A repulsorlift transport sped across the sands of the Dune Sea. It was squared-shape, colored sandy-yellow, and the cockpit was shaped like a helicopters' cockpit. Boba Fett stood on top of the transport with his blaster rifle poised. He looked over at Jabba's palace.

"We've still got a few hours left" said Fett "We can make it" Suddenly, the transport stopped. "What the?!"

"It seems we've run out of fuel" said the stormtrooper who was piloting the transport.

"That lousy salesman!" said Fett angrily "I should've known better than to trust that overgrown womp rat! He should've realized that he just cost me lots of credits"

"Perhaps you should never have taken the job in the first place" said a voice.

"What on the third moon of Vassek?!" exclaimed Fett. He turned around and saw a landspeeder zooming towards him. Ahsoka was driving it. She stopped it suddenly, jumped out, and landed on the top of the transport. She ignited her lightsaber. "Let my friend go, now!"

"I may be keeping a schedule, but I have enough time to take out a Jedi" said Fett. He pointed his blaster rifle at Ahsoka and shot, only for it to be deflected. "All troopers, come out and attack!" Dozens of stormtroopers came out of the transport. "Don't ask where I got the extra stormtroopers from"

"I don't care about that" said Ahsoka "It makes no difference" She jumped up in the air. The stormtroopers tried to shoot her, but their aiming was lousy. She landed and slashed several of them across the chest. Another stormtrooper snuck up behind her, but she knew he was there and quickly turned around and stabbed him.

"Let's see how you like this" said Fett whilst activating a signaller on his wrist. Three Imperial riot troopers jumped out of the transport and activated their electrostaffs.

"Seriously?" said Ahsoka "Is this the best you've got?" She ran at the riot troopers and clashed with them. At that moment, something black ran past her. She looked around for it. It came up behind her. It was a Shadow Guard. He got out his lightsaber pike and ignited the red blade. He clashed with her violently. After several minutes of clashing, she force-pushed him back. Suddenly, the guard extended out his arm and shot force-lightning at her continuously.

"This looks good" said Fett "Once the Empire finds out that the guards destroyed you under my supervision, I'm sure to have my pay doubled. It's the end of the line for you, Jedi" What he didn't notice was that Luke sped towards him from behind on Vader's speeder bike. He suddenly stopped, jumped up towards the transport, and knocked Fett down with his feet. Fett got up easily. "Another one; looks like I'm about to get triple"

"You're not getting anything, Fett" said Luke. He ignited his lightsaber. Ahsoka clashed her lightsaber against the Shadow Guard's lightsaber pike. She had broken free of the force-lightning.

"You can jump in, any time" said Ahsoka.

"I'm a little busy right now" said Luke. He turned back to Fett. "So, are you going to negotiate with me in the bounty hunting tradition?"

"I thought you'd never ask" smirked Fett. He activated his jetpack and hovered around Luke. He shot multiple shots at Luke with his blaster rifle. Luke merely deflected the shots. He then shot a wrist rocket which Luke dodged. Luke then jumped up in the air and grabbed the bounty hunter by the foot. "Let go, Jedi scum!" Luke managed to pull him down and they both landed in the sand. They got up and Luke reignited his lightsaber. Fett ignited his flamethrower and shot flames everywhere. Luke jumped back as the flames licked towards him.

Meanwhile inside the transport

A stormtrooper watched over the captive Han.

"So, where are your remarks now?" said the stormtrooper.

"They'll come back when there's something worth remarking about" said Han.

"It seems that's not gonna' happen" said the stormtrooper. He suddenly heard the sound of the battle outside. "What?" He turned around. Han smirked. He grabbed the stormtrooper around the neck with his cuffs and knocked him unconscious. He grabbed the stormtrooper's blaster and used it to shot the cuffs off, freeing him.


Fett punched the lightsaber out of Luke's hand and was about to punch the young Jedi in the face. Luke grabbed the bounty hunter by the wrists and started to push him back.

