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"I didn't do it." Lucy whispered as she looked at the blank faces of her guild teammates. She was sprawled across the floor, tears running down her face like an ever flowing waterfall.

"Of course you did! You've seen the evidence. How could you kill one of the members of fairy tail? How could you kill one of your family member? How could you kill Elfman?" Makarov accused, glaring at her with such emotion that she could have exploded with just the intensity of it.

"I-I-" Lucy spoke feebly except her inaudible words fell on deaf ears.

The whole guild was silent for once, the only sound were the small hiccups from Lucy as she was a sobbing mess on the floor.

This all started a week ago. Lucy had been in her usual spot in the guild when Lisanna had come up to her, offering to go on a mission with her and Elfman. Lucy did find it strange that Lisanna had actually invited her to go on a mission. But who was she to refuse? She was always in need of money for her rent.

It had been three months since Lisanna's return and Lucy was starting to feel... left out. Natsu and the rest of the team had been leaving her out, going on missions without even telling her. They were paying more attention to Lisanna then her. But Lucy knew very well she shouldn't feel jealous. It had been a long time since Lisanna disappearing in a suppose death so it was understandable if she wanted to sped a lot of time with Natsu and the others but they didn't have to leave her out.

Lucy had been going on small solo mission so she could at least pay her rent but she knew very well that Natsu and the others haven't even realize that she was feeling lonely. The only people who realized it was Wendy, Lily, Carla and Happy. Which conveniently, they were the only ones who were missing as they were on a mission together.

Anyway, she had been in need of money for her rent so she decided she would go on this mission with them. And... it turned out to be the worse.

"How could you do this Lucy? Why did you kill him?" Natsu shouted.

Lucy didn't know what to do. No matter how much she tried to deny it, they wouldn't believe her. Her guild, her family wouldn't listen to a word she was saying.

"I didn't kill Elfman. I wasn't even the one who did it. I don't know what happened." Lucy shouted out.

Everyone in the guild expressed different emotions. Mira and Lisanna were holding each other and crying at the lost of their dear brother. Erza clenched her hands into tight fists in anger for what Lucy had 'supposedly' done. Grey had a blank expression on his face. Levy was looking at her with disbelief. And, Natsu... Natsu was absolutely furious.

"I cannot let this sin go unpunished. From now on you are hereby banished from fairy tail." Makarov shouted.

Lucy couldn't believe this was happening to her. She couldn't believe that her guild members were betraying her. They wouldn't listen. They wouldn't let her explain. Why were they acting this way? Why were they hurting her like this? Why wern't they listening to her?

The next few moments were a blur to her. It all happened too fast for her to even take in. All Lucy could remember was being pinned down by her guild mates and having her fairy tail mark on her hand being removed forcefully while she screamed in pain.

Lucy was running.

She didn't care where she ended up but she just wanted to get away. Get away from Fairy Tail. As far away as possible. It was kind of funny. She was so desperately wanted to be near it but now she couldn't wait to get away.

Finally, after running for what felt like hours she stopped and looked at her surroundings. She was in a forest, the trees huge. Each of them were a dark black color just like the color of the sky which was midnight. Not even a single star dotted the dark sky.

Lucy dropped on to the dirty floor in pain. Twigs snapped. Her hand felt like it was on fire. She had heard about the pain a person would go through if their guild mark was taken off forcefully. Though, actually feeling the pain was a whole different experience.

Tears were dripping from her eyes. The pain was spreading from her hand all over her body. It felt like someone was repeatedly beating her up. The pain felt like it wasn't ever going to stop. It was unbearable.

Why did they believe she would take the life of a precious family member and friend? Why?

Finally, her eyelids started droop as she entered a deep slumber.

Ren Fall muttered curses as he walked through the barren forest. Why the hell his guild had to be so far out from any form of society, he would never know. He sighed again as he ran a hand through his light blue hair.

The mission he had just come from involved finding a thief that dealt with teleportation magic. It wasn't even funny how many times that guy had gotten away from him. It was even worse when his number one rival Kurosu Yami mocked him all about it. Ren had no idea how his rival had become his mission partner especially considering that they would always fight each other. But, it had happened.

Then, after capturing the thief Kuro actually had a decency to bail on him. He was going to kill that guy. But, if Ren did have to admit he wouldn't change the situation. Fighting was the way they expressed their 'relationship'.

Suddenly, Ren stopped. He noticed what was wrong in the clearing he had just entered instantly. He stared in shock at the girl collapsed on the ground.

What the-

His thought never finished as he rushed over to the unconscious girl. Instincts took over as he quickly brought the girl into a sitting position, her head leaning against his arm. He noticed her hand was covered in blood- most likely her own- and her skin was deathly pale. She looked bad.

What the hell happened to her? Why was she out so late in the night, in a forest that was known for its creatures no less?

He couldn't just leave her here. That would be unmoral. Every fiber in his body refused to leave her like this. Ren made a quick decision of taking the girl with him to his guild and get her some help. There was someone in his guild who could make her all better.

His guild name was called 'Scarlet Destiny'. It wasn't one of those over famous guilds but it had enough popularity that people knew about it. The guild members liked that best. Because the guild Scarlet Destiny wasn't a normal guild.

The guild was filled with people who had unusual, unique and strong magic. The guild didn't have that many members either, only seventy but each member cared for each other. They protected each other. They were family.

Ren easily picked up the girl in his arm in bride style, noticing she was quite light. He started to run through the woods towards his guild. Not looking back. Not stopping once either.

