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Mysterious Child
Chapter 1: Mommy

The man ran down the hall, carrying a small girl in his arms. He ran, through laser blasts, attack fire, and gun shots. At one point a blast threatened to throw the girl from his arms, but he held her close and continued running.

He ran into the room and slammed the silver door. He punched in a few codes on the panel and the door locked tight.

The little girl in his arms looked around with big, scared eyes. She looked about five years old and had seen more terror and destruction than anyone should have at her age. In front of her was a tiny little machine with a small keyboard floating next to it. The machine, if you could call it that, was round, made of stone, and the middle glowed a gentle pinkish-white.

The man, her uncle, put her on the floor and typed a few things in on the stone keyboard. A few pieces of Digicode flashed around the ring of the circle and the pinkish-white became glowing silver. He smiled.

The door crashed forward in a small bludge from a great impact on the outside. The man looked back in fear, then ran to his niece. "Listen to me, Carie." he warned, pulling a piece of paper out of his jacket and pushing it into her hand. "Remember this picture? Find them. Find mommy and daddy."

The door blew open. A humanoid Digimon stuck his head in, looked around, and pointed at the two. "There they are!" he shouted.

The man picked the girl up. "Remember, find mommy and daddy!" he shouted, and threw her into the portal as hands grasped his arms and legs.

As she pulled away from the scene, the girl watched in horror. Her uncle stabbed out with the small knife he'd managed to bring with him, but more and more black Digimon grabbed his arms and legs and neck, tackling him, dragging the man to the floor. Soon, all she could see of him was a single fighting hand, and after a moment, it went limp.

The tears splashed down from her eyes as the scene vanished. "Uncle Tai!" she cried out, though he couldn't hear. "Please come back! Uncle!"


Kari's eyes snapped open. She jolted straight up in fear, flinging her covers (and a sleeping Gatomon) to the ground. She gasped for a moment, face wet with sweat, hair clinging to her forehead. "Not...again..."

Gatomon yawned, stretched, and leapt back up on the bed. "What happened?" she yawned sleepily.

Kari sighed and shook her head. "Nothing, Gatomon." she sighed, looking at her friend. "Just a dream..."

~ * ~ * ~

"Pass it, Agumon!"

The small, orange dinosaur kicked the ball as hard as he could to his human partner. Tai hit it with his head, then kicked it into the goal, flying past Sora's hands as she leapt to stop it. "Score!" he cheered.

Sora picked herself up off the ground. "Okay, okay, you win." she sighed, brushing the grass and dust off her jeans as Tai, Davis, Matt, Veemon, Agumon, and Gabumon started giving each other big high-fives. "Can we eat now?"

"Good idea." T.K. sighed, straightening his hat and pointing. "Come on, Kari and Izzy have got it all set up."

Soon, all the DigiDestined but Joe (med school) were gathered around the picnic table, eating, and talking between themselves. T.K. swallowed a bite of hamburger and looked around. They'd been having these picnics off and on for about two years, ever since the battle with MaloMyotismon. Off course, they'd all changed a whole lot since then.

Now fourteen, T.K. had added about a foot to his height, and he was now just about 6 foot 3 and star of the basketball team. Davis somehow or another was now captain of the local soccer team, still with his insane little dream of opening a noodle cart. Cody had a growth spurt and was now about the size of Kari or Davis. Yolei and Ken had been going out for a year and a half now. Matt's band had finally cut a CD. Mimi had moved back to Odiva with the others. Sora was president of the sewing club at school. Izzy had returned to his old title of class genius. Tai had actually decided to be serious about school rather than soccer, and his sister Kari was head of the photography club at the Jr. High level.

T.K. glanced over at Kari, realizing she was being quieter than usual. "Hey Kari." he called. "What's up? Something wrong?"

Kari looked up from where she had been staring into her sandwich. "Oh! Um... nothing. Nothing's wrong."

She went back to staring into the sandwich as she ate. T.K. gave her a worried look, then turned back to his burger.

Yolei took a bite of her sandwich, chewed for a moment, then perked up her ears in surprise. She swallowed. "Do you here that?"

Izzy's ears were next. He lifted his head up to gaze at horizon. "Sounds like a..."