"You're not so tough without your previous lightsaber, are you?" smirked Fett. At that moment, the door of the transport slammed down. It crushed one of the riot troopers flat in doing so. Han walked out with a smirk on his face.

"What'd I miss?" smirked Han.

"Not much; some flying, some crashing, some duelling; the usual" said Luke. Ahsoka jumped off the transport and landed in the sand. The Shadow Guard followed and they started duelling again.

"We came here to rescue you" said Ahsoka "That was, until, we found out you could get out anytime"

"The stormtrooper had to be distracted first" said Han "Anyways, I was wondering when you guys were going to show up.

"We took the extended tour" said Ahsoka "Saw the sights, fought a few bad guys; the usual"

"Anyways, reacquainting is over now" said Fett "Let's get back to the action!" He and Luke continued to struggle with each other. Ahsoka started to duel with the Shadow Guard again.

"So why do you dress all in black anyway?" smirked Ahsoka whilst duelling "Are you trying to pretend you're Vader?" The Shadow Guard didn't reply. "Silent type, ah?"

"I guess I'll make up for lost time" said Han. He grabbed the unconscious stormtrooper's blaster and ran out. The stormtrooper crawled up and tried to pull him down. However, R2 went up to him and zapped him. This caused him to go unconscious again. An riot trooper jumped down a few meters away from Han and started to wave his electrostaff around in a snazzy fashion. After several minutes of this, Han got out the blaster and shot him in the chest, taking him out in one shot. Fett saw his blaster rifle lying on the ground.

"Let's see how you like this!" said Fett. He rolled over, grabbed his blaster rifle, and started to shoot. Luke dodged the shots and force-pushed the bounty hunter into the transport. The last riot trooper snuck up behind him and activated his electrostaff, ready to strike. However, Luke saw him coming, turned around, and force-gripped him, lifting him up in the air. He then threw the guard at the Shadow Guard. The riot trooper landed stomach first onto the Shadow Guard's lightsaber pike and it caused the Shadow Guard to be pushed back into a the skull of an old Bantha skeleton. He got out easily and charged at them until Han head-shot him.

"That went better than expected" smirked Han. He, Luke, and Ahsoka walked over to the transport and entered it. Fett lay on the ground, slightly unconscious. Luke summoned his lightsaber to his hand, ignited it, and pointed it at the bounty hunter.

"Boba Fett, for attempting to help the Empire secure an alliance with the Hutts, you're under arrest" said Luke "You're going to spend the rest of the war in a prison cell. You better hope there aren't any prisoners who have a vendetta against you"

"I ain't going to prison" said Fett who was now fully conscious "You'll never take me alive"

"We can discuss this once we're aboard an Alliance transport that is heading to Corellia" said Luke. What none of them noticed was that the krayt dragon that followed them earlier was now watching them atop a sand dune. It roared loudly. All three of them turned around as it charged towards them.

"Run!" exclaimed Luke. They jumped out of the way as it lunged at them. Luke and Ahsoka ignited their lightsabers. However, they were soon knocked over as it lashed out its tail at them and roared. It closed in, ready to tear the two Jedi to pieces. Han ran over to the landspeeder, mounted it, and sped towards it. He hit it in the stomach and it was sent hurtling into a sand dune. He got out and helped Luke and Ahsoka to their feet.

"I'm guessed you guys needed a hand" smirked Han. Suddenly, the krayt dragon's eyes opened. Ahsoka noticed this.

"Look out!" exclaimed Ahsoka. The krayt dragon got up and roared again. It ran over at Han and knocked him off his feet with a single swipe from its claws. It walked up to him, and was about to lunge until Han noticed a chaingun that a stormtrooper had dropped was lying on the ground. He grabbed it and fired away at the beast several times until it collapsed. It tried to return to its feet but simply collapsed again. It took its final breath and died. Han got up.

"What was that thing?" asked Ahsoka.

