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A being that was the combination of flesh and machine, a Cybrox, stood in front of his leader, who was mostly hidden from view by the darkness of his throne room. Other than his clawed feet, only his massive and imposing silhouette was visible, sitting on his throne.

The Cybrox, the same one who was brought to Gensokyo by the iPhone-sized machine he was currently holding in his hand, explained to his superior everything that happened to him and his partner. "It is a land that is in dire need of renovation, my lord," he said to his leader. "During my time there, I observed the lifestyle of its inhabitants in secret. They are pitiful people who do not realize that they can live a much more comfortable life if they knew about the wonders of technology. I really do feel bad for them…"

The leader didn't say anything, other than making a growling noise.

"However, they do not seem to be interested in renovation," the Cybrox continued. "From what I observed, advanced technology does exist in a certain part of that place, but the people in charge of it have tried in vain to introduce them to the inhabitants. Normally, I would suggest that we pay them a non-hostile visit and educate them, but I fear that they have no interest in technology… Furthermore, the first inhabitant we came across… She killed one of our kinds…"

Hearing this, the leader growled in anger.

"Not only does it seem fit for us to avenge him, but we should also let the inhabitants of that place realize the power of technology and become like us! My lord, please agree on sending some men there to let them know of our existence. We will see if they are willing to cooperate with us first before deciding whether or not we should renovate their land by force. Do you agree with me, my lord?"

The leader thought about what he said in silence.




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Sword of Valiant -Dark Power-
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Before the finest of both universes can gather together…

The sky must be broken…















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Chapter 1
New Year, New Faces

It was the last day of December, and everyone in Gensokyo was busy getting ready to welcome the first day of a new year, especially the Human Village. Shopkeepers found themselves busier than usual, as several people were buying various things from them, be it decorations or edibles.

It was without doubt a busy day, but cheerful one.

However, the truth that something dreadful would eventually happen was kept a secret from the inhabitants. Aya reported her encounter with the Cybroxes to Kanako, telling her that it was likely more of them would invade Gensokyo anytime soon.

The goddess found it hard to believe at first. After all, Aya didn't have the cleanest record when it comes to honesty, and she likes to exaggerate things. Even if she was exaggerating a report of an invasion by cyborgs, it was still something to take note about.

Hoping that the invasion would never happen and not wanting anyone in Gensokyo to panic, Kanako gave Aya strict orders not to spread a single word about this. Reimu and Yukari were the only ones she could tell. The former was the protector of Gensokyo after all, and the latter possessed great knowledge regarding otherworldly stuff. Furthermore, her powers would surely prove useful in the battle against the Cybroxes, if it ever happened, so she had to be told about this beforehand.

Aya wasted no time in telling those two about this, and they assured her that they will ensure the safety of Gensokyo and not allow the Cybroxes to take over their land. As a result, Reimu and Yukari weren't able to concentrate on preparing for New Year.

"Geez… That Aya… She just had to be careless and put our world in danger, didn't she…?" Reimu grumbled as she sat in front of her kotatsu. "Thanks to her, I can't enjoy the coming of New Year…"

Ruukoto, who was sweeping in the same room, said to her with a smile on her face, "Cheer up, Mistress Reimu! I'm sure everything will turn out fine in the end! Be happy and smile! It'll make your life a lot better!"

"I wish I could be as optimistic as you…" Reimu said as she turned her eyes to the robot maid.

"Professor Okazaki programmed me to always smile and think positively, no matter the situation!" Ruukoto told her.

Heaven, the dwelling place for sky dwellers known as celestials…

They, too, were busy preparing to welcome the arrival of the first day of a new year, and they all had smiles on their faces as they worked. Everyone was singing happily while working, and because they enjoyed what they were doing, they looked like they were playing instead of working.

However, not everyone was busy. The higher-classed ones spent their time relaxing and waiting to be served.

One celestial wasn't happy, though. A blue-haired girl was resting her head on the window frame of her room, watching the kids playing happily on the other side of the wall surrounding her beautiful mansion and the gardeners doing their jobs in the garden with a bored expression.

The girl let out a sigh and then said, "The last day of the year, and everyone is so happy… What's there to be a happy about? It's not like something super awesome and exciting is going to happen… Feasts, celebrations, fireworks… Those are obvious stuff… There's nothing new about New Years anymore…"

She then walked away from the window and headed towards her canopy bed to lie down on it. Watching the white cloth at the top of the bed, the girl—Tenshi Hinanai—said to herself, "This is one boring year… Nothing special happened at all… The same old stuff all the time… How on earth is everyone else enjoying the same things over and over? Won't they die from boredom?"

