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Pearls Before Owls


Divine Intelligence

People commented on how alike Percy and Thalia were. Loyal, stubborn, powerful, and the both of them had tempers. Very dangerous tempers that would flair up over some really small things.

Like the current argument going on.

Chiron was afraid of very few things. Most of them related to his heroes dying unnecessarily. And Poseidon and his children. Poseidon's flaw was rage, which is why the Sea God tried very hard to be relaxed. But when he flew off the handle things got destroyed.

At the height of Zeus' undirected rage, whole forests would get knocked down and fires would start. From wind and lightning respectively. Hades' just sent out wave after wave of monsters and the dead after the object of his ire. If he was just in general angry he would go help the Furies for a little therapy. Or make sexy time with Persephone.

(Word on the grape vine is that Persephone spent three months in the Underworld in bed, thoroughly enjoying her husband's attentions. Then she spent the next three months stir crazy, while enjoying her husband's attentions. Hades on the other hand spent three months loving his wife, three months wishing she would be quiet, a month glad she was gone, and five wishing she was back.)

Poseidon's rage, however, could crack and shatter the world. He wasn't called the Earthshaker for nothing. Sometimes Chiron wondered why they wouldn't have Poseidon just go shake Gaea (wink wink nudge nudge) if she ever woke up. Or have him crack her in half.

As Chiron's heroes live on the world, an enraged Sea God was a bad thing. Beckendorf had rushed into the Big House to get Chiron. The two children of the Big Three were having an argument and it was getting out of hand.

As the Trainer of Heroes galloped over to the training arena, the winds picked up. Clouds were gathering and thundering. The nearby sound became choppy and the howling of the waves grew in volume. Vaguely the sounds of a duel were going on, but Chiron stopped dead as he came into the arena and heard what they were arguing about.

"COKE!" screeched Thalia.

"PEPSI!" Percy roared in response.

With a loud groan, the centaur buried his face in his hands as he clopped up to the two fighting demigods.

"If your fathers didn't find this argument immensely amusing I'm sure that they would be here stopping you from murdering each other."

Chiron's sudden appearance and statement stopped the demigods and their powers cold.

"Murder each other? Never! Just a fight to prove Pepsi's superiority."

Thalia scoffed.

"Coke was totally winning."

"STOP! The both of you are grounded to your cabins! You will be unable to leave except for meal times and kitchen duties! For the next week! Using powers like this of such petty things is asinine!"

Thalia and Percy snickered. Percy elbowed Thalia.

"He said ass."

Thalia shoved Percy back playfully.

"I know, Kelp Head."

"Pinecone Face!"

The cousins stuck their tongues out at one another. Chiron sent them away, trying to remember if there was ever a pair of 'Big Three' demigods under his tutelage that were so similar, and despite appearances, got along so well. One minute they were at each other's throats, the next they were playing around.


When Percy got back to his cabin he found several cases of Pepsi and Pepsi products, with a large parchment taped on the one. It was emblazoned with a trident. Percy smiled as he pulled off the paper and turned it over to see if anything was on the back. And there was.

Pepsi is better than Coke. Enjoy.

-Dad and Triton (Your brother if you haven't cracked open a scroll to find out.)

"I knew my dad was awesome. And I guess I have a super cool brother."

The saltwater fountain gurgled happily at that.


Thalia huffed as she threw her bag into her cabin.

"Stupid centaur, stupid Barnacle Brain. Coke is way better."

She clapped twice and the lights came on. A stack of Coke cases stood in front of the statue of Zeus that was prominent in her cabin. And there was a letter in the statue's hand. Thalia took it down and read it. Thankfully it was written in Greek.

Coke is superior. If Dionysius wouldn't be upset I would make him the God of Coke instead of Wine.

-Your Father

Thalia lit the brazier in the corner of the cabin and opened several coke cans. She poured the soda into paper cups and sacrificed some of her now precious stash to her father.

"Thanks, Father."


At first Thalia had been pitied somewhat by Percy. She was temporally displaced, sorta, and had a lot of adjusting to do.

Then Thalia annoyed Percy. Everyone said they were a lot alike, but Percy had gone on two quests that had saved the camp. One indirectly, and one directly. He had already proven himself a hero. But everyone started to practically worship Thalia and forget him.

When most fo the Demigods returned home for the school year and Percy had come back from visiting his mother, Thalia had annoyed Percy less. They started to talk and hang out because Percy and Grover hung out. Eventually Grover left to go look for Pan and demigods, and Percy and Thalia had become sorta-friends.

By December they were totally friends. But they had arguments and epic fights. Like the one that led to this moment.