"That was a krayt dragon" said Luke "One of the most dangerous creatures you'd find on this planet. They rarely go outside the Jundland Wastes" It was at that moment that they noticed that Fett was standing in front of them with his blaster rifle pointing at them. A group of palace guards stood around him as well with their blaster poised.

"Don't move, rebel scum" said Fett "Whilst you were playing with that thing, I contacted Jabba's palace to give me some backup. Take 'em away!" A group of palace guards walked up to Luke, Ahsoka, and Han and handcuffed them. R2 whistled nervously as this happened. "And the droid as well" A human palace guard walked up to R2 and kicked him slightly.

"Stupid little astro droid!" said the palace guard. R2 zapped him slightly. "Hey!" He pushed R2 into the sand. "Help me with this one" A Nikto palace guard walked up to him and helped him carry the astromech droid.

"And do you know what the best part is?" smirked Fett "Despite all the detours and fighting, I'm still on time!"

A few minutes later

The door of Jabba's palace opened wide as Fett and the palace guards led Luke, Ahsoka, Han, and R2 into the palace handcuffed.

"When I deliver Solo in, I'll hand you two Jedi off to the Empire" said Fett "They still pay lots for turning in Jedi" They were led into Jabba's main audience chamber. As soon as Jabba caught sight of Han, he burst out laughing. Salacious Crumb did the same. "As I promised, one failed smuggler and I appeared to have gained a little bonus" The two riot troopers walked towards Luke, Ahsoka, and Han. Fett pointed his blaster rifle at them. "Woah; I'm not giving them to you until I get my pay. How am I supposed to know that you won't just take your prize and play me off?" The two riot troopers activated their electrostaffs. "So that's the way you're going to play?!" He got himself ready to fight. Jabba said something in Huttese.

"Jabba says that you should all stand down" translated KT-123 "He will not allow there to be violence in his court" Both Fett and the riot troopers lowered their weapons. Jabba began to laugh again.

"Ahhh, Solo, I see that you did indeed return after all" laughed Jabba in Huttese.

"Jabba, I was just about to pay you back" said Han "I was getting it ready for you until Fett here intervened"

"It's the end of the line for you, Solo" said Jabba in Huttese "I will not let you continue to plot against me"

"Are you serious?" said Han "That's what the Empire told you?"

"Let's not get into that" said Jabba in Huttese "Contact Lord Vader"

"Yes Jabba" replied KT-123. Suddenly, one of Jabba's hologram projectors began to buzz. "It appears that you're being contacted by your brother Cadfurew on Rodia, Jabba" She turned on the hologram projector and it projected a life-sized hologram of Leia.

"Leia!" said Luke.

"Leia!" said Han.

"Mighty Jabba, I've come to tell you that you're being played" said Leia "The Empire framed the Rebel Alliance for your cousin's death because they intended to make you align with them" Jabba said something in Huttese.

"Jabba wonders why you know of this" translated KT-123.

"Because I found the real culprit" said Leia "He was the one who started all of this; it's your brother—Cadfurew the Hutt" The hologram turned to one of Cadfurew. Jabba snarled angrily.

"Oh please!" begged Cadfurew "Don't trust curly hair back there. She's lying to deceive you" The hologram turned back to Leia's.

"Mighty Jabba, Cadfurew sent his men to assassinate Orphank" said Leia "He wanted to make the Hutts join the Empire; and once he did that, he was going to make himself leader of the Hutt clan" Jabba yelled angrily in Huttese.

"Jabba claims that he's never seen a Hutt with such treacherousness since his uncle Ziro" translated KT-123 "He hopes that Cadfurew is dealt with seriously"

"He will be" replied Leia "We are currently sending him off to a prison complex" She turned to face Luke, Ahsoka, and Han. "I guess that makes us even now, boys. You saved me from the Death Star; I save you from the Empire"

"I guess so" said Luke. Leia smiled and her hologram disappeared. The two riot troopers activated their electrostaffs and walked up to Luke, Ahsoka, and Han.