The celestial remained on her bed for several seconds, thinking of things she could do to pass boredom. "Maybe I should go to the surface and cause trouble again?" she wondered. "The last I time did that, I made many people angry, especially that shrine maiden and the Yakumo demon. It was fun while it lasted, though. Hmmm… Maybe I should do something like that again? It's better than doing nothing here after all!"

Then she sat up. "I think I'll ask Iku and see if she has any good ideas, and if not, I'll go ahead with my idea!"

Getting up from her bed, Tenshi left her room and walked down the hallway, ignoring the greetings that her servants gave her, until she came to a particular door and opened it without knocking.

"Are you in there, Ik…?" The celestial stopped speaking and looked around the room.

Trash… Dirty clothes… Unarranged furniture… Those were the things that made the celestial dumbfounded. "I've been here several times, but I still can't get used to the fact that there exists a room like this in my mansion…" Tenshi told herself. She saw Iku picking up pieces of trash and throwing them into a large, black plastic bag.

When the oarfish demon saw her, she said, "Ah, Eldest Daughter! I didn't notice you! Is something the matter?"

"I think I should be the one asking you regarding what's the matter with this room, but I'm going to get the same answer anyway…" Tenshi said to her. "Rooms get dirtier over time… That's what you're going to tell me…"

"It's true, you know," Iku told her while continuing to pick up trash.

"Please pay attention to me while I'm speaking to you," Tenshi said to her.

"But that would slow down my room cleaning," Iku told her while doing the same thing. "It's better to do two things at a time if you want to finish something sooner."

"Speaking to your superior is more important than picking up trash!" Tenshi said to her in a raised voice.

"You'd rather have a room in your mansion be dirtier for a while longer?" Iku told her.

Tenshi gritted her teeth and growled. "Grrr… I still have a hard time getting used to your attitude… What was father thinking when he decided to make you our personal messenger and also put you in charge of looking after me?!"

"The latter was my idea, actually," Iku told her while still doing the same thing. "Your actions often bring shame to your clan, and up here in heaven, I can't think of anybody else who is sensible enough or has the guts to lecture and restrain you when you become too reckless and rebellious. Even your father has a hard time restraining you, so he was more than happy when I offered to help keep an eye on you."

"I don't need someone to keep an eye on me! It's not like I'm a little kid!" Tenshi angrily said.

"You do behave like one," Iku said.

"Oh yeah? How about you? Not being able to keep your room tidy for more than three days!" Tenshi said to her. "That's just like a little kid! I bet your mom never taught you about cleaning! Unlike you, I know how to keeps things tidy when there are no servants around! A woman who cannot clean a room is the reason you still can't get a boyfriend yet! And before you get into the issue of me not having a boyfriend either, at least I know quite a few boys you show affection towards me and openly admitted that they love me!"

Iku felt as if an arrow went through her head when she heard what Tenshi said about her not having a boyfriend yet, but she restrained herself and tried not to show an offended expression. "I'm sure they'll change their minds about you once they realize the kind of attitude you have," she told the celestial.

"Like I care…" Tenshi said. "I'm not interested in any of them anyway… Anyway, I came here because I want to…"

"Because you're bored and want to know if I can provide you with ideas on how to be entertained, right?" Iku asked her before she finished what she wanted to say.

"Hey, don't interrupt me, even if you can tell that I'm bored just by reading the atmosphere!" Tenshi told her. "Since you know I'm bored, do you have any suggestions? I'm thinking of going to the surface to have some fun if you can't think of anything else."

"I hope you don't mean to go there and cause trouble," Iku said as she tied up the opening of the plastic bag after she was done picking up trash. "Father will be angry, and the people down there definitely will be angry too. After all, you destroyed the Hakurei Shrine and put Gensokyo in danger because of it."

"I admit I went too far that time… This time, I'll make sure I do something that won't make people very angry. That way, I can get some excitement without getting into trouble!" Tenshi said.

"Can't you think of doing something that won't make people angry?" Iku asked as she picked up the plastic bag and headed out to the hall. "Is making people angry all you can do? Don't you have anything better to do in life? You're not only giving yourself a bad reputation, but also the name of your clan. Even if you don't care about yourself, you should at least care about your own clan. How can they face the public if you keep on doing outrageous things?"

"I know my limits, so you don't have to worry too much," Tenshi assured her.

