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Pearls Before Owls


Poseidon is Awesome


Whoa indeed. The entrance hall to Westover was lined with campaign flags and many different kinds of weapons, ranging from daggers all the way to guns.

Percy's hand drifted into his pocket even as Thalia began to rub her bracelet. The two shared a look, there was a monster or something dangerous here. While Chiron often explained that a demigod's scent was what attracted monsters, he rarely explained that demigod's could smell monsters as well. Not as well as a satyr, but well enough that demigods instinctually knew that there was a monster near-by.

Percy and Thalia, being exceptionally powerful even among their mortal half-siblings, had been taught that information.

And because they were already getting on edge, when the doors slammed behind them they both jumped out of their skin as their hearts pounded in their ribcage.

"O-okay, guess we'll stay a while."

The two quickly stashed their overnight bags and began to stalk down the hallways to the sounds of middle-school approved dance music. The lighting casted some interesting shadows. And it was out of those shadows that a man and a woman stepped out of. Thalia had almost snapped open Aegis, but managed to reign herself in.

The two adults were obviously staff at Westover, given their military-esque uniforms and bearing. Percy, when he looked back on this memory, would always mention how he thought it was kind of backwards that she was the one with the mustache.

The woman spoke first.

"Well? What are you doing here?"

"Um... Ma'am, we're just-"

The man (the one without the 'stache) barked out a single mocking laugh. He had a strange accent, it sounded French. Maybe.

"Visitors are not allowed at the dance! You shall be eeee-jected!"

Thalia stepped forward and snapped her fingers. Almost like a shockwave, wind leapt from the sound. Various things around the area rustled, and Thalia explained that she and I were in the eighth grade and attending Westover. The man seemed to be far less affected than the woman, but we were lead to the gymnasium anyways. Percy leaned into Thalia as soon as the adults left.

"It didn't take in the man."

Thalia nodded.

"Stay alert. When we find the demi-gods, we need to make sure he doesn't realize we spotted them, before we can get to them. Now, let's find Gro- Hey, Grover."

Grover had almost tackled Percy inadvertently.

"I just smelled you guys and was coming to get you! Did anything happen?"

Thalia gave a look to Percy and gave her head a slight shake while Grover's attention was on Percy. Percy for his part frowned slightly before answering.

"Just ran into Dr. Thorn and Mrs. Gottschalk, but we handled it."

It was now Thalia's turn to frown. Percy continued on.

"So what's going on G-man?"

"I found two."

"Two half-bloods? Here?"

Thalia was pretty surprised at that. It was very rare to find more than one demi-god in a place. But at least demi-gods would gravitate to one another when there was more than one.

And at a time like this? When Camp Half-Blood were losing campers (and therefore, fighters) left and right? This was like winning the lottery.

"A brother and sisters. They're ten and twelve. I don't know their parentage, but they're strong. We're running out of time, though. I need help."


"One. He suspects. I don't think he's positive yet, but this is the last day of term. I'm sure he won't let them leave campus without finding out. It may be our last chance! Every time I try to get close to them, he's always there, blocking me. I don't know what to do!"

Much to Percy's annoyance, Grover looked to Thalia for guidance. Even if she did have years more of monster fighting under her belt, the G-man was his best friend.

"Right. These half-bloods here at the dance?"

Grover nodded.

"Then let's dance."

Thalia's hand was already seeking out Percy's. He didn't even notice until her fingers brushed his and secured him in her grip.


A mischievous grin appeared on Aphrodite's face. While Morpheus was the God of Dreams there was a sort of standing business between Morpheus and all the other Gods. If you wanted to influence dreams or invade them, it cost a drachma. It was so cheap but not a lot of gods took advantage of it.

But she did. Aphrodite had been influencing Thalia's dreams. Normally when she did this, they would be lust filled dreams, full of passion. But at Hera's direction, Aphrodite had been keeping it very tame. Making the dreams somewhat open ended, but very clearly depicting Percy and Thalia as close friends or more.

This would influence Thalia's psyche as dreams (not demi-god dreams or the dreams where Gods invade the minds of people) were the mortal brain sorting through information while there was no other input.

So what Aphrodite had been doing was making sure that Thalia's brain sorted her friendship with Percy in a possibly romantic way. When Thalia started having dreams that were perfectly normal for any pubescent teen, her own brain should supply Percy as the male to Thalia's female.

It was subtle. Far more Hera's style than Aphrodite's but Aphrodite would admit she was all about fiery passion. Passion that would burn quickly and brightly. But she and Hera were trying to build true love and a happy marriage.

Hephaestus would compliment his wife if he could understand what was going on. She was never very good at speaking in boy talk. But if she could he would let her know that building a good foundation is how you build things to make them last and she was doing good.

