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After he had found his way back in his own apartment and had exchanged various messages with Yokozawa on the way, Takano had let himself fall on the floor, with only the loud noice of his heavy body meeting the wooden ground in his ears. And that was exactly how he woke up on the following day- his birthday.

He usually wasn't like this. Sloppy. Laying on the floor, having bad thoughts. Because, normally, he'd lay on the bed having bad thoughts.

At least he head not done that since he had brought himself up again after Ritsu left him in Highschool. Though it wasn't even himself that had lifted him up, but Yokozawa.

Yokozawa...maybe he should really give in to him today. After all, his beloved didn't seem to really care about today.

"Halloween. You snob", Takano murmured with a sour throat.

He sat up and checked the time with his nearly-battery-died-down-cell which had more than 10 new messages by his old college friend. So he was serious about taking him out today, huh... Takano called Yokozawa, without having to wait for even 3 seconds.

"Don't tell me you're not gonna come", the familiar grumpy voice of the co-worker at Marukawa greeted him.

"Actually I was going to say the opposite."

There was silence for a second. But just a second, before Yokozawa seemed to have checked the work he had left for today.

"I'll come over right now. And I'm going to cheer you up. Take that whatever way you want."

And he hung up to hurry to Takano's place, so he had his work already finished it appeared. Oh Yeah. Takano didn't have to go to WORK today, gladly. That meant, actually he had to, but he should be able to take off once in a while, shouldn't he?

That's not like you. So not like you. Get your ass up and ready for work and tell Yokozawa that he won't ever have things his way! Tell him you already love someone.

But Takano's mouth wouldn't start moving.

It took 15 Minutes for Yokozawa to take a train to his apartment and open the door, since Takano had given him a key.

"What happened?", he asked, dropping his bag messily. Takano only stared at him. "You going to cheer me up?"

Raising an eyebrow, Yokozawa grabbed his arm. "Oi... I mean it. What's wrong? You look like shit."

Takano took a long time to have a look at his feet, not because he was nervous or didn't know what to say. Just because he wanted Yokozawa and he didn't want him at the same time and wasn't sure how to act yet. With Ritsu, whenever he was around him, there were these clear feelings of wanting to catch him. After all, he needed to be catched, due to his nerve wrecking habit of always running away.

But now he was uneasy.

Of course- he didn't love Yokozawa. He just wanted to feel loved today. Asking himself if being held by his friend would help at all, asking himself if he would be able to forget Ritsu this way. With any way.

And just as that thought was crossing his mind, he heard the closing sound of the neighbouring apartment and a squirky female's voice- An-chan's voice.

Yokozawa still had this confused and sleepy look in his eyes, but now he opened his mouth to question Takano even more. Dissatisfied, angry, frustrated Takano shut him up by covering his lips with his hand and then hastily rushed into his own bedroom to lock himself inside.

For a while after he heard Yokozawa shout after him ["I'M GOING TO BREAK YOUR DOOR!"], but soon the noise died down and he was able to fall asleep in silence, just after seeing himself off with two sadly true words.

Happy Birthday.

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