"I can't say I trust you…" Iku said as she headed over to a maid and handed the plastic bag to her for her to throw out. "Whatever the case is, you should stay home for at least today. It's the last day of this year after all, so being together with your family to celebrate is important. I'm sure you'll find entertainment in tonight's feast. We can go to the surface tomorrow and see what the people there are doing on the first day of a new year if you want to."

Tenshi thought about what she said and then said, "Sounds like a good idea! You sure do suggest good ideas once in a while!"

"More like you shoot down almost every good idea and go with your own instead…" Iku grumbled under her breath, and then she headed back to her room. "I'm going to continue cleaning my room. Don't want to have a dirty room on the last day and the first day of a new year…"

"It'll be a mess by tomorrow morning, I'm telling you…" Tenshi said as she watched the oarfish demon enter her room and then closing it. "Well, at least I can look forward to tonight's feast and tomorrow's visit to the surface! Come to think of it, I've never been down there on the first day of a new year before, so I'm sure it should be fun!" Then she turned and headed down the hall to return to her room.

Nighttime was approaching, and everyone was more or less getting ready for dinner. It was the night where people looked forward to gathering together in large numbers to have dinner, so family members and friends did just that. The more people there were, the more excitement there was.

Not every house had a large amount of people, however, but even if there were only a few people, there was still excitement.

Reimu lived with only two people: Genji and Ruukoto. Ruukoto couldn't even eat, so it felt like having only one person eating dinner with her. She thought she was going to go through the last day of the year with only three people at the shrine, but Yukari surprised her by coming over to her, obviously with Ran and Chen. They even prepared and bought their own food to share with her.

Though Reimu wasn't that fond of uninvited guests, she was still glad that there was a decent amount of people to celebrate New Year with. They were going to began having dinner when suddenly the shrine maiden felt someone tapping her shoulder from behind. She turned around and found herself staring into the smiling face of a blond girl wearing a white hat. "Whoa! Kana?! When did you show up?!" Reimu asked her in surprise.

"Just now!" the poltergeist—Kana Anaberal—replied. "I figured that you would be a bit lonely if I didn't come over to have dinner with you, so here I am! After all, I lived in your shrine for some time a while back, so it's only fitting that I come back here to pay you a visit!"

"Oh, isn't she that poltergeist living with the Prismriver Sisters?" Yukari asked when she saw Kana.

"Yeah," Reimu replied with a nod. "She used to live here before moving over to that mansion."

"I already told them that I'm eating at an old friend's house. They're having dinner at the ghost princess's house, by the way," Kana told the shrine maiden, and then she turned to look at Yukari. "It's nice to meet you, Mistress Yakumo!"

"Nice to meet you too, Mistress Anaberal!" Yukari said to her. "It's always nice to have several people gathering together for dinner during the last day of the year, so you are very welcomed here!"

"Thank you!" the poltergeist cheerfully said.

"It's nice to see you again, Kana!" Genji said to her.

"You too, Genji!" Kana said to him.

After they were done talking to each other, they started eating dinner. Even though all of them looked very happy, Reimu and Yukari were actually concerned about what Aya told them.

The invasion of the Cybroxes…

They hoped that it was all a big lie made up by the tengu…

The beginning of a new day…

Several people were up and greeting each other, wishing them a Happy New Year.

Keine was doing just that: walking through the Human Village and greeting more or less everyone she came across. When she saw a pair of married couples who were well advanced in their years, she went up to them and wished them a Happy New Year, and they did the same.

Shaking their hands one by one, Keine said to them, "It's great that the both of you managed to live so long! I wish you can live to the next year as well!"

"Thanks you very much, Miss Kamishirasawa!" the elderly wife said to her. "You've worked so hard in helping everyone in the village and educating the younger generation! Our village never would've been able to stand if it weren't for you!"

"You are our role model!" the elderly husband said to her. "Many people look up to you and wish to be like you! We are glad that you are the one leading us all!"

"Thank you very much!" Keine said to them. "You two are good examples as well! You're the oldest married couples here, and I'm sure everyone would want to know the secret to living a long life!"

"There is no special secret to living a long life," the wife told her. "Other than living a healthy lifestyle, you also have to have a positive outlook in life!"

"We smile and think of good things every day, not to mention looking forward to every new day!" the husband explained. "Just like that, we've managed to live as a couple for over eighty years!"

"You are the longest married couple here in the village! Congratulations! You are without doubt a role model among married couples! I hope that the both of you remain together throughout the rest of your lives!" Keine said to them.

