Title: Deathwish (6/6)

Author: Brooke

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Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. I might someday though. It's a goal of mine. Buffy and friends are owned by Joss, Mutant Enemy, 20th Century Fox, UPN, and whoever else has rights to the show.

Summary: Adventures in slaying

Spoilers: I'm not good with eppy titles, but it's pretty much just some stuff I borrowed from season 5.

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            I haven't slept this good in forever. I can feel Xander laying next to me and I am extremely comforted by that fact. His rhythmic breathing lulls me back to unconsciousness.

            I awake to the sound that comes as if from out of a dream. I was vaguely aware the of glass breaking as the front window of the shop shattered.

            I try to wake myself up, but I can't stand up fast enough to react properly as what looks like an army of the undead file into the room.

            There was nothing I could do. They grab me and pull me to my feet so fast that I never had a chance to fight it. I had failed.

            I wanted to live for Xander and he wanted to live for me, but we couldn't.

            I scream in pain and in sorrow as I am wrenched from Xander's arms. I had never screamed that loud before.

            The vamps had followed us here and waited. This was the only safe place I could think of, they weren't supposed to get in here.

            We weren't supposed to lose. Heroes don't lose.

            I felt cold clammy hands running down my face as I watched Xander struggle against his captors as I tried to fight mine. His clear brown eyes were pleading as he fought to reach me, but he wasn't able to.

            The last sound I remember was Xander's scream as my world went black.


            They followed us here.

            There are more vampires then I can count.

            I want to protect her, but there are four vamps holding me back, they're too strong. I can't move.

            I keep trying though. I will never give her up without a fight.

            I watch as the vamp that was obviously in charge of this crew moved his hand up to caress Buffy's face. I wish I could rip that hand off.

            I know Buffy is the Slayer, but I also know that she is no match for the five vampires restraining her, especially in her condition. I watch as the vampire's hands come to rest on the sides of her cheeks, and she stills her efforts for freedom.

            He laughs, a deep bellowing laugh, and I am able to see his grip on her face tighten as his nails pierce her skin.

            Buffy's eyes turn to me, and the look in them is something I hoped never to see. Resignation. In her eyes I can read her soul; she's telling me that she is sorry, that she loves me. She is saying goodbye to me.

            The laughter continues, but to me it is drowned out by the last sound I had ever wanted to hear. The sound I knew was coming.

            The vamp rotated Buffy's head hard to the left in one quick movement. The snap echoed in my ears, resonating in my brain.

            With my eyes wide I scream a blood-curdling cry as the body of my beloved hero, my Buffy, fell lifeless to the floor.

            I cried and thrashed to try to escape my captors. I needed to be by her side, to hold her, but I couldn't get to her.

            I shut my eyes against the laughter that still flooded the room while I wished myself to death.

            And it came. A stake was forced roughly through my chest and into my heart. It was Buffy's stake.

            My final thought as my world went black was of Buffy. I had promised her that I would not let her die alone. And I didn't.