Final Chapter
This Universe's Finest…

What Nitori said both surprised and enraged Gigantar, but it wasn't only him who was surprised, because Reimu and Tenshi were both surprised as well. "Wait a minute! I thought you were simply going to overload the engine to make it explode, not detonate it!" Reimu said to Nitori.

"Well, yeah… That was the original plan…" Nitori said while scratching the back of her head, "but I couldn't understand what was written on the control panel, so I had a change of plan… I already told Rikako about it when I got here."

"Good thing he didn't hear us over the fighting," said Rikako, looking at Gigantar.

"Surprising turn of events, but the end result is the same, so there's nothing wrong about it!" Tenshi said, and then she turned to Gigantar. "Well, looks like it's your loss! As much as I want to spend some more time fighting you, I'm afraid it's time to wrap things up! Try to make our last moment together an exciting one, okay?"

"None of you are getting out of here alive! You're all going down too if I'm doing down!" Gigantar angrily said. "You have yet to destroy the Cybrox race! The ones listed on that computer are only the ones who went to invade your land, not the ones back here! I still have a large army at my disposal, and new ones will be added to replace lost ones!"

"That's if you can get out of this mess alive!" said Nitori, showing him the remote control. "I can press this big red button any time to detonate those bombs! Let's see you try to do something about this!"

Gigantar fired an eye beam at Nitori, but the kappa managed to avoid it by stepping aside. He also extended his hand at Nitori at about the same time he fired the eye beam, and he managed to snatch the remote control out of her hand. Seeing this, Flandre quickly slammed down the Laevatein onto the part that was connected to the arm to sever the hand with an explosion.


Gigantar cried in pain as his hand fell to the floor, and then Rikako quickly rushed over to the remote control to pick it up. Turning to Nitori with the remote in her hand, she loudly asked her, "Okay to press it now?"

"Are there any more of us here? We'll need to warn them if that's the case!" Nitori told her.

"Marisa already took the prisoners out of here, so it should be fine to blow up this place!" Tenshi told her.

"But what if she comes back? Or what if more prisoners were brought here after that?" Nitori asked.

While Nitori was asking that, Gigantar's hand had restored itself, and he ran towards Rikako and jumped at her. The scientist quickly jumped out of the way, and after falling on her body, she accidentally pressed the button for detonating the bombs. "Oops…"

Seeing her expression, Iku asked her, "You… You didn't happen to… press it… did you…?" Rikako slowly nodded with a look of guilt and shock on her face.

"Well, guess we have no time to find out if there are still other people here…" Tenshi said.

"None of you will be getting out of here! In the very least, I'll make sure that you all die here!" Gigantar angrily said as he changed his hand into a blade and readied to attack Rikako.

Acting quick, Iku swung her ribbon at Gigantar and caught his arm, the one whose hand didn't change into a blade, and tried to pull him over. The Cybrox angrily cut the ribbon before changing his sword hand into an arm cannon to fire at her, but she jumped out of the way.

Tenshi shouted as she ran towards Gigantar, who turned to face her. She plunged her beam sword into the floor to cause a slab of rock to come out diagonally from a magic circle, and the rock hit him in the abdomen hard and sent him flying back through the air, going over Rikako.

"C'mon! We have to get out of here now!" Nitori shouted as she ran for the door, and the other girls quickly followed her.

They quickly ran out of the room and came to the large window. "Flandre! Destroy it with your ability quick! The 'clench your hand' thing!" Reimu desperately said to the young vampire.

"You mean like this?" Flandre asked as she pointed her arm at the window and clenched her hand.


With a hole created on the window, everyone quickly ran towards it. Tenshi turned around and saw Gigantar running towards them in rage. The celestial turned around to face him, and Iku shouted at her, "Tenshi! What are you doing?! Quick! Run!"

"Go first! I'll catch up later!" the celestial shouted.

With his arm changed into a drill, Gigantar closed in on Tenshi and ready to hit her with it. The celestial quickly plunged the Sword of Hisou into the floor to make a slab of rock appear in front of him, but he managed to destroy it with his drill. He stopped and pulled back his drill after destroying it, but while doing that, Tenshi used this as the opportunity to close in on him, slashing him rapidly nonstop. "Sword of Spirited Boasting!"


