A/N: So my mom walked into my room with a plate full of tacos right before I went to bed and this happened. I don't even know.

Could be read as either ship, shipless, and any season. I don't really care. Canon has no meaning in fanfiction, that's why it's called fan fiction.

Sheldon's sensitive nose and hearing woke him up to the smell and sound of cooking.

What on Earth could Leonard be doing cooking at - he looked at the clock - 12:23am on a Saturday?

And since when does Leonard cook?

He got up, put on his slippers, grabbed his robe, and went to sate his curiosity. What he encountered wasn't even on his list of expectations.

With only the light above the stove illuminating the room he could just make out Penny. It smelled like she was making tacos. He knew he was right when she pulled out twelve taco shells from the oven.

Sleepily, he asked, "Penny, why are you making tacos in my kitchen at twelve twenty five at night?"

Penny turned and grinned at him. "Oh, hey Sweetie. This is all my stuff, but I didn't pay my electric bill so I thought I'd make the tacos before the stuff went bad and just keep the leftovers in your fridge til I can pay my bill. That ok?"

Rubbing the sleep out of his eye, he inquired, "Wouldn't it have been more prudent simply to store your things in our refrigerator until you could pay your bill, rather than cook everything at -" He glanced at the clock on the microwave. "Twelve twenty seven am?"

"Maaaaybe," she lilted as she glided from place to place, looking right at home in his kitchen. "But then I'd still be hungry with no midnight tacos to eat." She pulled the sour cream and shredded cheese out of the crisper drawer and diced a tomato. She didn't have any lettuce, though, so she'd have to do without.

"While you have a point," he acceded, sitting on a stool, "You still may have only made what you were going to eat immediately and stored the rest, rather than making all of them at once." Her logic rarely made any sense to him, and he imagined it was much the same for her, but surely this once she could see reason.

Penny grinned and set a plate of tacos in front of him. "But then you wouldn't have any either, silly. And neither would Leonard. Breakfast tacos are awesome, even if he can't have the cheese or sour cream." She covered a third plate of plain tacos in Saran wrap and placed them on Leonard's shelf in the fridge, then sat down and dug in to hers. Sheldon stared at his plate with a slight look of confusion. "Penny, you know I don't eat after bedtime. It upsets my digestion process."

Through a mouthful of ground beef she said, "Eat 'em or don't. I will if you won't." Then she smiled at her unintentional rhyme. "Besides, you're already awake at twelve thirty at night, doesn't that mess with your schedule?"

"True," he nodded. "But it is now Saturday, which means it is the weekend, and thus acceptable to somewhat stray from certain routines." Sheldon's eyes widened in realization. "Oh, I see what you did there, Penny. Touché." Penny merely smirked and picked up another taco.

Sheldon didn't often give in, and it might've been the lack of sleep, but he felt Penny deserved this win. He picked up a 'midnight taco,' as she had called it, and dug in. He knew he'd regret it later, but at the moment he let it go.

And they really were good tacos.