"Thank you very much, Miss Kamishirasawa!" the wife said to her.

After Keine was done chatting with the elderly couple, she continued walking through the village, greeting everyone she came across.

Suddenly, a horizontally-aligned portal appeared in the air, much to the surprise of everyone.

"What… What is that?!"

"There's a hole in the sky!"

"How is that possible?!"

"Did the Great Hakurei Barrier break?!"

This never-seen-before phenomenon made everyone move back in fear, but Keine, being the guardian, stepped forward and made sure that there was nobody else in front of her. Everyone looked at the portal in the air until a dark gray spaceship resembling a five-pointed star came out of it.

"A flying ship…?" Keine curiously said. She watched as the spaceship landed in an empty square that was right underneath the portal. Legs came out from underneath it when it was close to the ground so that it could stand properly.

A beam of light came out from the center of the spaceship's bottom, and five creatures they had never seen before descended from it. The beings, the Cybroxes, stepped forward and stopped a few feet in front of Keine.

Everyone stared at the beings with dumbfounded expressions, and some of them showed signs of fear. Keine took a few steps forward and asked the Cybrox standing at the front, "Good… Good morning… May I ask who you people are?"

Green light suddenly came out from that Cybrox's eyes and scanned Keine from head to toe, much to her surprise. After that, the Cyrbox said in Japanese, "Greetings! It is a pleasure to meet the inhabitants of this place the moment we arrived!"

"Um… Welcome to Gensokyo…" Keine said to him.

"This may sound rude, but we wish to get to the point of our purpose here right away," the Cybrox told her. "Our leader is an impatient person and is constantly demanding a short deadline for everything. First, we are known as the Cyrboxes, and we come from a planet that exists in another dimension."

"Cybroxes? Another dimension…?" Keine curiously said.

The Cybrox continued to speak. "Five days ago, two of our…"


The loud sound came from behind, so the Cybroxes turned around to see what it was that caused it, and they were shocked at what they saw.

Two holes were bored through the center of their spaceship, one at the top and one right underneath it. On the ground underneath the hole at the bottom was a keystone. Tenshi, who was standing on the keystone with her arms crossed, said in a loud voice, "Good morning, everyone! Happy New Year!"


On the second thought, this story may not be as long as I think it will be. Perhaps it won't even go past ten chapters! Better not jump to conclusions just yet, though…

It seems popular to portray Iku as an untidy person who cannot keep her room clean. I actually like that portrayal, so I decided to make her like that in my series.

Here's another preview for Universes' Finest:

Within an alley of a dark and silent city, Meiling, Nazrin, Chen, and Kurumi were lying unconsciously on the ground.

Meiling was the first of the four to get up. "Ow… What happened…?" she asked while rubbing the back of her head and looking around the place. She saw walls on three sides and a passage on one. "What is this place…?"

She noticed the other girls starting to get back up. "Where are we?" Nazrin asked while looking around.

"I was wondering the same thing," Meiling said to her. "Anyway, are the three of you all right?"

"I'm all right…" Chen replied, and then she looked around. "What is this place?" Then she looked up at the sky. "And why is it nighttime already? Did we fall asleep?"

"Well, we just woke up from passing out, so that's probably a logical explanation," Nazrin said. "Not sure how long we passed out, though…"

"It believe it was still afternoon when we defeated those invaders from another dimension," Kurumi told her, "so judging by the night sky, I'd say we passed out for several hours."

"Maybe…" Meiling said. "Where is everybody? I remember everyone else being around us when we were all sucked up into that… hole in the sky…"

"I was going to escape into Mistress Yukari's gap, but was too late…" Chen said.

"I remember being close to Elly and my mistress as well, but I also remember getting separated from them after we found ourselves being tossed to and fro inside that portal…" Kurumi said. "Guess everyone went separate ways after going in there and then got grouped together randomly… Why else are the four of us together, even though I don't remember any of us standing close to each other when that happened?"

"Guess you have a point… That portal separated us from each other when we all got sucked inside it…" Nazrin said. "I only hope that it didn't separate us far from each other…"

Meiling looked at the passage and said, "Let's go out there and see if we can find out where we are first."

"Not so fast!" said a man's voice. All four girls became cautious when they heard that voice. They looked around for the source of it, and then Kurumi pointed to the source, which came from the top.

Everyone looked at where she was pointing to and saw the silhouette of a person standing on a balcony, but because of the darkness, they weren't able to see his details. They could, however, tell that he had what appeared to be pointy ears at the top sides of his head.