Thinking of her husband, Aphrodite decided she should pay him a visit. A friendly, usually happens at night visit. But for whatever reason, Aphrodite wanted her husband to burn with that fiery passion and take her right there on his workbench.

With some pep in her step, the Goddess of Love went to visit the forge Hephaestus was most likely at. Hera could handle it from here for today.


"Who's the monster?"

Grover looked around nervously.

"Oh. You just met him. The vice-principle, Dr. Thorn."

Kids who went to military schools were a bit different than kids who didn't. For example, it was unlikely that over half of the male population at a normal school would be kicking balloons into each other's faces or attempting to strangle one another with streamers.

They must be swinging hard to the left since they sat so hard in the right all the time. Or something like that.

The girls, Percy and Thalia thought, were far worse. Wearing shoes that had to hurt to wear, skirts that might as well have been really wide belts or brightly colored tight pants, and various types of low-cut shirts, they moved like piranha around the dance floor. Occasionally they would pounce on a boy and much shrieking and giggling would ensue. When they left the poor man-child he would collapse on the floor in a daze, his face covered in lipstick kisses and doodles and his hair full of ribbons. But judging from their dreamy smiles, it was okay with them.

A few of the guys were what Percy expected he would be like if he went to Westover. Hanging around the edges, looking ready to run or fight for their lives.

Grover pointed, with a quite obvious gesture that left Thalia wincing, at a couple of kids arguing in the bleachers.

"There they are, Bianca and Nico Di Angelo."

Bianca had a big floppy green cap on, like she was trying to hide her face, but it couldn't hide her relation to the boy who she was scolding and was shuffling some kind of cards. Dark, silky looking hair; olive skin; and they both talked with their hands. Bianca kept looking around though, like she expected something to happen.

"Have you told them?"

Grover shook his head in response.

"You know how it is. That could put them in more danger. Once they realize who they are, their scent becomes stronger."

Percy nodded and squared his shoulders.

"So, let's grab them and get out of here."

Before he could take a single step, Thalia squeezed his hand.

"Stop looking at them, we know that the Mist-trick didn't fool Thorn. We need to throw him off the scent."

Just as she said that, Dr. Thorn slipped out of a doorway near the bleachers and near the Di Angelos. The monster-man threw his gaze out onto the dance floor, managing to catch Percy's eye. And Percy would swear the monster-man's blue eye glowed.


"We're two really powerful Half-bloods. Our presence should confuse him. Mingle. Act natural. Do some dancing. But keep an eye on those kids."

Percy gulped. A vision darted through his head of him and Thalia dancing. They were both older in the quick vision, and it seemed like they were at some kind of celebration. But as quickly as the vision came it left. He nodded, a tad nervous.

Thalia tilted her head to listen and identify the music. Her nose scrunched up.

"Ugh. Who chose Jesse McCartney?"

Grover looked like he had been punched in the gut.

"I did."

"Oh my gods, Grover. That is so lame. Can't you play, like, Green Day or something?"

"Green who?"

"Never mind. Let's dance. Grover go to the far side of the gym and keep an eye on the half-bloods. If anything happens before Percy and I get to them, you find us."

With that Thalia dragged Percy onto the floor.


Triton was humming as he drifted in the ocean waves near Bar Harbor. He lay on the surface like an otter with a clam, but instead of a clam he had this month's issue of Playmaid. Triton only read it for the articles! But he quickly hid it as he sensed his mother, the Queen of Atlantis, Amphitrite, came up to his position.

"Mother! What are you doing here?"

"I came looking for my son. But really Triton, if you wanted alone time with your... reading material, you could have just used your room in the palace."

Triton's cheeks burned purple with embarrassment at being caught by his mother. It wasn't the first time nor would it be the last, but it was always embarrassing.

"So, Triton, why are you here?"

"Percy is on a mission, Mother, I felt I should keep an eye on Father's favored son."

There was some bitterness there.

"He is your father's favored mortal son, Triton. You are his heir and firstborn. But since when have you cared about any of your... estranged siblings?"

"Percy likes Pepsi."

The same answer his father had given. Menfolk were so simple!

"He is your father's son. Of course, he would like Pepsi."

"And you. Like Theseus did."

Why did her menfolk always have to bring that up? Almost every single one of Poseidon's sons loved Amphitrite on some level. Triton was a mama's boy, and all the Younger Cyclops practically worshiped her as much as they did Poseidon(With a few exceptions like that dastardly bastard Antaeus). But Theseus had really taken it to the next level.

Thrice-girdled (She had huge tracks of sea-bed) Amphitrite coughed into her hand.

"Let us not hope he does, else I may give into the temptation and you will have a new sibling."

The look on Triton's face was priceless, and she desperately wished to have a camera.

Triton spluttered out a 'Mother!' and the moment was made all the sweeter.