"Stop!" said Jabba in Huttese "You Imperials have no place here anymore" The two riot troopers pointed their electrostaffs at him. "Throw them outside" A group of palace guards escorted the two riot troopers out. Jabba turned back to Luke, Ahsoka, and Han. "Release them"

"But-but...Jabba..." said Fett "What about my pay..." Jabba frowned. "Oh...okay then" He reluctantly removed Luke, Ahsoka, and Han's handcuffs. "Don't think for one minute that this makes us friends"

"I wasn't even considering it" said Han. He saw that his blaster was hanging on Fett's belt. He snatched it off.

"So what about that blaster?" said Fett "You can also get another one"

"This one's my signature one" said Han "Okay; thanks, Jabba. You're a wonderful..."

"Not so fast" said Jabba in Huttese "I'm still requiring that extra 15%. I'll give you the rest of this year. If it's not here within that time, I'll send bounty hunter I can find to hunt you down and bring you to me so I can have you squashed into the dirt like a kreetle and fed to the womp rats" Embo gave Han a somewhat bloodthirsty stare and his anoobas looked up and growled.

"Understood" said Han "I'll make sure I get it to you" Jabba began to laugh. An incoming jetpack sound came from the entrance.

"What's that noise?" asked Ahsoka. Suddenly, Durge (looking more dangerous than ever) flew into the room via his jetpack.

"It's Durge!" exclaimed Luke "Scatter!"

"Did you miss me?!" smirked Durge. He began to fire flechettes towards them. Luke, Ahsoka, and Han ran out of the room and into the dungeons. R2 followed them. "You'll never escape me!" He landed and ran into the dungeons. Luke, Ahsoka, Han, and R2 ran through a hallway, passing many horrid looking non-human prisoners.

"Quick, here!" said Han whilst pointing towards an empty cell that had a door that was open. They hid inside. Durge stopped and looked around.

"You can run, rebels; but you can't hide" said Durge "I will find you; and when I do, I will take my time on your death" He looked around. "This reminds me of a mission that Count Dooku sent me on during the days of the Clone Wars. He sent me to take out one a Separatist senator who was causing too much danger to the war. What was her name again? Oh wait, it was Mina Bontari" Ahsoka peered out.

"No!" said Ahsoka quietly to herself.

"She thought she had succeeded in stopping the war" said Durge "She could never have been more wrong" Ahsoka frowned and ignited her lightsaber. She jumped out.

"Ahsoka, wait!" shouted Luke.

"You shouldn't have bloated about that, ugly!" said Ahsoka.

"So you knew Bontari?" said Durge. He laughed evilly. "I thought I killed her decades ago. You don't look old enough"

"That doesn't matter" said Ahsoka.

"You're right, it doesn't" said Durge "What matters is that you're foolish to take me head on. Prepare to die, Jedi!"

"What now?" said Han.

"I guess we help" said Luke. He and Han jumped out.

"It appears that I will crush all three of you at once" said Durge.

"You know, you look good for someone who died twice" said Han.

"I only died once" said Durge "The Jedi failed to eliminate me on Mygeeto; didn't you know that Gen'Dai have regenerative abilities? Ha!" He powered up his jetpack and flew around them, firing flechettes at them constantly. "You can never kill me!" Han shot at his left machine gun gauntlet. This didn't stop the Gen'Dai. He just got out his blaster rifle and shot constantly at them.

"How are we supposed to stop this guy?" said Han. Ahsoka looked over at Durge's jetpack.

"I've got an idea" said Ahsoka. She ran up to Durge.

"Ahsoka, wait!" exclaimed Luke. Ahsoka jumped up onto Durge's back.

"Get off, Togruta!" shouted Durge. Ahsoka stabbed his jetpack several times with her lightsaber. "When I get my hands on you, I'll rip out your heart and squeeze it into pulp!"

"Wouldn't count on it!" smirked Ahsoka. She jumped down and landed in front of Luke. "I admit; it was slightly rash, but it worked"

"So it did" said Luke. Durge flew whizzed around out of control as his jetpack malfunctioned. He crash landed in the middle of the hallway. All that could be seen was flames and pieces of metal coming out of the ground.

