Parting Ways

Click. "Earlier last week the Justice League once again defeated their adversaries the Injustice League in Metropolis City. However, as the battle went on ongoing tensions between members of the Justice League took their toll. Near the end of the battle the Justice League finally imploded."

Click. "Pictures shown here of the Justice League fighting amongst each other in Metropolis causing millions of property..."

Click. "The Justice League is out of control. They've caused millions of dollars in damage and people..."

Click. "Miss Lane, how can you defend them?"

"This is the Justice League we are talking about, Jim. I don't agree in everything that went down today, but we need them, and I believe in second chances. I know the League will own up to their mistakes."

"The one who started the mess in the first place was your boyfriend!"

"He's not my boyfriend."

Click. "Reports are coming in that the fight between the members of the Justice League started when Superman attacked Wonder Woman."

"I thought they were dating?"

"I thought he was dating Lois Lane."

"That was just a rumor."

"So was Superman and Wonder Woman."

"Well if they were then obviously now they aren't talking, but at what cost..."

Click. "Batman is seen here attacking both the Man of Steel and Princess Diana here..."

Click. "It appears that the Green Lantern and the Flash were trying to keep peace among its members. Both were caught in the cross fire of the battle between Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman.

Click. "I've never liked Batman..."

Click. "Screw the Amazons! Send them back to their..."

Click. "So much for Green Lantern being a space cop. He couldn't even police..."

Click. "Superman is a woman beater!"

Click. "William Mayer had this to say."

"I believe the Justice League should be held responsible for their actions. Lives were lost today because of their inability to keep their drama at home. Human lives..."

Click. "Neither the Justice League nor the President of the United States have been available for comment."

Click. "This is unsettling. These higher powers cannot be trusted anymore."

Click. "As many of you know, we here on the O'Malley Factor have always been in support of the Justice League. I myself am a huge support of truth, justice, and the American way. But when is enough..well enough? Countless lives were lost today in Metropolis, not only from the incursion between the Justice and Injustice League, but from the incursion among the members of the Justice League as well. America I'm afraid. I'm afraid for our citizens..."

Click. "These powers have gone unchecked for far too long..."

Click. "Superman is a coward. He is the league's leader; he has not yet to come forth with a statement."

"Probably because he's the asshole started this whole mess in the first place."

Click. "Even Conan O'Ryan was cracking jokes on his nightly show about this situation."

"How many Batman's does it take to change a light bulb? One! If he's prepared."

Click. "The death toll continues to rise in Metropolis reaching into the lower thousands with countless more missing. One billion dollars in property damage is the current toll for Metropolis. Both numbers are expected to rise."

Click. "The Daily Planet's chief editor Perry White was found dead in the wreckage..."

Click. "Foreign nationalists are now putting pressure on the United States government to deal with this issue."

Click. "Rumor is the leaders of the UN gathered earlier to discuss..."

Click. "How can Lois Lane defend these people? Her boss was killed for crying out loud."

Click. "Some of the league members did stay and help put out fires and with repairs, but have been under constant scrutiny from civilians..."

Click. "Hospitals are overflowing..."

Click. "The president has called for the national guard to assist..."

Click. "Families like this one was affected: John Zatara and wife Sindella were killed as a result the battle of Metropolis leaving behind a fifteen year old daughter. John had been performing at the magical arts venue in downtown Metropolis with his family in attendance. The young girl has been hospitalized in Metropolis General, with no surviving family members to take care of her."

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Cyborg, and Aquaman silently stood taking this all in. They were in the Oval Office, the office of the President of the United States. He stood facing away from the league taking in the news and gossip as they were. Of course, he already knew the decision the United Nations had made. He did not like the idea, personally, but it was a necessary one. It was one that best benefited innocent civilians around the world. The Justice League had gone too far this time.

"While we are greatly appreciative for the Justice League foiling the so-called Injustice League," The president began turning around to face the seven heroes. "We cannot look over what took place after. I don't know what happened nor do I pretend to, but the fact of the matter is our greatest fears came alive: You lost control; you lost control of your abilities and took them out on each other. Worst of all, it cost the lives of many innocent." The president moved in front of his desk closer to the heroes and began pacing back and forth. "It took a lot of convincing, but as you know I have some power. No criminal charges will be brought forward on your behalves; however," He turned to face them as he paced. "The UN has called for the disbandment of the Justice League, and a cease in all superhero activities. Furthermore, the United Nations has called for the closing of the Themyscira Embassy."

Diana, Princess of the Amazons, Champion of the Amazons, and known as Wonder Woman stood shocked at what she had just heard. She was only nineteen and fairly new to the world and had been surprised many times by the unpredictability of the Patriarch's world, but nothing had prepared her for that. In the last year and a half she had put so much time and effort into being a diplomat and strengthening ties between the Amazons and other nations. More than that, being a hero, being Wonder Woman was who she was. She was sure the other members were as shocked as well.

She politely interrupted. "With due reverence Mr. President, why was I not advised about the United Nations? Themyscira is an established nation within the United Nations as any other. Why was I not given the chance to defend myself and my people?"

"I'm truly sorry Princess Diana, and I understand that this goes against the principals of this Nation, but the majority of nations voted that having you in the meeting would only cause further chaos. Your actions, as well as the others here, were criminal. Anyone else would have been locked away or even executed, but well as I said, because you are the Justice League, I was able to convince the world otherwise."

It's not fair was all Diana could think, but she did not voice her opinion. In some way they were right, she was just as much to blame as the others who stood beside her.

"Only one of you can remain for now." The president stopped in front of the League's leader and stared up to him. He, the man who stood in front of the president, was the one who had started it all. He was the one who had lost control first. He had hurt her, not only physically, but in a way that he could not have hurt the others. Maybe one day she could forgive him, but she would never forget. At his core he was a man, and he had proved to her that all men were…wait, why was he the one allowed to stay?

The others must have felt the same way as there was an uneasy shift in the room. Batman did not waste any time to speak his disapproval.

"Why him?"

"Because I want him, and we have came to an understanding that will benefit us both." The President retorted. He did not offer any more, and it did not seem that he would.

Batman turned to the taller man standing next to him, the now former Justice League's leader. "So you sold out is that it?" His facade was all Batman: calm, sometimes crude, and ever glaring, but underneath it all he boiled.

"Batman…" The other offered.

"Forget it." Batman harshly said putting a stop to further conversation between them.

The president explained the rest of the condition that they had brought upon themselves. They would have to be forced back into hiding; they would be forced to go their separate ways. The world was not ready for the Justice League yet. After what happened a few short days ago, he was unsure they ever would be, but for the time being the world needed to heal on its own.