Ritsu let himself fall down on the couch exhaustedly. Lately, work had been such a drag. And it was nearly christmas too. Business really showed no mercy, not even on this time of the year.
Suddenly he heard the noise of fists banging against the frontdoor. Don't tell me it's Takano?, Ritsu thought and shouted: "I'm not taking that, Takano-san!"
The sound disappeared and the younger man slid down on a pillow on the couch to take a little nap. Tomorrow he would have to get up early and he had been reading way too many shoujo manga lately, all because his grumpy neighbour was teasing him once again that he 'was relaxing way too much during worktime'.
Ritsu sighed and frowned as he heard the familiar sound of his mobile ringtone buried under a mountain of dirty clothes. Angrily he took the call and yelled at the older man.
"G-gomen! I'm so sorry! I'll try to solve the problem all by myself!", he heard a feeble voice speak at the other end of the conduit. A voice, that ended up in a loud cough. Definitely a female voice, definitely Mutou-san's voice, one of his client's.
"Wait! Mutou-san! I didn't mean to -"
But the girl had already hung up on him. Ritsu stared at the phone in awe for a second, before falling back into the pillows. It's all because it's christmas again. His birthday again. I can't grip a thought!
On the other hand, why should he worry about his boss' birthday? That's right, Takano was nothing more than his boss! And...his neighbour! And...his first love...and they had sex time to time...
It was exactly because of this mess that Ritsu hadn't been able to draw a clear line. To sort out in his head, what the relationship between the two was.
But right now, he first had to clear yet another problem. Hastily he looked up Mutou-san's number in his mobile's contact list and phoned her. The call got through and Ritsu explained everything in one breath.
"Sorry, Mutou-san! So sorry! I actually-I didn't mean to say that to you! I thought you were my boss, you know- you know Takano-san?! I'll help you with whatever you need?"
"Haaaah?! I've no idea what the heck you're getting at. Mind explaining?"
Takano! It couldn't be he had dialed the wrong number?! But... That's right, recently Takano had been calling him a lot. Sof of course his number would be high up. Just as high up as Mutou-sans.
"It's got nothing to do with you anyways! Why are you even calling!"
"Are you retarded?! You're the one who called ME, Onodera! But you know, I don't mind. I was waiting at your door already too. Do you know what day it is?"
"I don't. Halloween?", Ritsu replied, his nerves shattered. So Takano was still in front of his apartment?
"Don't be such a hardass. We're lovers now, aren't we?"
"So we're fuck buddies?"
Ritsu shut his mouth immediately. Leaned forward, as if to understand Takano's words clearer. Takano was...right there, probably standing in the cold. And all the younger did was scream at him. Well, it was Takano's fault for visiting him anyways..wasn't it?
Ritsu ran his hand through the shorts strangs of brown hair withering his eyesight.
"That's...not exactly true either...", he began to explain.
"So what am I to you? Your lover? Your fuck buddy? The molester next door that happens to be your boss and first love that gave you his heart so many times, which you just teared apart?"
By now he was unable to reply.
Today was the day before Christmas Eve, the day before Takano's birthday.
And it was the first time that Takano had hung up on a private call of his.