The kid's heads snapped up in extreme surprise as they saw a very strange sight. A giant, green Digimon, a Snimon, with his huge scythes bared and the eyes glowing red, was chasing after a tiny little girl. She looked about five years old, with short brown hair, pale skin, and crystal blue eyes that were now filled with tears of panic. She wore a pale purple shirt with a pink star on it, yellow shorts, and a yellow back pack which was slung around her back. Currently, she was screaming her head off.

"Holy cow!" Matt cried as the DigiDestined scrambled to their feet.

"We gotta help her!" Biomon squawked.

"Then let's do it already!" Davis shouted.

As this went on, the girl tripped over a rock and went crashing to the ground in front of Snimon. The tears flowed more freely down her cheeks as she looked up at the huge Digimon looming over her. "Come 'er, ya little pipsqueak." Snimon laughed, reaching for her.

"Spiral Twister!"

"Boom Bubble!"

"Pepper Breath!"

The blasts of energy hit Snimon back. The Rookie Digimon landed and faced him. The kids were gathered around the little girl. "Leave this kid alone, you big bully!" Kari shouted.

"Go back where you came from!" Tai cried.

Snimon began to loom for the child again. "I must bring her back to my master!"

The little girl burst into tears again. Sora gently tried to comfort her. "What kind of Digimon are you? You can't attack a helpless little kid!" Mimi snapped angrily.

"I must...My master has ordered me to retrieve her." Snimon took a step forward, looking as though he was about to lunge for the child.

"He's so intent on getting the poor thing." Sora whispered, pulling the crying child behind her.

"Poison Ivy!"

"I wonder why he wants her so bad..." Izzy muttered.

"Sticky Net!"

"If we want to save her, we'll have to..." Cody let it hang.

"Then let's do it." Tai growled.

"Pepper Breath!"

"Blue Blaster!"

"Spiral Twister!"

"Super Shocker!"

"Cat's Eye Hypnotism!"

"Boom Bubble!"

"Hawk Beam!"

The fury off attacks smashed into Snimon, throwing him back. With a final, desperate cry of "master..." the evil Digimon disappeared.

The kids sighed. Most of them sat down on the grass with their partners. Sora, Mimi and Yolei were kneeling by the little girl, trying to calm her down. "There there now." Yolei soothed. "It's all over. He's gone now."

The girl sniffed and slowly stopped crying, looking up at the two with huge, scared eyes. Mimi smiled at her. "What a sweetie." she cooed.

"We have to find her parents." Ken pointed out.

"Right." Sora nodded. She turned to the girl. "Do you know where your mommy is?"

The girl sniffed, glanced quickly at a single piece of paper clutched in her hand, then nodded fearfully "You know where she is?" Yolei asked, and the girl nodded again. "Is she near-by?"

The girl pointed behind them with one shaking finger. "She right over dere." she whispered.

The kids followed her finger and realized she was pointing at Kari. "Me?!" Kari cried. "Um...no. I think you have me confused with someone..."

The girl ran to where Kari was sitting on the ground, a smile flooding her face. "Silly mommy." she laughed. "You look like picture-mommy. You must be mommy." she grinned again, then buried her face into Kari's shirt. "Me missed you, mommy."

Kari looked down at her in surprise. Then she looked at the others, and a look of surprise was on their faces, too. "M-m-mommy?" Tai gaped.

"I don't know what she's talking about!" Kari shouted franticly.

T.K. knelt beside her. "She does look a lot like you, Kari." he said. "It's possible she's got you confused with her real mother..."

At that moment, the little girl looked up. She cocked her head curiously when she saw T.K. and glanced quickly back at her piece of paper.

Another smile spread across her face. "Daddy!" she cried, and leapt at T.K. He caught her out of pure instinct and she wrapped her little arms around his neck, knocking his hat to the ground behind him.

Yolei looked like she was about to faint and Ken steadied her by the shoulder. Davis was turning slightly red in the face. Everyone else had forgotten how to work their mouths, which were hanging open at their own whim.

The piece of paper the girl had been holding was released from her hands and fluttered calmly to the ground. Izzy bent down and picked it up. Then his face contracted in a new emotion of surprise. "Guys, look at this!"