"Well, at least we don't have to change his status section in the achieves" said Han.

"I'm not sure about that" said Luke "That seemed just too easy" Suddenly, a large pink and purple arm that was composed of tentacle-vein like things lunged out and threw them back.

"What was that?" said Han. Durge emerged from the flames. His armour had been blown off and his tentacle-vein like body could be seen. The only pieces of armour that remained on him were his left hand glove, his right chest plate, and his helmet. Luke, Ahsoka, and Han got ready raised their weapons, ready to fight him. Suddenly, his hand stretched out and grabbed their weapons, absorbing them.

"Okay, didn't see that coming" said Ahsoka "Any ideas?"

"Run!" said Han. He, Luke, and Ahsoka ran off down the corridor with R2 following them. In the droid torture chamber, 8D8 tortured a GNK power droid. EV-9D9 the supervisor droid held the disembodied head of the ill-fated protocol droid who Jabba had sent off to the smelters.

"Now what to do with the remaining parts?" said EV-9D9 to herself. At that moment, Luke, Ahsoka, Han, and R2 ran past her. "Now what's all this about?" At that moment, Durge ran past her. "What on Tatooine was that thing?" Durge chased Luke, Ahsoka, Han, and R2.

"How are we supposed to stop this guy?" asked Ahsoka.

"I may have an idea" said Han "You guys keep him distracted" He ran up to Durge. "Hey, Ugly!"

"Is he crazy?" said Ahsoka. At that moment, tentacle-like appendages came out of Durge's body, grabbed Han, and pulled him into the Gen'Dai's body, absorbing him. Luke and Ahsoka looked shocked.

"Han!" exclaimed Luke. Durge growled victoriously. He then noticed the two Jedi and charged towards them.

"What do we do now?" asked Ahsoka.

"Well, Han did say to keep him distracted" said Luke. He looked up at the ceiling. He force-gripped it and pulled the debris onto Durge. This slowed the Gen'Dai down slightly but he soon got back up and continued charging. Ahsoka force-pushed him back but he gripped the ground. His body acted almost like a liquid as it was being force-pushed back. Luke force-gripped a piece of debris and threw it at Durge. However, the Gen'Dai simply grabbed it in midair and crushed it into dust. He then continued charging and lifted his arms, ready to squash them. Suddenly, he stopped moving.

"What just happened?" asked Ahsoka. Suddenly, Durge started moaning. A blue lightsaber blade came out of his chest. He started waving his arms around uncontrollably as well. A green lightsaber blade came out of his stomach. The two blades then gave a big slash and cut the Gen'Dai in half. Han emerged from Durge's body, holding Luke and Ahsoka's lightsabers and with his blaster on his belt. He turned the lightsabers off.

"So that was your plan?" said Luke.

"Of course it was" said Han "Would've told you if we had time" He gave the lightsabers back to Luke and Ahsoka.

"Well, good job" said Luke "But you do know he can pull himself back together?"

"What makes you so sure about that?" asked Han.

"Three reasons" replied Luke "First off; whilst we were fighting him on Mygeeto, Ahsoka cut his arm off but it reattached itself to the socket. Second off; when we defeated him, we cut him in half so presumably he reattached himself. Thirdly of course; he's doing it now" Ahsoka and Han turned around and saw that Durge was indeed reattaching himself. Once he was reassembled, he roared and charged at them again.

"Down there, go!" said Han whilst pointing at a chamber. He, Luke, and Ahsoka ran into it. R2 tried to follow them, but Durge grabbed him and threw him aside. The chamber's floor was covered in water and there was a pile of explosives in the middle of it. The only entrance/exit to the chamber was the one they had just come out from.

"Dead end!" said Luke "We'll never get out now!" Han looked over at the explosives.

"I've got an idea" said Han "These explosives appear to still be active. If I can lure Durge to them, I can set them to go off and blow him to pieces"

"But you'll also get blown to pieces as well" said Ahsoka.