After, fifteen minutes of solid running he finally arrived at his guild building. He was in a huge clearing, surrounded by trees. The most biggest tree was the one directly in front of him. To most people this wouldn't be unusual. Hell, they would go right past the area without even realizing their was a guild hidden in plain sight.. The tree in front of Ren was just an illusion.

Taking a deep breath, and without hesitation, Ren ran straight into the tree and passed through it. If there had been any stranger seeing this incident, they would have thought they were losing their minds. Instantly, Ren found himself in a large hall. The floor made of light marbled floor and the walls a light brown color as well.

Tables and chairs filled the area. A large rectangle table going from one side of the wall to the other was directly opposite Ren. A stock of alcohol was strategically placed behind it. The hall was filled with drinking, cheering happy people. Men and women alike, each engaging in light conversation with another, currently oblivious to Ren who was at the entrance breathing heavily. Not for long though.

"Hey dweeb, What took you-"

The boy in question who had spotted Ren as soon as he entered the guild, ran up to said person, stopped his sentence as he noticed the girl in Ren arm. The boy had dark black hair like crows feathers, his eyes the same color. His skin was deathly pale more so than the girl in Ren's arms. He was wearing a plain black T-shirt with short blue jeans.

"What the hell? Who the hell is she? Because last time I checked you can never get a girl that pretty." the boy with the black hair shouted in shock and confusion, staring at the limp blonde haired girl.

Ren rolled his eyes at the black haired boy, his mission partner, going by the name Kuro. Instead, he quick replied as a form of a shout,

"Shut it goth boy! I have no time for you! Where is Kouta?!"

The guild quieted on hearing Ren shout the name. No one spoke a sound. To call for this person...meant serious business was happening.

Almost instantly a young boy, no older than twelve ran up to Ren through the crowd of people. He had blonde hair similar to Lucy's and hazel eyes with flecks of green inside it. He was wearing a loose red cotton T-shirt with dark black trousers.

"Ren-Nii...What is it? What's with the girl?" the blonde haired boy known as Kouta asked, his voice soft. He had no idea what was going on, which made his heart speed up in panic. The girl in Ren's arm looked seriously hurt.

"I found this girl on the floor in the middle of the forest. She seems really hurt. I need you to help her." Ren explained worriedly. He wished he could say more but he knew nothing else. But, it didn't matter. He knew Kouta would believe him and help instantly.

Kouta had this unique healing magic ability. He had no idea how he has it (just like most people in the guild with their magic) but it came into good use when the guild members came home wounded. He could just heal them all back to good health. He couldn't use any other magic, and he wasn't a fighter so he liked to stay at the back of the crowd. Helping people is what he did and he enjoyed it.

"She does look bad. Quick, bring her into the infirmary room and lie her down." Kouta said before slipping off into the direction of the infirmary.

Ren followed with some close guild members tagging along wanting to know what is going on. The most curious ones. Kuro had disappeared, searching for the the guild master. The master had to be alerted right away,

Arriving in the infirmary, Ren laid the girl with the blonde hair in one of the many beds in the room. Instantly, Kouta climbed onto the bed next to the girl. His hands glowed a light green color as he placed it on the bloody wound on the girl's hand starting the healing process. Ren watched like a hawk.

"Ren, Ren!" shouted two voices.

Ren snapped his gaze around to find two nine-year old girls run towards him. The two girls were twins and were known to be total opposite of each other. While one girl had dark black hair, the other girl had white, silvery hair. The girl with the black hair had silver color eyes, while the girl with the silver hair had dark black eyes.

Their outfits were also opposites, with the girl in black hair adorned in a silver/grey costume and the girl with the silver hair was in a black costume.

"Mia," Ren started to address the girl with the black hair, then turned to the girl with the silver hair "Miya, where is Jared?"

"Over there, over there!" both of the girls shouted together as they pointed backwards as to an eighteen year old boy who entered the room at that exact moment.

He had dark black hair and big dark black eyes like a shadow on a hot summers day. He was wearing a blue top with black jeans. His usual smiling face wasn't present as he looked over to the girl with a serious look. This didn't happen everyday, and he had to react correctly to the situation.

Following him, was his teammate and partner, a girl with golden hair. She had light sky blue eyes and was wearing her usual white blouse, with a short black skirt and black tights.

"Jared-Sama," Kouta started as his hands slowly began to dim "She would be okay for now. The hand was the main problem. A big gaping wound. Almost like she had something on her hand scorched off. Also for some reason it was affecting her whole body causing her to loose strength and consciousness. But, I healed it. So she should be fine for now."

Jared sighed as he heard the formality in the sentence. No, matter how many times he tried to tell Kouta to drop the 'Sama' he never would. He knew he was young and the master of the guild but he really hated it when people called him that.

"That's good to know. Great healing time, Kouta. Ren, where did you find her?" the girl with the blue eyes goes as she moved past Jared to the unconscious girl and brush her hair delicately. The girl hated to see people in pain or hurt. It was in her nature to care.

"Found her in the middle of the forest, Sarah. Maybe she got attacked by a creature in the forest? Although...That seems unlikely. I have no idea who she is or how she got injured." Ren said with a frown, giving up on figuring out how she was badly hurt.

"Doesn't matter for now. The only way we can know what happened is if the girl wakes up. I guess we just have to wait and see. Will she be out for long?" Jared asked as he turned to Kouta.

"No, she should be up any minute now."

"Then, we will wait."

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