Don't own a thing, don't sue!

Addison shook her head, staring out the window every few minutes as they waited.

Waited for Meredith Grey to appear, with the dog. Meredith's dog. Now, her dog.

She still could not believe Derek was asking her to do this.

She wasn't exactly pet friendly as it were, but to do this... and knowing full well in her heart why he was. And now here she was going to have yet another reminder of the other woman her husband loved. Hell, possibly the only person he loved these days.

"It's just a dog" was a bunch of bullshit. No matter how many times he kept repeating it. Addison knew better.

But, she put on a smile. And when she went outside to get the pup, she was as friendly as could be. Acting the role, happy to have him. That it wasn't a big deal.

That it was just a damn dog.