"If I can get close enough to the exit before realises what's going on, I'll escape before the place is buried" said Han.

"But what about me and Ahsoka?" asked Luke.

"Whilst I keep our Gen'Dai friend there occupied, you guys will go out of here" said Han.

"What if something does go wrong?" asked Luke.

"Then tell Chewie that the Falcon is his" said Han.

"Should I tell Leia that she'll never see you again?" asked Luke "Who knows, she might confess something"

"Let's not worry about things going wrong now" said Han "He's coming" Durge stomped in. He noticed all three of them standing there and snarled viciously. He charged towards them again. "Go!" Luke and Ahsoka ran out of the room. Durge turned to follow them. "Hey Durge, is that really you or did someone stick a helmet onto a bantha carcass and give it legs" Durge turned to face him and growled. "Yeah, that's it, come to get me" Durge stomped up to him and leaned down towards him. Han looked into the emotionless-look of the helmet. What Durge didn't notice was that Han was setting the explosives to blow. "See ya'!" He ran off. Durge then realised that the explosives were set. He tried to type into the explosives to turn them off. "Too late—I've looked them to blow"

"Blwarftooguiquay!" snarled Durge.

"Sorry, couldn't make that out!" smirked Han. He ran towards the exit but Durge stretched out his arm, grabbed him by the ankle, and pulled him in. Han shot at it, which temporally had some kind of effect on it. Han ran towards the exit just as the explosives suddenly went off with both him and Durge still inside the chamber.


Luke and Ahsoka pulled R2 back up as the explosion happened. The entrance to the chamber was now blocked off by pieces of debris. Durge's helmet rolled out of the chamber as it was blocked off.

"Where's Han?" asked Ahsoka.

"It appears that he...didn't make it" replied Luke.

"He can't be...gone; can he?" said Ahsoka "At least he died honourably" They remained silent for a minute to show respect for their fallen comrade. Suddenly, they heard small mumbling coming from behind the debris. Han dug his way out. Luke and Ahsoka ran up to him to help him up.

"Han, you're alive!" said Luke and Ahsoka simultaneously.

"I wasn't going to stay under there" said Han "Only lucky I got close enough to the exit so the only debris that covered me was merely overgrown rubble" They looked down at Durge's helmet.

"How did Durge survive being incinerated inside a star, and have we seen the end of him?" asked Ahsoka.

"Who can really tell?" said Luke "In this galaxy, is anything truthfully forever?" All four of them walked out of the dungeons, leaving Durge's helmet behind. After they had left, Durge's gloved hand burst out of the debris and began to dig out.


Luke, Ahsoka, Han, and R2 entered Jabba's main audience chamber.

"Contact Vader now" said Jabba in Huttese "He will know that he has failed" KT-123 activated a hologram projector. A life-sized hologram of Vader appeared. "Lord Vader, you have failed to deceive me. I now know that the Empire concocted this scheme to trick the Hutt clan into joining you"

"What makes you so sure about that?" asked Vader.

"The Rebel Alliance has found out that my brother—Cadfurew—started this scheme in order to bring the Hutts into the war and to make himself leader of the Hutt clan" replied Jabba in Huttese "You have made a grave mistake, dark lord"

"I urge you to reconsider" said Vader "Do you really want to..."

"Enough!" snarled Jabba in Huttese "Never cross the Hutts, Vader; you may end up stuck in a place and never find your way out. You may have once stood a chance of deceiving me, but now you're bantha fodder!" Salacious Crumb started laughing. "What's more, you only have a few minutes to get off of my planet or I will have you taken down and handed over to the Rebel Alliance. I may not have any allegiance with them, but I'm willing to reward them for giving me the truth"

"You've lost, Vader" said Ahsoka. Vader turned around to face them.

"Treed carefully, Jedi" said Vader "You should never have come out of hiding"

"It's worth it if it means stopping you from enslaving this galaxy" said Luke.