After slashing him a total of nine times, Tenshi leaped back, dropped her beam sword at the side, and pointed her arms at him. "Scarlet Weather Rapture!" And a massive red beam was fired at Gigantar.


The beam pushed Gigantar back into the room, all the way across it, into the navigation room, and crushed him against the windshield. The throne was also torn off when he flew into and got pushed into the same place. As the beam continued pushing him against the windshield, the latter started to crack. Eventually, it shattered into pieces, and Gigantar was pushed out of the mothership.

Tenshi ended the attack, picked up her beam sword, and then turned to fly out of the hole on the window. "I'm coming!" she shouted as she flew after the other girls, who had entered the portal and were waiting for her.

"C'mon!" Iku shouted while beckoning for her to come over. Once the celestial was close to them, they quickly flew deeper into the portal, and Nitori told everyone that the bombs she planted should explode any second.

Gigantar, who was pretty much unconscious, fell through the air, while Cybroxes at the bottom pointed at him and said to each other in shock about what they saw.

The timer of the turtle-shaped bombs inside the engine counted closer and closer to zero…








The explosion quickly spread throughout the place in a moment's notice, and the Cybrox only had a second to realize what was happening before they got incinerated by the tremendous amount of heat released.

In a short amount of time, the kingdom of the Cybroxes was more or less utterly destroyed by a massive nuclear explosion.

Gigantar never had the opportunity to scream his last, as he was barely conscious when the explosion incinerated him…

The girls were flying for their lives, as the explosion was so big that it entered the portal. When they looked back, they saw a wall of fire coming after them at a fast speed. "Is this suppose to happen?!" Reimu asked Nitori.

"I don't know! Maybe or maybe not! Just fly faster!" the kappa desperately replied.

"I can see our world over there!" said Flandre excitedly while pointing at the sky and the clouds seen at the other side of the circular exit at the far end of the portal.

The girls pressed forward as fast as they could to escape the explosion, and while doing so, Rikako looked at the Mother Box and said to it, "The moment we're out of the portal, close it RIGHT AWAY!" The Mother Box responded with its usual "bing" sound that only she could understand, and it was that it would do as she said.

The closer the girls were to the exit, the closer the wall of fire was to them. "C'mon! Just a little bit more!" Reimu desperately said.

They pushed even harder than before, and right before they exited the portal, Rikako intentionally dropped the Mother Box to let it get destroyed by the explosion.

The moment they exited the portal, it instantly closed. However, a bit of the explosion managed to get out, but the girls managed to avoid it by quickly dropping altitude.

What happened was more or less seen by everyone on the surface of Gensokyo. Realizing that they had won, everyone either jumped for joy or raised his or her arms into the air in triumph.

While those remaining in the village celebrated, Yukari looked at the sky with a pair of binoculars. A smile appeared on her face as she lowered the binoculars, and Ran asked her, "What did you see?"

"I see the saviors of our land returning home safe and sound!" the demon of boundaries replied.

Everyone who came out of the portal was panting heavily and relieved that they made it out safely. While still panting, Reimu said to the others, "Good… Good job, everyone… We did it… We saved… Gensokyo… and made it out of there… alive…"

"Yeah, we did it… I can't believe we actually did it!" said Nitori while panting.

"See? I told you we would win! It was mainly thanks to my efforts that we made it out of there alive!" Tenshi boasted.

"That was fun! I wish to do something like that again!" Flandre happily said.

"No way am I going to get myself into that sort of situation again…" Rikako grumbled.

While they were talking to each other, something was seen falling in the distance, but none of them noticed it.

It was the Mother Box.

Rather than instantly getting destroyed by the explosion, it was propelled out of the portal by it the last second.

Heavily damaged and short-circuiting, the device fell through the air and into the Forest of Magic, where it hit the ground and took even more damage, as pieces of it fell off because the impact.

The lines and circles on it were constantly flickering, and it made its usual sound nonstop, sometimes loud and sometimes soft.

As seconds passed by, the flickering of the lights became more and more intense, not to mention the beeping. More and more electricity came out from all over the device, and it even smoked and trembled violently.

Reimu and her group were going to fly down to the ground when a portal appeared over their heads without a warning. They looked up and were surprised at what they saw. "What's happening now?!" the shrine maiden asked.

