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Chapter one: Distraction is just not okay.

"Ronald, I've told you this before." Hermione whispered angrily, "I don't know if she likes you too. Now stop asking me that. I'm here to learn charms not talk about crushes."

She turned sharply to look at Professor Flitwick climb onto a tower of books so his students could see him better. It was a frightful use of books in Hermione's opinion.

"Not crushes, just one." Ron whispered back hastily. Harry shook his head. Hermione ignored them.

She had come back to Hogwarts for one thing and one thing only: to give her NEWTS and get an O in each subject. After the war things had been rough on almost every one, even some Muggles. Although the ministry, any company, business or profession would have invited them in with open arms, Hermione Granger wanted her NEWTS to ease her mind. A handful of the old students had returned, but mostly to spend a carefree year. That included Ron and Harry.

As last year had not counted much in the syllabus department, Headmistress McGonagall had decided each student needed to repeat his/her year. So Hermione was in the Seventh year and Head Girl, she noted with a hint of pride.

"Now class, today we are going to perform a rather complicated and advanced charm called Communiency." Professor Flitwick squeaked. "Does anybody know about this charm?" Hermione's hand shot up, as expected. "Yes, Ms. Granger?"

"Communiency, a charm invented by an exceptionally talented wizard Evan Luther, was first used to break into the Ministry." Hermione narrated. "It is a charm which connects the minds of two or more individuals, completely, thus ensuring they could communicate effectively without speaking, even when they were miles apart. Such a form of communication is rarely used as it reveals one's memories and thoughts. For it to work both parties willing agreement must be needed. It is always a third party who uses the spell, no wizard can cast the spell on himself."

"10 points to Gryffindor for an excellent answer." Professor Flitwick smiled. He turned to the rest of the class. "This charm has many modified versions which allow only specific thoughts or memories to pass through. Using these versions we'll practice the charm yes? Now, wands out students." He said pulling out his own wand. They practiced a swish and jab for the spell.

"Now now Mr. Blaise its swish first, jab after." Professor Flitwick corrected kindly. Hermione looked over at the brown haired boy who nodded at the professor. Next to him sat a platinum haired boy holding his wand, waiting for the rest of the class to hurry up, like she was.

"You first have to say the spell at who you wish to be joined with then at the person you are to join. For example, if I'm the third party then I'll first point my wand at Ms. Patil and say the spell and the at Mr. Malfoy repeating my actions. If both are willing, the spell will definitely work." Professor Flitwick said. Draco shuddered at the thought of having Parvati, the Gryffindor blabbermouth in his head. His life would turn up in the Daily Prophet gossip colomns.

Draco Malfoy was, after his return, sticking to the shadows. His walk was still the same arrogant swagger, but it had lost some of its… Pride. His face still held the old smirk, but it was less of a sneer now and more like a habit.

Ron turned to Harry to tell him how he'd just made eye contact with his crush, Parvati Patil.

"The original spell is 'Incipe Nexu' and the spell you'll be using is 'Connexione Custoditur'." Professor Flitwick said clearly, and then repeated his words twice. He clapped his hands with glee and waved the children to stand up. Ron, distracted, remained seated until Harry pulled him up by his elbow.

"Split into groups of three now. On those who the spell is being cast on, close your eyes and concentrate on letting it work, show your willingness and concentration, giving way to the spell." The professor encouraged. The trio remained where they were standing although Ron did stare wistfully as Parvati and Lavender searched for a third member.

"Mate, you're being too obvious." Harry told him. Ron looked back at him startled.

"Bloody hell, you think she knows?!" Ron asked.

"Ron please concentrate on the spell." Hermione said through her teeth.

"Yes of course, of course." Ron said, his eyes flickering to Parvati. Harry bent down to tie his shoelaces, rolling his eyes at the antics of the red head.

Ron swished and flicked his wand muttering the spell at Hermione, who closed her eyes and focused completely on the spell working. In the corner of his eyes he saw Parvati turn to look at him. He vaguely aimed at Harry, smiling at her. He said the spell, 'Incipe Nexuses.'

Hermione's head suddenly ached. She opened her eyes and her vision had begun blurring around the corners.

"R-Ron?" She muttered clutching her head.

Harry stood, "Okay Ron I'm ready. Cast the spell now." He smiled, but then turned to look at Hermione. "Hermione?"

"I already cast it mate." Ron said tearing his eyes from Parvati to look at his best friend.

Hermione's head begun to spin and the mild ache turned into throbbing. She lost her balance and fell to the ground murmuring and holding her head. Spots danced around her eyes. She blacked out.

Just behind Harry, Blaise reached out and gripped Draco Malfoy's hand. "You okay mate?"

Draco lost all feeling in his legs and blacked out, too.

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