"I know that this is your homeplanet, young Jedi" said Vader "I also know that you were the one who bought the two droids that had the Death Star schematics. How does it feel, young Jedi, to stand upon the very sand where your family's blood was split? You will all fall, like many Jedi before you" The hologram turned off.


Vader stood in the Dune Sea.

"Admiral Ozzel, send a shuttle to pick me up" said Vader into his comlink.

"Has the alliance been formed?" asked Admiral Ozzel out of Vader's comlink.

"Unfortunately, no" replied Vader into his comlink "Jabba has found out about the truth. We must get out of the system immediately"

"Yes Lord Vader" replied Admiral Ozzel out of Vader's comlink. Vader took one last look at Jabba's palace off in the distance.

The next day

Han, Chewbacca, and R2 stood outside Watto's stand in Mos Eisley. The landspeeder was parked outside

"This landspeeder will mark a new era of profit for me" said Watto "The boy indeed kept his word"

"Yeah, he always does" said Han. Chewbacca groaned. Ahsoka leaned outside a building. A dewback mount being ridden by a dug passed her.

"So how was your first adventure with your former master's son?" asked a voice.

"Who said that?" asked Ahsoka. She noticed that Hom Ferm had walked up to her.

"Master Ferm, why are you here?" asked Ahsoka.

"I came here to find you and your friends" replied Hom Ferm "I see that you have succeeded in stopping this alliance. I have something for you—it was recovered from the Jedi Temple on Coruscant" He handed something to her. She opened up her hand and saw that it was her old padawan braid. She closed her palm and her eyes and her thoughts drifted back to the day when she left the Jedi Order.

Ahsoka's flashback

Ahsoka stood in front of Anakin and the members of the Jedi Council. Anakin held Ahsoka's padawan braid in his hands, hoping that she'd take it back. Ahsoka extended it her hand to take it but simply closed Anakin's hand.

Back to reality

Ahsoka's eyes opened up.

"I won't fail you, Anakin" said Ahsoka. She noticed that Luke was sitting on a small wall. She walked over and sat next to him.

"Are you feeling alright, Skyguy?" asked Ahsoka.

"Fine" replied Luke "I was wondering; why did you stand up to Durge when he talked about Mina Bontari?"

"I knew Mina Bontari during the Clone Wars" replied Ahsoka "She was a separatist senator, but she wasn't like any separatists I'd ever met before—but then again, the only separatist I'd had met before at the time were generals and commanders like Grievous and Ventress. She was willing to make peace with the Republic, but Dooku wouldn't let that happen. She died shortly afterwards—Dooku claimed that she was killed by Republic forces, but it was believed that he had her killed. It seems that Durge was the one who Dooku sent to kill her. I guess I tried to avenge her"

"Ahsoka, the past is the past" said Luke "It's good that you're willing to avenge fallen friends; but you have to leave the Clone Wars behind. We're facing the Galactic Civil War now" Ahsoka smiled.

"You're absolutely right" replied Ahsoka "You know, this is the start of something good; I know it is"

"Hey, the Alliance is coming" said Han. Luke and Ahsoka looked up as a T-6 shuttle landed outside the spaceport. "We're just going up to the fleet so we can get a repair crew, right? 'Cause from what I've heard, you guys crashed both your ship and my ship"

"I guess that's the plan" replied Luke. Luke, Ahsoka, Hom Ferm, Han, Chewbacca, and R2 walked towards the shuttle.

"May the Force be with us" said Hom Ferm.

The End?

Author's note #1: The line that Ahsoka says "We took the extended tour. Saw the sights, fought a few bad guys; the usual" I got off Sideswipe from Transformers: War for Cybertron.

Author's note #1: The scene where Han shoots an riot trooper pays homage to a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Author's note #2: So that's the end of my fanfic. I hoped you all enjoyed it. This fanfic will act as a prologue for my upcoming Star Wars: Galactic Civil War series that will explore the time in between Episodes IV and V. I will start my first season in a couple of weeks. Until then, so long for now.