A lava slinging fight at the end of their kitchen duties. The harpies smiled bemusedly. This happened quite often. The two demigods shrieked, chuckled, giggled, laughed, slipped, and fought. When the head kitchen harpy moved to interrupt and get them to clean up, the worst happened.

Thalia had been forcing Percy back in a brutal magma onslaught, he had stepped in close, intent on driving a handful onto her helmet. But that is what caused Thalia to trip up and send them ass over tea kettle. The harpy darted forward to get them up, separated, and out fo the protective gear so they could get checked out. But in the four seconds it took for her to get close Percy and Thalia had an Aphrodite induced moment.

He stared into her bright electric blue eyes, and she stared into his deep sea green-blue peepers. Then they were whipped apart by several fussing Harpies who then sent them to the infirmary to get checked out with a note for Chiron that the two were to stay out of the kitchen from now on.


Hera sat in her garden, using her looking glass to watch the recently revived Thalia. She had known that the girl was still alive, and that her husband had planned on reviving her himself after the Great Prophecy had passed.

So much for non-interference. Or oaths on the Styx.

Hera had been extraordinarily upset when Thalia had been born. Not only did Zeus have yet another child out of wedlock, but he did so after swearing an oath on the Styx! And that was the only reason Hera didn't go after the girl herself.

The Queen of Heaven definitely didn't like any of Zeus' children that weren't also hers, but she put up with the immortal ones. She had been striking at his mortal children for millenia. And she wasn't really angry or mad at the children, it wasn't their fault her husband/their father couldn't keep it in his pants. But unlike Amphitrite, Hera never had an 'out of sight, out of mind' policy. She had to do something. Anything to get back at Zeus.

Jason would be so sad though if Thalia died. As Juno she had hinted that his sister was alive but unable to do anything.

A metaphorical lightbulb went off in Hera's head when she saw how Thalia and her nephew, that (slightly and occasionally understandably) disrespectful Perseus Jackson, interacted. The Goddess of Women quickly stood and hurried to Aphrodite's temple. Hera was invited in after a brief exchange of pleasantries and, when she saw what was on Aphrodite's HephTV, smirked slightly.

"Hypothetically, how upset do you think Zeus would be if his mortal daughter fell in love with and married his brother's mortal son?"

The Goddess of Love stared at the Goddess of Women for a moment before her own face gained a sly smile.

"Hypothetically, as upset as Athena would be when she finds out she convinced her daughter to give up on a hero that has the potential to equal or surpass the vaunted Heracles."

Not even the mention of that thief could upset Hera right now.

Operation: 'Be nice to Thalia to really screw with her and Zeus' had just gained its first ally. So did Operation: 'Get back at Bitchty McBitchface Athena.'

"I'm off to see your husband."


And the two goddesses went about their business. Hera to see Hephaestus, and Aphrodite to making a 'Perlia' scrapbook. Name squashes were all the rage among the mortals now a days.


Down in Atlantis, Amphitrite found her husband happily humming as he fixed one of his many nets. She smiled softly as she slid her arms down his chest and pressed herself into his back. She kissed his cheek for good measure.

"Why are you so happy today?"

Poseidon pecked his wife on the lips.

"Percy likes Pepsi."

The Queen of the Seas rolled her eyes and huffed.

"He's your son. I'm pretty sure they all like what you like."

"Like you, remember Theseus?"

Chuckles left Poseidon as his wife's cheeks colored. Theseus (famous for stealing wives) tried to steal his own step-mother he was so enamored with her. She had given him a gift as a thank you. She had been quite flattered.

"Anyways, he got into a fight with my brother's daughter over it. She is obviously damaged from her stint in the tree. Liking Coke more than Pepsi. Triton said it was a very interesting display of power from them both."

"Triton was watching him?"

"He was in the sound there. I had to re-issue orders for the Naiads and Oceanids watching over Percy. Triton was very impressed and left Percy a gift from us."

Now Amphitrite was convinced she had heard everything. Disbelief was written all over her face and it colored her words.

"Our son, Triton, likes one of your... mortal children?"

Poseidon nodded, his smile growing even larger.


Hera looked over the armor her son had crafted. Given that her champions were few and very far between, as well as having no demigod children of her own, she could call in these kinds of favors with surprising regularity.

Here, before the Queen of Heaven, was a set of her very own armor, tailored to fit (and grow with) a young mortal woman. Both in size and power.

Back before her marriage to Zeus she had been the Matriarch of the Grecian lands. Before Ancient Greece was even Greece. She had been a warrior woman, hence her patronage of the Amazons. She might not be as powerful as her husband or her brothers, but she was a damn good spear maiden.