The girls felt themselves slowly being pulled towards the portal. They fought against it with no problem at first, but as the pulling force became stronger little by little, they found themselves moving towards it instead, even if they tried to fight against it.

"It's the same kind of portal activated by that Mother Box!" Rikako said while fighting against the pulling force. "But I left it inside the portal to let it get destroyed by the explosion! How is there a portal again?!"

While fighting against it, Iku noticed something happening down below, so she told the others to look. They looked and were surprised to see several people floating into the air, all of them being pulled towards the portal.

"What… What is happening?!" Marisa cried as she got carried towards the portal. Using her hakkero, she gave her broom an extra boost to escape it. She was making progress, but Cirno flew into her from below at a fast speed and knocked her off her broom. Both of them screamed as they got pulled towards the portal while spinning through the air. The broom and the hakkero joined them soon after.

Back in the Human Village, Yukari told everyone to quickly get inside her gap. The demon herself was inside the gap and holding onto its side to prevent being pulled up by the portal. Ran, who was also inside, asked her, "Have you seen Chen?"

"I haven't!" Yukari replied.

Ran looked out the portal and shouted, "Chen! Come in here quick! CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!"

"MISTRESS RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!" screamed the voice of Chen, though it sounded like it came from very far away.

Hearing this, Ran looked around desperately for signs of her shikigami, but she didn't see her at all. "Chen! Is that you? Where are you? Chen! Chen! CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!" The nine-tailed fox demon wanted to go out to find her, but Yukari stopped her and told her that it was too dangerous.

All the fairy maids had ran back inside the Scarlet Devil Mansion when they felt themselves being pulled towards the portal. Remilia was still at the balcony and holding onto the railing. She didn't want to go inside until she found her younger sister, who went missing for quite a while.

"Mistress Remilia!" shouted Meiling, who was holding onto the gate for dear life. "I think I see the young mistress!"

"Where is she?!" Remilia shouted back.

Meiling pointed at the portal. "I'm not sure, but I think I saw someone with a color scheme just like hers close to the portal! The distance is too far, so I can't be sure!"

Remilia looked at the portal and narrowed her eyes. She wasn't able to see Flandre, but she decided to take the risk to go and see if she really was there, so she flew towards the portal.

When Sakuya saw her leaving, she shouted, "Mistress Remilia! Where are you going?!" When her mistress didn't reply, she quickly closed the mansion's front set of doors and then flew after her.

Seeing that her mistress and the head maid were both flying towards the portal, Meiling felt that she should go after them to help them, so she willingly let go of the gate and flew after them.

"Why is this happening?! Just when I thought everything was over!" Reimu shouted. Even though she was already inside the portal, she still struggled to fly towards the exit before her eyes, but instead, she kept on getting pulled back. She looked around and saw people familiar to her struggling in vain to escape.

Sanae, Kokoro, Alice, Aya, the Prismriver Sisters, Suwako, Youmu, the residents of the Myouren Temple, Miko and her servants, and more…

Even rocks, fallen trees, building pieces, and animals were being pulled into the portal.

The shrine maiden turned to look at the sight of her homeland at the front again while reaching her hand towards it. She could do nothing but watch it move farther and farther away from her.

The Mother Box continued to short-circuit and tremble violently. It released even more smoke and sparks than before, and eventually, it exploded.


It was at that moment the portal disappeared as suddenly as it appeared, and everything in the midst of getting pulled into it fell back down.

Seeing that the coast was clear, Yukari reopened her gap, peeked out, and then stepped out after being sure that it was safe to do so. "What… What exactly happened just now…?" she asked in confusion.

The siren was still sounding when a green-skinned man approached an African American with cybernetic body parts. Looking at the large computer the latter was looking at, the green-skinned man asked him, "Cyborg, this siren… Is it…?"

"Yep, John," the African American replied without letting him finish his phrase. "Boom tubes… Lots of them… They're in Metropolis, Gotham City, Central City, Coast City, Star City, and more… Never seen so many of them appearing at once…"

The green-skinned man became worried upon hearing this, and then he said, "Quick, we should let the league members living in those places know about this! This could be the beginning of a large-scaled invasion!"




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