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They arrived a few months ago. Well, they didn't exactly arrive; they've been here for centuries. They used to be considered real many years ago, but as time went on people stopped believing in them. Vampires simply became the creatures of horror films and books. I remember being about 4 years old. I couldn't sleep, so my dad allowed me to watch Dracula with him. After that I became terrified of vampires. I was scared that Dracula was lurking under my bed or hiding in the closet in the corner of my bedroom. I also became scared of the dark. Truthfully, I wasn't exactly afraid of the dark, I was afraid about what was in it. My dad told me 'monsters don't exist Eliza' …my dad couldn't have been more wrong.

It was the summer holidays. England had been hit by a heat wave. Finally, there was some glorious sunshine at last. I had spent the beginning of the holidays doing typical teenager stuff…well not exactly typical; I'm quite a rebel actually. I went out partying, getting drunks, getting high and just causing mischief. Then one sunny August day my life changed forever. The date was the 2nd of August 2020 to be precise. My mum shouted me into the living room; I remember the absolute terror in her voice. When I went downstairs, my mum was stood gaping at the television screen in a mixture of shock and fright. Her skin was pale, a lot paler than it usually is. I turned to look at the television screen.

"Breaking news. This is not a practice. This is an emergency broadcast transmission. Do not leave your homes. Vampires are real. I repeat vampires are real. Whatever you do, do not leave your homes. Remain inside at all costs. Do not panic," the woman on the screen said.

The rest of the day, my mum, my stepdad and me were in shock. We just stayed inside of our house, praying that it was just a sick joke. I mean… vampires are real? What?

Later on in the day there was another broadcast, but this time it was a vampire speaking. The vampire had strawberry blond hair, quite handsome actually now that I think about it. His eyes were golden and he was as white as a sheet. He was called 'Carlisle Cullen'. He claimed that him and his family are now in control of the vampire world and now the human world. He said that the human world was getting out of control, too many wars, too much violence, too much crime, etc. He said that humans were getting out of hand and that they needed to stop it. As well as the fact that WW4 was on the horizon. WW3 occurred in 2014 and finally ended in 2019. Carlisle claimed that his family would stop all wars. He also said that his family will stop the majority of the violence and make the world a safer and happier place, but I don't believe him. Why would bloodsucking monsters want to help humans? Personally, I think it's a tad suspicious.

Carlisle Cullen also claimed that a lot of things about vampires are purely myths like burning in the sunlight, turning into bats, sleeping in coffins, can't cope with garlics, etc. Anyway enough about the past, I bet you're curious about what happened after that, so let's move on. After Carlisle's announcement people were still worried, but not necessarily scared anymore, which was actually quite surprising. I thought that the world would go crazy with terror, but I guess I was wrong. The Cullen family had enforced stricter laws and punishments like longer prison sentences and higher security. There were now vampires wandering the streets…they were the law enforcers. Of course they kept the human police force, but vampires had also joined the police. Everyone was scared of the vampires; they had piercing red eyes and even their presence made you want to wet yourself. Terrifying was an understatement. However, the crime levels started to drastically decline.

Carlisle had said that most vampires survived on human blood, so humans were forced to give blood. However, the blood was taken via a needle and was done at doctor surgeries, schools halls and places like that. I'd rather give blood then be eaten I suppose. However, not all vampires conformed to the Cullen rules, so sometimes people would disappear and then there body would be found, completely drained of blood. Killing people was now illegal in the vampire world. They could kill animals, but certainly not humans. It was forbidden. The Cullen family said 'every life is precious'. Ha! I don't agree with them on that one, my life certainly isn't precious. To be honest so far my life hasn't particularly been that great. I used to be, but… let's just forget about that for a moment and go back to the story.

Only a month after the Cullen family came to power, I received a letter.

Dear Eliza Jones,

Due to your criminal history, which includes fighting, car theft as well as taking illegal substances and being drunk and disorderly on many occasions you have been chosen to go to Alaska to a camp where you will learn how to be sensible and grow respect for others and yourself. You will be picked up by one of our team members on Wednesday, September 8th at 8.00am sharp. You can bring a small suitcase/ bag filled with necessities and personal belongings. Do not bring clothing, as they're will be clothing for you at the camp. You will remain at the camp for as long as we deem necessary.

Yours truly,

Eleazar Denali.

As soon as I read the letter my heart dropped. Great I'm going to a juvenile correction facility. Eleazar Denali or whatever his strange name is called it a 'camp'. Hahaha! Hilarious! A camp is optional, but I'm being forced into it, so therefore it isn't a camp. There was also a leaflet filled with information about the camp. My mum said that it would be a good idea to go, but I disagreed. Anyway it's compulsory, so I don't have a choice.

I was 12 when I started to get out of my hand. My dad died and my mum isn't exactly a good parent. I used to live with my dad before he tragically died in a car accident. After his death I had to go live with my mum and her new boyfriend. That's when I got out of my hand. My stepdad is a complete and utter dick head that bullies me. My mum doesn't care that he's awful to me; she only cares about her self. My mum is beautiful, but completely vain and self obsessed. She neglects me. If I disappeared then she wouldn't care, in fact she probably wouldn't notice. She didn't mean to fall pregnant with me, it was an accident, but that's no excuse for treating me how she does. Anyway, I started hanging out on the streets, as I didn't want to be at home with my mum and stepdad. I got in with the wrong crowd and the rest is history. My dad's sister is called Martha and she's lovely. She tried to get custody, but the court said that my mum should have custody, which is ridiculous.

This chapter is basically just the opening with a lot of Eliza's background detail. In the next couple of chapters, I'll expand the story a lot more and start to introduce more chapters. This story actually came to me in a dream and it was the best dream I've ever had! However, I've had to change some of the details and characters, as my dream was slightly on the strange side.

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