"It is most satisfactory, Hephaestus. Thank you."

Her deformed, and very dirty, son simply nodded. It hurt Hera that she couldn't make things right with him. After millenia of trying, he still wouldn't forgive her. Never-the-less she tried.

"I will have Hermes deliver it to you when you ask for it, Mother."

Hera smiled brightly and stood on her tippy toes to give her son a kiss on the cheek. He flinched away. Hera would never have the happy family she always wanted, but at least she could get back at Zeus.


The week of punishment had passed by quietly for the two demigods. Mostly because neither could look at the other without pink dusting their cheeks, but eventually they put what had happened behind them and were arguing, playing, and fighting once again.

"Percy, Thalia, I have word from Grover."


In the camp of the Hunters of Artemis, Annabeth wasn't having the greatest of times. Having been asked to join the Hunters (something she had been considering ever since Luke's betrayal) by her mother, Annabeth had felt very lonely.

Perhaps it was because she hadn't fully renounced her mother. Perhaps it was because she wasn't man-hating enough. Perhaps it was her own hubris. Whatever it was, the other Hunters were not friendly with the daughter of Athena.

Especially Zoe. The Lieutenant of Artemis was largely no-nonsense, and ran a very tight ship. The other girls would laugh and sing, but Zoe would only smile, and for some reason gave much of the 'grunt' work to Annabeth.

Hadn't Annabeth helped save the Master Bolt? Had she not braved the Sea of Monsters?

Annabeth sighed as she repaired yet another arrow. The voice of her patron knocked her out of her thoughts.

"Girls, get ready to move. We make for Maine. We might be able to get two recruits out of this mission."

It was Zoe who answered Artemis.

"Who are the potentials, m'lady?"

Artemis smiled.

"A new demigod with unknown parentage, and perhaps my very own sister, Thalia. We may be able to get her now that Hermes' son has turned traitor."

Finally! Annabeth would get to see her old friend.


Sally Jackson was very excited. Pick up her son and his friend. Spend a few hours with them, and bar anything strange drive them back to camp with Grover and two new demigods. But being clear-sighted meant Sally knew it was a dream.

Percy was the son of Poseidon and his friend was a daughter of Zeus. No way things were going to go smoothly. But she could hope couldn't she?

And after making sure Percy had his super bag of goodies which included but wasn't limited to ambrosia, nectar, a gallon of ocean water, a few bags of distilled water, and a bunch of other medical supplies and weapons, Sally was introduced to Thalia.

"I saw the Sex Pistols in concert once."

And Thalia was instantly in love with Percy's mother.

The next eight hours up to Bar Harbor, Maine was full of talk. Mostly Sally telling embarrassing stories about Percy. When nervous, Sally was quite the talker. And like any other teenage boy, Percy was very ready to leave his mother's presence when Westover Hall came into view.

The evil castle looking building was made of black stone, with a dark scary forest on one side and a very foreboding ocean at the bottom of a cliff on the other.

Sally helped them unload.

"Are you sure you don't want me to wait?"

The answer hadn't changed in the last ten minutes, but like always Sally hoped. She felt so distant from her son recently.

"No, thanks, Mom. I don't know how long it will take. We'll be okay."

"But how will you get back? I'm worried Percy."

"Don't worry, Miss Jay. He's got me. I'll keep him out of trouble."

Ms. Jackson relaxed a bit, and was soon hugged by her son.

"I love you, Mom. We'll be okay, I promise."

Every protest Sally had died there. She just hugged her son back.

"Call me if you need anything."


Thalia looked away from the scene of familial love. A few more protesting good-byes and Sally Jackson was on her way back to New York.

"Your mom is so cool, Percy."

Percy shrugged, but inside he was rolling his eyes with a 'I know.'

"She's pretty okay. What about you? Did you ever get in contact with your mom?"

It was times like these Percy was very forcefully reminded of who was Thalia's father. The glare he got from her was the same 'blast you out of the sky glare' he had received from Zeus. Only made more evil and angry-looking by Thalia's minor amounts of make-up and punk clothing.

The slight glow behind her eyes was pretty sketchy too. Percy had seen it before, but a lightning bolt usually followed.

"If that was any of your business, Percy, I would have told you."

Percy put his hands up in a placating gesture.

"Okay, okay. I'm sorry I asked."

Thalia adjusted her bag and turned towards Westover Hall.

"C'mon, lets go find Grover. He wouldn't have called us for nothing."

Percy let out a sigh, glad he wasn't going to get blasted right at that moment. He adjusted his own bag and caught up to Thalia.

The great double oaken doors of Westover Hall swung open in an ominous manner, and the two demigods made their way inside.


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