees and turn him over gently, pulling the dirty fabric from over his face, confirming it as him.

"I found him!" I yelled as loud as I could to get the others to come.

They all swarmed in and I could hear Merrill gasp at the site and a "By my Ancestors" from Varric, seeing how bad their friend is.

The man was covered from head to toe in bruises, slashes, lashes, burns, and his leg was bent funny, looking as if it was broken. He was thin as a skeleton, hallow cheeks and sunken in eyes that were glazed over as if he was dead.

Leaning down I placed my ear to his chest, holding my breath in search of a heartbeat. I managed to hear a faint on and some relief came to me briefly, but only just.

"His heart is barely hanging on. We need to get him out of here and get Anders him healed up as soon as possible." With this true need for Hawke's chances of living, I do not care how he is helped, as long as he lives.

"We just found him; I will not let him slip away." Anders confirmed as he stepped forward.

Nodding I gently scooped the thin broken man into my arms, almost wanting to weep about how little he weighed and about the fact that last time any of them saw him, he was the largest among them

"It goes without saying, but cover Fenris and Hawke. We are leaving right now." Aveline ordered out as the others nodded, ripping their eyes away from their barely recognizable friend.

Leaving was easier then coming in, only a few fools tried to get in our way, only to get bashed, stabbed, shot with a bolt, or set on fire.

Once we were out of the cave we made a mad dash towards the closest town. It was a small village they had passed by to the cave. We hope it will be a safe place to tend to Hawke till it was safe to move him back home, where he belonged.

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