The others, except T.K. and Kari, who were still down on the ground with the mysterious little girl, crowded around his shoulders to look. "It's T.K. and Kari." Cody whispered. "At least, it looks like T.K. and Kari."

"Look at the date!" Izzy jabbed his finger at the bottom-right hand corner of the picture. "This was taken exactly one year from now!"

There was a silence, the Davis said. "Somebody's camera was messed up." he said.

"Strange..." Izzy muttered. "This is defiantly a high-quality color photo. But it's old."

"What do you mean 'old'?" asked Mimi, still a little confused.

"I mean, the paper is worn. It's yellowed and fragile." Izzy carefully examined the paper the picture was printed on carefully. "Yep. This picture is at least fifteen years old. But they didn't have picture quality like this until a couple of years ago..."

"So how it the world could it be that old?"

"I'm not sure..." muttered Izzy incoherently. "But something's bothering me...I wonder..."

He bent down and tapped the little girl on the shoulder. "What's your name?" he asked.

"Carie, Mr. Izumi." the girl whispered. "You knew that."

"She knew my name." Izzy muttered, slightly surprised, "Carie, besides um...'mommy and daddy' do you recognize anyone else?" The girl nodded. "Who?"

Carie lifted a hand and pointed to Tai. "Uncle Tai." she muttered, then moved to the others. "Uncle Matt...Auntie S-Sora...Mr. Ichijo...M-M-Mr. Hida...Mr. Mo...Mo...Motamiya...a-an Mrs. Ichijo." she finished, pointing at Yolei, who immediately turned pink at being called 'Mrs. Ichijogi'.

"She got it all right." Cody said in aw.

"Except for Yolei." Sora pointed out. "What does that mean?"

Carie went back to snuggling into Kari's lap. Izzy looked at the picture, then at T.K. and Kari, then at the little girl. He looked at Kari again, then Carie, then T.K., and then one last time at Carie. "No... That's crazy" he whispered.

"What's crazy?" Tai asked.

Izzy turned to the others. "Have you noticed that this girl...Carie...looks almost just like Kari?"

"Yeah." Davis shrugged. "So what?"

"And her eyes." Izzy continued slowly. "Look like T.K.'s?"

"The idea did come to me, yes." Cody agreed. "But what are you saying, Izzy?"

"I was just thinking." the red-haired brain said slowly. "That maybe...just maybe...the date on this picture is right. And that would mean..."

"Wait." Matt held his hand out. "For that picture's date to be right, this kid would have to come..."

"From the future." Yolei said, slowly understanding, then she made a half-surprised, half-laughing face. "Izzy, that is so B-Movie"

"But if she was from the future..." Sora said slowly. "That would explain why the picture's so old-looking..."

"Which means..." Mimi finally got what Izzy was trying to say an squealed with excitement. "She might really be T.K. and Kari's daughter!"

The was a moment of stunned silence, then the rage of a huge "WHAT?!?" rang through the DigiDestined.

"T.K. and Kari's what?!" Tai and Matt cried at the same time, turning blue in the face.

"NO WAY!!" Davis shouted.

T.K. and Kari were both deep red, and Kari looked as though she was about to faint. Carie, on the other hand, noticed none of this and was currently curled up in Kari's lap, giggling to herself.

Izzy waved his hands around. "Now now, just calm down!" he shouted. "It was just a crazy idea. I don't even think it's possible. Not really..."

Kari looked down at the little girl. "But whoever she is, now what do we do with her?" she asked.

"We could take her down to the police office and see if anyone's reported a missing..." Cody began, but the little girl screamed.

"NO NO NO NO NO!" she shouted, suddenly awake. "Stay with mommy! Me stay here! Stay with mommy! Stay! Stay! Stay!"

"Okay okay." Sora soothed. "Maybe I should just go. I'll call you and report what I find at the police office."

She turned and began to leave. "What do we do 'til then?" T.K. called after her.

Sora grinned over her shoulder. "It's your kid. You handle it."

T.K. and Kari looked at each other, turning red, then at the little girl once again snuggled into Kari's lap. Whatever they had been expecting to happen, this definitely wasn't it.

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