"Really, Triton. What do you think of the boy?"

Triton sighed.

"It's hard for me to hate him. Especially after he said I was 'super-awesome.' Something really makes me want to have him brag about me, just like how the demi-gods usually brag about their parent. He is quite gifted with a sword."

"Have you ever tried wielding a sword, Triton? Or seen your father use one?"

Triton shook his head, swords weren't good weapons underwater.

"My beloved can wield a sword underwater so well, it makes even Ares look unskilled. On the surface with none of the sea's physical resistance, he becomes a storm of steel. I have a feeling that his brothers feared that and asked the Elder Cyclops to forge him a trident. Which is a far more difficult weapon to wield."

Amphitrite jabbed a finger in Percy's direction unerringly.

"And the sword he wields is the immortal power of a sea nymph given sword form. I wouldn't be surprised that had Perseus been trained since he was little he could have given Achilles a good run."

Triton looked thoughtful as he digested this. He had never known his father was so proficient with a sword. He was masterful with a trident, why wouldn't he be masterful with a sword as well?

"Should we have the Cyclops craft him a trident?"

"Perhaps. I have an idea I am going to run past my beloved. If he agrees, Perseus will receive a trident, among a few other things. I am returning to Atlantis now, are you coming with me?"

Triton cast a look up the cliffs they were near and gazed for a moment at Westover Hall.

"Yes, Mother. Godspeed, Perseus."

With that mother and son dove into the depths of the ocean, returning to their underwater kingdom.


Artemis kept her face impassive when she received the news of just who exactly was accompanying her half-sister, Thalia, on her mission. A son of Poseidon. Inside she didn't know whether to rage or sigh dreamily.

Poseidon was Artemis' favorite male, next to Apollo and Zeus (who had to be her favorite males by default). Uncle Poseidon doted on her quite a bit, and if he only could keep it in his pants he would be the perfect example of what a man should be in Artemis' eyes. Artemis had something of a crush on her favorite uncle, but not like Athena's crush. The Goddess of Wisdom was head over heels for their uncle and had no idea how to properly express it.

This was why the tide followed the moon. Because Artemis had Uncle Poseidon wrapped around her finger.

Uncle Poseidon had even forgiven her when she had killed Orion. He had forgiven Apollo too, even though Apollo hadn't actually done anything. Only she had, and that was a burden she would never reveal. She couldn't, she had sworn on the Styx to follow her brother's plan.

It had started with Orion, but Artemis usually fell in maiden's love with a mortal son of Poseidon. And since the Orion incident, Artemis had loved from afar. It was fairly common among sons of Poseidon to have the fatal flaw of personal loyalty, which meant they didn't cheat. Or do many of the things that made males despicable creatures. Theseus had been a famous example of when that personal loyalty didn't extend to women, but the times then were different.

Artemis wanted to rage at her weakness, but at the same time sigh dreamily as she imagined what he would be like. How handsome he would be.

Sometimes, Artemis cursed being a maiden. But if she wasn't her Hunters wouldn't have anyone to look out for them.

Zoe groaned internally. They would have to play nice to the son of Poseidon. Artemis always treated them differently. Always. Not that Zoe could blame her entirely. Poseidon didn't often visit the camp but when he did he was polite and respectful, careful not to scare any of the more skittish girls who had suffered tragedies at the hands of men or draw the ire of the girls who lashed out with anger.

A girl had lashed out once, essentially for shits and giggles. Poseidon had one of his many daughters (a nearby Naiad) water-board her in response. Whenever that girl came out of the water gasping for breath Artemis scolded her.

'Don't anger gods, especially ones who sit on the Olympian Council. You deserve this.'

And the girl had. It was quite the wake-up for the daughter of Ares. Phoebe learned to control her temper and became on of the best hunters in the camp. It was also a story told to the incoming girls.

'Male they may be, but they often have powers far beyond us. Show them enough respect to not get punished.'

Still, Zoe didn't want to have to walk into Artemis' tent and find skins covered in Mrs. Artemis 'Lastname' again. It was always weird and it always took near a decade to run its course. Luckily for Zoe, she was the only one allowed in her Lady's tent outside of an emergency.

The damage to the Hunt would be irreparable.

Soon they would all be sighing about some boy or another.

Probably that same son of Poseidon.

The hunt had gone through about seven thousand hunters in the near four thousand five hundred years she had served as lieutenant. Three thousand had been lost to monsters, another thousand had stayed in the hunt long enough to heal from whatever wounds that they had suffered and moved on, and the last three thousand had fallen in love and broken or been released from their oath. Of those three thousand, more than half had left to be with a son of Poseidon.

Zoe hated sons of Poseidon almost as much as she hated Heracles. But with no where near the same fire.

Poor Zoe, if she only knew what was going to happen in the near future.


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